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Turn 126b

Edo decides to depart the party, and continue on his way. He assures Laban they will always be friends. Laban decides to continue with the party, in hopes of minimizing any problems to be encountered by the dark elf race in the future. Crystal decides to return to Dragonmeyr with Leonnie and Stella. And Cao decides to ride with the gyspies. Whisper comments that he doesnt believe in enslaving horses for riding. The group aids in burying the gypsy dead, and Gareth hands over a full pouch of platinum and another of small gems to the gypsy clan in hopes of helping them to rebuild their existence.

Jahl gasps. Such wealth hidden right beneath his nose!

Cole questions their new direction, and the group decides upon riding to the east continueing along the road, although it is not on the map. Wulfgar and Arilyn begin sparring, with Arilyn obviously trying to distract Wulfgar by untying the top laces on her blouse. Wulfgar responds by swinging in with his weapon and finishing the laces for her accidently you're sure as his face blushes slightly, and hers a VERY bright red as her blouse falls comepletely open exposing her naked chest. Everyone turns away in respect for her (I'm assuming here guys) and continue their personal business while she refastens her top.

Jahl does his best to be respectful and only peeks twice, but he's ashamed of himself. Really.

You make camp for the evening, and set standard watches, but the evening passes with no interruption. Morning comes and Leonnie, Crystal and Stella head back to Dragonmeyr with map copies and missives for friends and family (any letters home send to me privately guys). Edo claps arms with Laban, and continues on his way southwest. Cao heads out with the gypsies. Milling around camp are, Barbaxle, Cole, Gareth, Arilyn, Jahl, Kay, Keldar, Laban, Vincas, Whisper, and Wulfgar. Breakfast has been eaten, practice completed, prayers said, and memorization done.

Laban looks at Edo and smiles he places a hand on his shoulder "I understand my friend that you are more used to wandering on your own and thus I feel that this is maybe the time for us to part. I am going to see if I can join this group exploring the land looking for the source of the evil. I feel it may be my destiny and if as I suspect my kin do come to look for I have a better chance of survival with a larger group and the damage they can do to the surface world would be minimised by a group such as this." He smiled at Edo "Take care my friend, I believe our paths will cross again and may your god smile upon you."

Wulfgar walks to stand beside Arilyn "How are you feeling this morning Arilyn?" he smiles broadly at her thinking back to her embarrassment last night. "Do you wish another lesson later today should the opportunity arise?" He grins at her and rubs her hair to show he is just teasing her and hopefully she will laugh with him.

Barbaxle is going to go over to Gareth and talk to him privately. After that he will walk over to his horse and prepare him for the journey ahead. "I guess this is what that dream was all about. At least I hope that is what the dream is about, otherwise we are going to have a very rough ride ahead of us."

"Alright, no more dallying this morn! Let us be off! I will gladly give up my riding beast such that I could walk along side our new companion Whisper," Jahl says almost too cheerfully. "If anyone has use of the creature please be my guest to its use." Jahl prepares his pack slowly while stealing curious glances towards the strange new elf. Pondering his own thoughts, Jahl makes to comment several times but at the last moment always decides not to. Once his pack is ready, Jahl stands and wonders what is taking everyone so long. "Let us be ready. The pathway to adventure lies before us, the road to curiosities, wonders, treasures and friendship is here. All we have to do is follow it! Onward with us!" Jahl's excitement clearly shines through his eyes and the smile on his face.

Carefully watching (if you still are) you may notice a half-smile on Whisper's face as he listens to Jahl.
Whisper stands up, stretches once or twice, gives Jahn a half-bow and moves over to stand next to the man. He wears his cloak fairly tightly, such that his armor doesn't show as much and carries his bow which he will string as he walks.

When Keldar awakes in the morning, he dives into his spellbook, studying away. After a while, he shakes his head, rubs his eyes, then gets his fill of breakfast.

He looks quite grim and disturbed, but shows embarassment when he looks Arilyns direction. "Lets get this mappin' done so that we kin figur' out what's messin' with me magic. Life ain't that grand with the magics messin' 'bout."

"Now I wanna know, how baddo the effect get on magic castin'? Rain and bein' a duck fer a sixth hours don't seem that bad. Whats the worst effect you've seen?"

"During the course of our journeys, we have heard tell of giant fireballs destroying the mage and the area around him, of great tornados that appeared from nowhere to draw the caster up into the sky, never to be seen again. Storms that never leave an area, and never dissipate. Rumours were also talking of common folk...ehm... ensuring that mages did not, or should I say could not, cast. I have not found such evidence, but the rumour - warning? - is there. Does that satisfy your curiousity, friend Keldar?" After awaiting and responding to Keldar's response, Gareth suggests, "I believe that we have finished the southern sweep and corrected the dream's danger [the paladin nods at the druid's explanation]. Therefore, let us begin making the link back east to Dragonmeyr. We can restock, report in person, and then pursue either a secondary loop within our first circuit, or serve our king in another fashion. Thoughts?"

Laban watches all the others preparing for the days journey he notices how a couple of them want to speak to him, but hesitate and he waits. They will make conversation when they are ready he thinks to himself, better not to push it. He walks to Gareth obviously the leader, "Sir, I would like to accompany you and your companions on your journey! Would this be okay?" He waits for an answer to his question before he readies what little equipment he owns.

Gareth completed his dismount and began checking his weaponry, bags, and Emperor as Laban aired his request. "Goodfellow Laban, I pose the following to you," the paladin contributed sincerely. "As you have not been commanded to us by King Arion, it is the group's decision on whether or not you will be accepted and travel with us. For my agreement, you must understand that this company was formed to investigate the safety of, and purge lingering evil within, the lands - particularly the north-west section of Dragonmeyr. You must be willing to follow this and accept my decisions when matters of security or safety come into play; I do not lead this party in a heavy-handed manner, but, as a devoted of Pikahl, I do put everyone's safety before rash action. Further, you must agree to stand up in combat, defending your fellow companions, not running or hiding - no slight is meant. We do not condone belittling or picking on others because of what race from which they hail, something I suspect you favour, and nor is this acceptable towards others; I am certain you noticed how members of the party interceded when Wulfgar's knowledge and blind reaction endangered your life. Finally, the simplest restriction: do Good. I judge you to be such a person, and know you wish to leave this land better than when you arrived. Fulfill those, or be willing to, and you have my vote for acceptance. I will stand beside you, if you feel you can agree to my requirements. Fair? The paladin looks up with a smile upon his face. "I nearly neglected to mention that you need to remark to the party about how fresh and succint you found my response." Gareth chuckled softly to himself at the notion.

The group rides out in search of the missing Reggie, and find him quietly camped by a lake, with his fishing pole in his hand. Asking if he is ready to head out, Reggie informs the party he will be staying where he is for awhile to 'catch the fish I know is here'

"It is of little matter, my friend. I wished simply to ensure that you were safe and... yourself. If you find your calling here, then I am not one to say different [but his expression would say otherwise]. Good fortune in catching your fish; Pikahl watch over you until next we meet." Gareth mounted his mighty equine, nodded to Vincas, and clicked Emperor into a trot back to the party meet site.

Keldar's eyes get misty at the though of leaving behind the one link to his heritage outside of the human town where he was raised, but then remembers that the other gnome never answered any of his questions. "Farewll Reggie. Enjoy your fishing..."
Keldar turns and leaves.

Returning to their camp, the party continues to pac up their belongings.

Keldar turns around startled by the question. "Oh... yeah... though that you WERE gunna follow. Never thought ta hand no fancy invite."
The little gnome walks up to Leban and shakes his hand. Then turns to finish bundling up his gear, placing his precious new scroll deep within the pages of a spell book in his backpack. He then looks about at all of the people with mounts.
"So who's drivin' me about today?".

Barbaxle starts nodding his head to Gareth suggestion from earlier. "I think that would be a very good idea to spar before dinner. I don't know if the gnomes will like that, but they don't have to spar if they don't want to." After getting his horse ready, and everyone is ready to leave. He walks over to Keldar and says "You can ride with me if you want. Just make sure that you hold on tight, if I say so."

Listening to the bigger mans words Laban nods his head when Gareth tells him he will be expected to stand and fight to protect the group if the need arises. "I have no fear of death and expect it at every turn Gareth, to protect the group I will die if the group and I are to travel together to find out what evil roams the land!" He looks to the rest of the group half expecting them to tell him they want no part of him yet hoping that they will allow him to join them.

Whisper nods to Laban. "I have seen this man fight, he will be as good an addition to the party as I or maybe as any of you." He glances at Arilyn for a second then turns his gaze back to the road.

Laban looks around to face Whisper and bows his cloaked head at the memories of having to fight. They seem to think it a good thing? He waits silently for the party to move out.

"Great, it's settled then, we'll all spar before supper, and maybe Laban could show me how to fight with a sword in both hands, now that would be interesting..", She finishes preparing her horse, speaks a few words into Angel's ears and departs eastward with the others.

"All this talk of fighting. Tsk. Can we not speak of something more... pleasant?" Jahl asks as he walks along. "Has not the weather been kind to us? Do we not have good companionship? I believe that we are better than the common soldier who brags of killing his enemies, both weak and strong alike." Jahl takes a breath to continue on but suddenly decides that he probably should not from the looks of some of his friends. Frowning at himself, Jahl takes a moment to recollect his thoughts. After several paces Jahl turns to his companion walking along side him and speaks quietly.

"If you are required to swim and you swim well, why not be proud? If you are required to be faithful to a diety and you are the most faithful ever, why not be proud? In times like this, fighting is required and those who fight, should hone their skills." Whisper pauses and looks at Jahl. "Are you not a warrior? Ever fought an enemy with your companions and suceeded and been proud of a job well done?" He pauses again. "Have you ever perhaps been on the field of battle and wondered where someone gained their skills at all, why they are out here fighting? It is such reasons warriors train each other." After replying, a look of surprise comes over Whispers face as Jahl speaks to him quietly, but Whisper responds and they both fall into quiet conversation.

To see Jahl, and Whisper's private conversation, Click Here.

Everyone mounts up but Whisper and Jahl. Jahl leads his horse as the 2 walk behind the others, Whisper refusing to ride. You dont cover very much ground, going so slowly, and lunchtime rolls around before you've covered 5 miles. Everyone agrees to stop for lunch and sets about making up a mini camp. You begin to discuss who will catch lunch, or will it be rations again?

Whisper offers to help and look for food.

Kay looks back, "I think I can still see those gypsies, and we've been riding for how long?' She looks around to see if any of the horses had switched places with their rider, "Whisper, is there anything you don't mind riding? Cause if we keep this up, it will be weeks until we reach the next town."

Once everyone's horses are resting, Kay takes out a few of her arrows, "Unless anyone objects, I'll be more than happy to help you all hunt for some food, I can't let these arrows get dusty."

"Wouldn't it be better to just have rations now and hunt for food later when we plan on bedding for the night? Hunting, cleaning and cooking food takes more daylight time that would be better used for traveling." Jahl finds a suitable place to rest and plops down. He takes a deep drink from his waterskin and then ruffles through his pack for a snack.

"Night hunting is also difficult." Whisper shrugs but leaves the decision up in the air.

Gareth does a head count to make sure that everyone is present, then considers the travel situation. "Unless it badly offends your convictions, new companions, it would be best if we rode our fine equine friends. Travel by foot is far too slow. The king has already dispatched two groups wishing information from us. As for the hunting dilemma, why not have those skilled in hunting spend a half hour looking for signs of prey, but keeping an ear open for a return call. We can repeat when we establish camp for supper."

Cole dismounts and sit's by his horse waiting for a dicision to be made on what to do. "I'll help hunt but let's not spend too long, we need to get moving, we've wasted enough of this day arguing as it is."

Cole informs Gareth that according to the map, he believes they aren't too far from the village of Landry.

Keldar walks stifly around the group, mumbling complaints about horse riding. "I'm not to eager ta get back on that beast, but sleepin' out in giant infested woods longer'en we 'ave ta us just as bad. Why not just eat what we're carryin' an get a-movin' again soon."

"Convections?" Whisper scowls. "To hunt an animal to survive is one thing, to enslave it and make it your beast of burden when you can use your own self for such tasks is another." He pauses. "No I don't ride, I don't have the skill nor the desire to persecute an animal. Where are we going in such a hurry?"

"Enslave? Perscute?", Kay looks up from her quiver and arrows, "Angel is no slave, I prefer to think of us as partners, I mean, she takes me where I need to be,and I feed, clean, groom and by Lent, if something ever were go wrong with her, I'd take her to the closet healer or druid and even if had to give up all the gold in my pockets, everything I owned, and the clothes off my back just to make sure she got better, I would! As for you not riding your own horse, you should at least try riding on the back with somebody else, as I don't think we can wait about for you anymore like that, especially with all the crap going on lately.", she frowns and return to her arrows.

Whisper turns to face Kay and looks her and her horse over. "Perhaps in the end that's all creatures want, to be fed, cleaned, healed and ridden. Or perhaps you've been riding so long you could not get along without it and are making excuses." He pauses and adds. "As for doubling the burden of one of these poor animals, that doesn't make any more sense to me than adding a burden in the first place." He shrugs. "I do not expect to change your beliefs in one or perhaps any number of days, but do not expect to change mine. If someone would tell me where we are going I may be able to come up with something else other talk of horses."

Turn 127