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Turn 124

Crystal frees the gypsies with the help of the messenger, Laban examines the cave with no luck, Whisper, Stella and Edo decide to heal the wounded gypsies. Suddenly from the top of the hill, several people approach. An elvin male, and gnome male approach the wagon where Crystal (the short female) stands. "Er, excuse me lady... you'd not mind a tellin' me what's goin' on here, would ya." the gnome (Keldar) asks in a friendly voice. At the same time, the most beautiful male elf(Cole) Crystal has ever encountered arrives on the scene, and dismounts his horse, speaking to Crystal "What has happened here?" before turning and attempting to aid the people, but appearing frustrated by his inability to do so. From inside the cave, a male elf (Whisper), a female 1/2 elf (Stella) and a human male (Edo) approach. Looking up, you see several more people descending the small hill.

Keldar, the gnome, stand with a big smile on his face, slowly rocking back and forth on his feet, awaiting an answer of his earlier question

Whisper frowns, as usual distrusting strangers and stays back, holding his bow in the "ready" but not the "ready to fire" position.

Crystal says in Keldars general direction, but without looking up, "Oh I killed a giant back there. He was holding these people to eat them or something." She stands up and catches sight of Cole. "Hi...I'm Crystal..who are you?" she murmurs....then snaps out of it "Um and with me are Edo, Laban, Stella, think thats about it. Labans poking around in the cave looking for bats or something." She then looks back at Cole "You don't know how to dance by any chance do you?"

For the first time you see Cole blush and he replies quietly,"yes, actually I do." looking away bashfully he tries to be of further aid to the injured gypsies.

Wulfgar looks around the clearing, stopping his gaze on the dead giants body and hearing the woman's claim to have killed it seemingly by herself with no help from the others he raises an eyebrow. He walks to the body of the giant and inspects it, then looks at the woman to see what she carries on her person. He looks at each of the others around the camp to see what they carry.

Letting her curiosity get the better of her, Kay rides over to where Wulfgar and the giant are and takes a good look at the corpse. "I can't believe this guy did all that death! I know giants can be mean and all, but this?", She looks around, expecting to find some more tracks, "You'd think there would be more of these guys around.."

"Do you make it a habit to doubt a stranger's word in front of his face?" asks Edo, taken aback by the sudden appearance of nearly a dozen newcomers. Most of his face is hidden within the cowl of his robe as he leans on his rune-carved staff. "If you will excuse me there are injuried to care for...." he says as he starts for the group of captive gypsies.

Kay looks around to see who he was talking to. "Doubt? Who am I doubting here? I just road over here to see this giant and maybe help out these poor gypsies. I don't think I'll be much help, as I'm more experienced in making pain, not healing it. So, what exactly happened? Besides the obvious? Were you traveling with these gypsies? Or did you just happen to be in this area at the time?"

Barbaxle rides his horse down to where the gypsies are and starts looking at there wounds. He then turns to the group and says "Give me one of those wineskins that we filled up back at Heron (I think that was the name of the town). It looks like these people could use some of that stuff that we got." After all the gypsies are free and wounds healed, Barbaxle will ask "What happened here? Are you just a group of adventurers that stumbled upon this beast." *Nudge giant with his foot*
After the story is told he will introduce himself "My name is Barbaxle Forrester, it is a pleasure to meet such a brave set of souls as yourself. We are on a mission from the King to map out the area and find out why things have been going wrong in his land. I think that we are getting close to an answer to his questions."

The gnome looks up and Edo. "Sir, if ya don't mind m'askin', Are you a wizard? I'm a wizard meself ... mostly. I am gifted in the arts of illusion. Yourself?"
You notice that the gnome' voice gets higher and faster as he gets excited at the prospect of finding another mage.

Sighing internally as he rides up, Gareth watches the party scatter into helping (good!), becoming side-tracked by personal interest (not so good), and aggravating relations between the parties (again not so good). In a friendly manner, the knight dismounts to indicate a greater parity between the two groups and to prevent neck cramp for the observers. "I do believe that it was not Kay's intent to doubt your word, good sir; rather, she wisely wishes to examine things beyond the superficial to ensure she has the true, and not the seeming, state of things. On another venue, my training as a knight would make me wary of strangers hiding their faces, but I choose to journey more deeply into introductions and meet the person, not the image." The friendly warrior motions towards another man [Barbaxle] and makes a drinking motion, followed by a nod towards the gypsies.

Widening his smile to include the approaching male elf and female half-elf, the human stretches his neck to loosen his slightly over six foot muscled frame, flipping a ponytail of bound-back black shoulder length hair between hilts of cross-shoulder-sheathed longswords. Warm, but searching green eyes set in a ruggedly handsome face play across the eyes of those before him. Seemingly satisfied, the paladin reaches across an azure surcoat emblazoned by a golden hawk with wings outstretched and stretches forth a de-gauntleted hand.

"Hail and well met. I am Sir Gareth Arr, knight to King Arion of Dragonmeyr, and follower of Pikahl. We came across the incident scene some miles back, struck forth to free any who lived, and avenge those who died in such a brutal ambush; glad we are to see that the fell creature has been defeated and the rovingfolk rescued. My time with Cao [a motion indicating a gypsy man among the party] has enriched my understanding of the arts and the world, and this land would be poorer for their absence. Well and done." Gareth takes the time to gesture to each person of his party and offer his/her name. "Might we have the pleasure of your names, as well, to record such service to the people of the land?"

Crystal appears very annoyed at all these people suddenly appearing. "My name is Crystal, i'd tell you the names of these gypsies but they probably all died while you were introducing yourselves." Crystal then goes back to laying out the wounded and helping Edo take care of them.

After Barbaxle hears this he will look at Crystal and say "Don't worry I have something special that will make all these people fell well again. You shouldn't be to hasty to snap at people. We all work well as a group here, we all know our roles that is what has kept us alive to this point." He will then continue to give each of the gypsies a drink from the waterskin.

Turn 125
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