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Turn 119

Brother Bernadino breaks down into tears and rises from his kneeling position where he has been praying. "yes I admit I scolded the man." he says defensively "But I did not play a role in his death. I swear it!" Suddenly, a hollow voice boojms out from the back of the chapel. "Liar! Confess your sins, ere you be condemned to burn in the pits of hell!" A hooded figure emerges from between the pews and approaches Bernadino. It is a man of average build bressed in the robes of the priests. It lowers it's hood to reveal a white pasty-looking face, it's neck twisted at an impossible angle. It's yellow eyes burn with infernal fire and are fixed upon the trembling Bernadino, who is paralyzed with fear. "Randos!" Bernadino gasps. "You're dead! We killed you!" "My body, perhaps. But not my spirit. And now Bernadino, the time has come for you to do penance for your murderous crimes!" It then lunges for Bernadino, oblivious to the rest of you.

Keldar, hearing that the beast is dead but walking, goes into a catatonic stare....

Regardless of the creature's mission, Gareth witnesses only a member of the undead, one that has been stalking and killing members of a good-aligned diety whom his companion venerates. Not wishing to rouse Wulfgar's irrational anger by drawing his Pikahlian-hilted blades within the temple to Callus, the paladin charges forward with a quick "By Pikahl!" as quickly as his legs can carry him, barreling into the creature and reaching to seize its life-rending claws. The self-sacrificing knight uses his body as a shield to protect the brothers of his friend's order. "Randos! Stop this madness! Let justice, not vengance, prevail!" Gareth grunts as he grapples with the walking spirit.

Cole still much in awe at the sight looks on as Gareth charges it but quickly regains composure and gives Wulfgar a tap on the shoulder and runs to try and separate Gareth from the undead. "Wulfgar can you try and talk to Randos" -- "Gareth stop!! if you interfere I have no doubt that he will kill you as well let Wulfgar talk to him." hopefully he can separate them before it is too late. " Someone guard Bernadino until we can get the truth."

Arilyn runs to Bernadino and draws her sword...assuming a defensive stance between Bernadino and Randos. She turns her head to Bernadino. "Speak quickly, sir. Tell me what is going on or I will turn my sword upon you and save Randos the trouble. Evil work has been at play and if I defend you, I want to know why I am doing so." She turns...and presses her sword to Bernadino's throat.

Jahl quickly draws a dirk into each of his hands and moves himself between Bernadino and the struggling Randos and Gareth. Taking a defensive position next to Arilyn, Jahl watches the dead wrestle with the warrior of Pikahl. Surprise flashes across Jahl's face he hears Arilyn turn to Bernadino and threaten him. Interested in the tale of treachery that would wake a honorable man from eternal sleep, intent upon revenge, Jahl turns a curious glance to Bernadino making no move at all to help him. Nodding his head in Arilyn's direction Jahl simply says, "speak quick priest. She may look sweet, but she has a short temper."

Vincas grabs the gaping Keldar and drags him away from the action.
"Reggie, help me keep Keldar clear...he's helpless in this condition!" Once clear, he draws his sword and places himself between Keldar and the combatants.

As Randos lunges for Bernadino, Keldar goes into shock and Vincas pulls him out of harms way. Gareth leaps towards Randos, and grazes his ankle before falling to the floor, and Randos completes his lunge, grappling with and then placing his fingers around Bernadinos neck. Cole heads towards Gareth intent on stopping him from attacking Randos, but realizes at the last second that Gareth fell short and stops himself before he tumbles atop him. Kay pulls out her bow, and fires an arrow towards Randos, but the arrow flies wildly as Wulfgar pushes past her and strikes the chapel wall burying itself within. Arylin pulls her swordand she and Jahl edge closer. Arilyn threatens Bernadino, but with Randos fingers around his throat he is unable to respond even if he wanted to. Wulfgar goes to Randos' side, and tries to calm him, and Randos relaxes his grip a bit finally, allowing some air in, so a choked confession comes from Beradinos blue lips directed towards Anselm. "Forgive me! I was jealous! Why should Randos be granted those visions and not I? I ordered Gugliemo and Edmund to help me. We took Randos to the slaughterhouse, and I whipped him. I didn't mean to kill him! We threw his body off the roof to make it look like a suicide..." Anselm quickly absolves Bernadino of his crimes, however Randos then renews his attack, choking off whatever else he may have intended to say. Wulfgar pulls his blade, edging closer to within striking range, still trying to talk sense into Randos, and praying loudly to Callus. Gareth regains his footing during this exchange.

The knight, hearing the confession roars in anger at Anselm, but grabs at the undead's wrists to prevent the murder about to happen. "Is this how your faith works, Wulfgar?" Gareth finishes as her grapples with Randos, hoping Wulfgar will be able to calm and control the restless shade.

Arilyn is so deeply saddened by the quickly developing actions. She evaluates the situation and steps several paces back and away from immediate danger. Arilyn is guided by her heart and her heart tells her to be wary and that this is a battle that she is best to walk away from. She does not believe she is deserting her friends and stands ready to assist if she deems necessary. A tear drips down her cheek as she thinks of the people, in her life, whom she has looked up to and respected. They proved to be all too 'human'...with so many human frailities. To see Beradino...a Brother...speak of jealousy is too much for her. He should be beyond petty jealousies but in his actions he is not. Arilyn wonders if her expectations of humans are too high or are humans just a pathetic race that will one day destroy themselves.

Kay keeps her distance from the fray, and moves to an area that gives her a clearer shot of 'Dead Randy', doing this, she nearly walks into the elf, "Hey Arilyn, what's with the face? Almost looks like you never saw a dead guy strangling a monk before.". The warrior keeps aim at Randos, waiting for him to lunge at Gareth or anybody else, not including Bernadinos.

Arilyn keeps her guard up and looks over to Kay. "It must be very difficult to be human. Do you think there is any creature alive, that by choice, would want to be one?"

Kay smirks, "You think this happens only to humans? I'm pretty sure jealously and murder are common in most species of animals, elves included.", She keeps her aim steady at Dead Randy.

Arilyn is mildly amused at Kay's comment...then tilts her chin up slightly, assuming an air of superiority.

"Now don't give me that.", Kay looks back at her for a moment, "Elves aren't that different from humans. Sure you all live a little longer, have pointy ears, and never seem to gain weight, which is so bloody not fair. Have you ever seen a big fat elf before? Er, I'm sure they can get jealous and even kill, just like the rest of us."


In the corner, near Reggie, Keldar starts to whine and cry. He keeps mumbling something about "Nick Bock and Kailin coming to get us too."

Watching the situation collapse around him, Jahl wisely decides to remove himself from the fray. A quick glimpse over his shoulder allows Jahl to smoothly move back to the nearest wall. Jahl's battle-stance never faulters and his dirks remain firmly in hand.

Vincas places a calming hand on Keldar's shoulder, but he is unable to tear himself away from the spectacle in front of him.
"Our friends are at peace Keldar...they died doing what they wanted to do. They won't come for you."

Turn 120