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Turn 120

Keldar whines in the corner about dead returning to life and Reggie and Vincas try to calm him. Kay, Arilyn and Jahl stand back waiting to see what will happen, Kay trying to get a clear shot but unable. Barbaxle advances on the others but can't get close enough to help so he holds his ground and waits. Wulfgar moves in and is just about to lunge when Gareth again steps in the way and begins grappling with Randos. Wulfgar turns at the last moment to avoid killing Gareth and wrenches his sword arm shoulder badly, dropping his sword, unable to hold the weight. Gareth grabs the wrists of Randos, who continues to strangle Bernadino not even slowed by the Knights powerful grip. As Gareth and Barbaxle move in together to get a blow in, Bernadinos neck snaps, and he crumples. At the same moment, Randos turns towards Wulfgar dragging Gareth with him as one does a small child and speaks aloud "Continue your quest my friend and dont be daunted by the evil along the way. Not even my own." Randos then decomposes, falling to the floor in a heap of ashes and bits of bone.

Gareth shakes his head in amazement. "Never have I felt such strength; I am not considered a weak man, but ... he ignored my efforts as though they existed not. A dark justice, that," the knight mentions with a directional nod of his head towards Bernadino. Remembering the conversation that took place after Randos' arrival, the paladin fixes Anselm in his glare and proceeds to the chapel door, walking very rigidly. "Brother Anselm... an interesting manner of "faith" you follow here; absolving a torturer, murderer, and liar who struck down a brother out of jealousy, "Gareth shakes his head in disgust, "Does not sit well with my constitution or faith. Wulfgar, pardon me for offence if I would prefer to wait outside the doors; I will stand watch where the air is easier to breathe."

Arilyn watches in horror as Bernadino's neck is snapped. Unconsciously, she reaches over and holds Kay's hand, feeling a shiver run up her as she watches Randos' body decompose before their eyes. She squeezes Kay's hand tighter as his body falls in a heap. After a moment, Arilyn realizes that she is tightly gripping Kay's hand and quickly releases her hand, feeling a warm rush of embarassement flow over her neck and up to her cheeks.

Cole looks in Horror as the body decays, he grabs his holy symbol of Balin and quietly mumbles " Penance is done." He then follows the others outside to get some air.

A look of shock crosses Jahl's face as the sickening crunch of Bernadinos's neck collapses and echoes through the room. Jahl takes an unsteady half-step forward as Randos effortlessly drags the ineffective warrior of Pikahl around as Randos faces Wulfgar. Watching Randos decompose Jahl is utterly stunned. Quietly watching the others, Jahl slips his dirks away and witnesses several of his companions start to leave. "What a dreadful game the Gods play. Even an open confession to ones peers could not stay the hand of a once good and honored man. Does our faith in life mean nothing once our hearts stop?" Jahl sighs and is suddenly very weary.

Kedlar tears out of the room at full speed. You find him outside, hunched in the fetal position inside a bush shaking.

Kay slowly lowers her bow while "Dead Randy" decomposes. "Same here Wolfie, I just better go outside, to make sure Gareth is okay.", The warrior promptly heads outside for some fresh air.

Barbaxle expresses his thoughts "Callus must've taken revenge on Randos's killers. That is something that I have never seen, and never want to see again. He was such a pale shade of white, I don't think that I will ever be able to get that picture out of my mind. This is a day for this town, I hope that this story is told for many years. That is the only way that everyone will know that evil actions will not be tolerated. After all of us had that same dream and now this, I hate to see what is going to come up next. We must always be at the ready, with our minds and our swords."

Vincas gasps for breath, his mind reeling from what he just witnessed. "By all the gods, the world's gone crazy."
With that being said he hurries off to find Keldar

Gareth kneels beside the teary Keldar and lays a calloused palm upon the shaking gnome. "It will be okay, Keldar. The gods work in many strange ways to correct the wrongs upon this earth, but we must trust in their wisdom and do our best to follow and trust them. Be at peace, little friend." Taking in the rest of the companions outside, Gareth nods towards the abbey's exit. "Perhaps we should retire from this place and alloe Keldar to rest at Wulfgar's home. I have other duties I must perform within the town, but I would prefer to know everyone is saf- readied for sleeping arrangements before I perform my other responsibilities." The knight rises, scooping up the terrified gnome and holding him within the mighty armoured arms. "Let us leave this place."

Wulfgar watches Randos decompose right in front of him a tear wells in his eye. As the others say their bit and start to leave he steps forward to the remains on the floor and kneels "Brother Randos a fair and just man, I bless you know rest in peace servant of Callus may you sit by her for eternity. You have carried out her justice as it should have been carried out, go my friend, go to Callus and serve her well." He makes a gesture over the remains and stands up, looking up he sees Anslem "As for you brother, well I cannot forgive you for your act of compassion. To forgive a man for cold blooded murder of a fellow brother and a great man! There can be no forgiveness, you should have known that Callus would not tolerate these actions and would get her justice. You shame your fellow brothers, Randos, me, my friends here and most of all Callus herself. Perhaps you should worry about what her actions will be when she has her powers fully restored." Turning quickly Wulfgar walks from the temple outside to stand before the statue of Callus. He kneels down and prays.

Turn 121