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Turn 118

Vincas returns to the gravesite and the main group in a dead run catching them headed back towards the temple. He informs you that they believe Randos is inside the chapel with the priests and the door is locked. He lets you know that he left Keldar there working on opening the door under the watchful eyes of Barbaxle and Reggie. You rush back to the chapel to find keldar just pulling the door open and looking inside. Going inside you find nothing wrong apparently. When Barbaxle questions what the screams were that they heard, you see that one of the priests tripped over an altar box and broke his leg causing the bone to jut out of his skin blood gushing everywhere. As you enter you are just in time to see Brother Anselm saying a prayer that causes the wound to knit itself shut and become completely healed. The priests look at you expectantly, obviously expecting some answer to what is going on.

Vincas stands there dumbfounded, staring at the priests.
"My apologies....we heard the screams and no one came to the door. We feared more deaths and our intrusion here was for the purpose of saving lives. Again...I have to apologize for my hastiness, we meant no disrespect."
Vincas stands there a moment, then shakes his head and walks toward the door mumbling to himself.

Arilyn stares at the man's wounds...and is awestruck at the healing abilities of Brother Anselm. She walks over to Brother Anselm. "I have never seen healing like that before. You and your faith are very powerful." She pauses. "Dear Sir, I have no further answers for you. The only thing I can tell you is that the coffin of Brother Randos had claw marks upon the lid. In truth, I do not know if he is dead or alive. Could it be possible that he himself rose from the dead and not his spirit?"

Keldar guiltily puts his lock pick tools back in his duffle bag, hoping the to hide his actions among the crowd so that the priests can't see what he's doing...

"Let's get everyone inside and lock that door." Barbaxle says "We have had another murder, now does anyone have anything to say that they might've forgot to say earlier. This could be very usual information, it could save your life. You never know who is going to be next for this "thing" to go after next."

Turn 119