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Turn 116

The main group follows Vincas back to the grave after hearing his story about Randos' grave being open. You get their and discover Jahl and Keldar standing nearby, Jahl is examing the surrounding area. Looking at the coffin as Jahl speaks, you realize he is correct...there are claw marks on the inner part of the coffin lid. As though someone...or something clawed it's way out. Otherwise, the coffin and burial hole is empty.

Wulfgar gasps with a small blessing escaping his lips. He kneels down and quickly examines the area. "Stay close together people for I can not promise that he will not attack us. He is dead after all! However wherever he comes from I will face him first!"

Keldar sounds quietly. Staring at nothing.

"Why should we be afraid of him? The deadite monk is only out to avenge his death, so he'll only be out for those who caused his passing, er there's a name for that.", Kay flicks her fingers for a second trying to remember,"You know, they pop up to finish some important mission, and once they're finished, they vanish forever. Since he's able to scrawl words on the walls, I assume he's not some shambling brainless zombie, but maybe someone who will listen to reason.."

"I agree with Kay," Jahl says. "Randos is intent on being vindicated. I don't think that we have a whole lot to fear from him." Jahl walks around the grave and looks at the hole. "If Randos is not here now, where is he? Perhaps more of the priests are in danger." Jahl finds a suitable spot and sits down to rest. "Randos is slowly solving the mystery for us. Unless we find a guilty priest before Randos does we may never know the real reason behind of all of this. The deaths should be more than enough to convince any other guilty priests that a confession may save them. Was any information uncovered in the temple?"

"We didn't go to the temple, we all came straight here. I think that at least some of us should get to the temple. Maybe one of the priest is ready to talk now that all these deaths have been happening. Does anyone want to go with me?"

Vincas moves to stand near Barbaxle. "I'll join you at the temple. I'd like to have another talk with Brother Anslem since he scoffed at my ideas about Randos being undead earlier. Perhaps now he'll take Keldar's situation more seriously as well."

Keldar follows Vincas in his latest, zombie-like state.

Kneeling at the side of the grave Wulfgar raises one hand to his lips and prays to Callus.

Standing up sharply Wulfgar curses under his breath, taking a step away from the graveside Wulfgar kicks out at a small lump of earth lying on the ground before storming off to one side and sitting down on a patch of grass.

Being the curious type, Kay heads after Wulfgar, " I take it you asked your god a question, and didn't care for the answer you received..Or is there something else?"

Wulfgar spins at the question "What do you know about gods?" He snaps a fire blazes in his eyes, he steps forward to stand right {in your face close!} in front of Kay he glares from eyes filled with confusion and anger, "You nothing of my wants or needs!" Spinning away he walks further from the group.

Kay nearly topples over, "Gods? I don't know a single thing about them!", she tries to catch up with him. "Well, they like making surprise visits when you least expect them to, and they make fine swords, but besides that, I really don't know much about 'em. But I do know (OOC: Ugh!) kicking sand about and muttering under your breath isn't going to do a single amount of good! So if there's something on your mind, say it!" She waits for a second, "If it's just too personal, I'll understand, but come on! It's just not right to go around with all that anger bottled up like that!"

Again Wulfgar turns this time stepping into Kay he presses forward making her step backwards "Do not preach to me about pain and anger for these are things that I have grown up with. How am I to serve my God when I know not what she wants and I can't even contact her in her own house of worship.!" Another step forward he stares into Kays face.

Arilyn stands over the grave and draws in her breath as Gareth thrusts his longsword through the coffin. Desecrating a burial place like that is unimaginable to her and she hopes that the spirit will not be angered at Gareth.
She looks over to Wulfgar and Kay...raising her brow in disbelief as she listens to Wulfgar. He reminds her of a little boy whom has lost his temper. She steps between Wulfgar and Kay...placing the palms of her hands on his chest. She looks up to his eyes...her eyes trying to calm him. She whispers. "We have more important things to do than fight amongst ourselves. I do not know your god...but I am sure she would not condone this type of temperment that you are showing."
She is uncertain if she should continue...then she says. "Are you that dependent on your god that you are lost...unable to function as a leader?" She has said what was on her mind...keeping her hands pressed to his chest. She giggles. "Perhaps, I should put you over my lap?"

Wulfgar turns his head as Gareth desecrates the grave then Arilyn steps between him and Kay he listens to her but his anger rises and he suddenly walks past her up to Gareth. "You show little respect for my mentor Sir Gareth, this I cannot let go and neither will Callus when she regains her full power so until then!" He lashes out suddenly throwing a punch straight at Gareth.

Gareth's head snaps back at the surprising blow, and a trickle of blood immediately begins streaming across his lips and down upon his vestments. "Violence to express thy anger beith beneath thee, wise Wulfgar. All of the creatures of the gods' doth experience suffering, and mine tale more than others may speak of uncertain response to thy god's will, but anon. Thy companions doth require thy prudence and self-mastery over thy base emotions; if such serveth thee, however, let mine body clear thy head." Not resisting in the least, Gareth turns his head to the right to allow Wulfgar another vicious punch.

Kay backs up some, "Come on now guys! That's not gonna help..This might." Once she has enough room, the warrior charges Wulfgar (Well, one side of him.) to go for the tackle!

Wulfgar snarls back at Gareth "What know ye of my God Knight, you look out of favour with your own to my eyes and you preach to me! Ha! If you knew my God half as well as you make out you would have expected that reaction from me and avoided receiving it in the first place." He turns and sees Kay charging him to late to avoid but twists and tries to reverses the move on her by using her charge against her.

Meanwhile, the group who went to the temple, arent having much luck.

"It doesn't sound like anyone is here, they all said that they were suppose to be inside. Let's see if we can get someone to come to the door." Barbaxle takes his fist and pounds on the door *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* "Is anyone in there, its me Barbaxle!!"

You realize from the thick oaken doors that they probably cant hear your cry, and thumping on the door is only injuring your hand.

"Vincas, I think Keldar could try and get us in." Keldar says "Didn't climb into that tower back ... when .... um.... you know when."

Vincas looks at his friend and shakes his head. "I don't think it's a wise move breaking into a temple. I'll wait my time for Brother Anslem's revised opinions on this whole matter. Maybe we can also glean some insight as to what Randos may is up to. Let's try to find out what these slain brothers have in common....and how they related to Randos. But will the brothers share with us?" He looks glumly at the door and thumps it once more for good measure.

You hear some shouting from inside the chapel suddenly. Shouts of fear from the sound of them.

Keldar starts to climb the wall, looking for a window or somthing to look into (preferably above the front door) but finds nothing.

Turn 117