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Turn 117

After Gareth implants his sword into Randos' coffin, Wulfgar has had it. He charges towards Gareth and without further thought punches him connecting easily, and bloodying the Knight's nose fortunately with no breakage. Once kay realizes Gareth isnt intending to fight back but instead encourages Wulfgar to hit him again she charges at Wulfgar from the side. He twists away at the last moment narrowly missing her full assault causing them both to fall to the ground in a heap temporarily breathless and less than happy. Cole, Jahl, Gareth, and Arilyn look on in amazement as the 2 catch their breathe and attempt to untangle themselves from each other enough to rise from the dirt.

Wulfgar snarls back at Gareth "What know ye of my God Knight, you look out of favour with your own to my eyes and you preach to me! Ha! > Gareth winces and drops his head in shame as Wulfgar takes the paladin's gentle admission and slashes his spirit vehemently with it.

Arilyn steps quickly between Gareth and the fallen Wulfgar and Kay. She smiles at Kay, very impressed and surprised at her quickness and her nerve. "Wulfgar, there was no malice in Gareth's actions. We must remember who are friends are and who are our enemies." She reaches into her leather pouch and draws out a small silk scarf. She dabs it gently on the blood from under his nose. "MMmmmm...that answers one of my questions...your blood is red, too. You are human after all." She grins and looks back to Wulfgar and Kay.

"...And with more flaws than most." A sword-calloused hand reaches up and gently moves Arilyn's hand and scarf away from the bloody rivulets of the knight's face. "Nay, gentle lady, let not thy precious silk be sullied with mine insufficient penance; this rude scrap beith all I doth require." Gareth removes a small scrap of cloth obviously used as patching for his tunic and applies it to his crimson flood. "Thy offer was most mannerly of thee and doth do thee merit. Prithee, but I must move mineself." The paladin bows deeply to Arilyn, then carefully moves around her to place his body as a barrier between Kay and Wulfgar. Wrists crossed at his waist, and gauntlets behind his belt, Gareth waits silently and readily.

Kay extends a hand to the others, since it's rather hard to get up when you're covered in chain, "Now that wasn't the smartest thing that I've ever done, but I couldn't just stand by and watch you get pounded on.", wishing to remove herself from the hotheaded warrior,she waves her hand about , "Could you give me a hand here, and tell me what the hell just went on?"

Standing up with a slight wince from what will undoubtedly be a rather large bruise on his side Wulfgar turns away from the knight and walks back to the grave. {I take it Gareth left his sword stuck in the coffin!} He reach's out and pulls free the weapon throwing in down on the ground. "You desecrate the grave of a Brother of Callus and to do it with the symbol of Pikahl!" He shakes his head and pulls free his sword and blesses it before stabbing it through the coffin. He drops the sheath and placing the belt in his backpack. "Perhaps it is time to go back to the Temple and see if anything else has happened!" Turning slowly he walks away in the direction of the temple.

Gareth's self-control slips for a fraction of a second as Wulfgar ignorantly throws the longblade to the ground and turns his back to its owner. The knight in Gareth screams at the insult thrown and the baseness of action in treating a blade so; the paladin in him rages at the slur directed towards his god. It is the man in him, however, that roars most angrily at the shaby treatment he has received over and over from this companion he treats as one close to him. Gareth's face turns an angry red and he takes a step toward Wulfgar before regaining the modicum enough to check himself. One powerful hand closes over its outstretched clawed mate and pulls it back the the golden falcon. A hissing sound of slowly released breath, audible only to those very near the knight, escapes as Gareth shakes in bottled fury. In a deadly calmness, the paladin whispers to himself a rebutal his code prevents him from lashing back

Meanwhile, in answer to screams inside the temple,

"Randos is within....I'll get the others! Keep an eye on him Barbaxle" Vincas says, pointing a finger in Keldar's direction. "He's still not quite himself."
With that he turns and makes his way back toward where he left the others.

Jahl steps forward and grabs Kay's hand. A small grunt escapes him as he hoists the armor laden woman to her feet. With a slight sigh, Jahl speaks, "I know what your responce will be, but I'll ask anyway; are you alright?"
After Kay's acknowledgment Jahl continues. "What's going on here is the ageless bickering between religions." Getting immediate reactions from certain people Jahl quickly appends, "apologies! I did not mean to insult. All of us are frustrated with the recent matters, and we would all like to put an end to what is going on here." Jahl sighs. "This is a temple of Callus, and Randos was Wulfgar's friend. The matters should have been taken care of by a follower of Callus, I'm sorry Gareth."
Jahl steps up to the two warriors. "We are all friends here. You two have travelled together for a long time and know each other better than what you have just shown. I have known both of you for just a short while, but you are not the persons that had aided me in the swamp. What happened? Perhaps I'll find those two warriors again.
"We are done here," Jahl says sadly. "Let's return to the temple." Jahl begins walking away.

Turn 118