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Turn 115

Wulfgar prays over the body and suddenly it sits up, appears to inhale and speaks aloud "We didn't mean to kill him" before it lies back down and you can get no further response from it. "I thought he was dead" is being murmered by several priests in the background who witness this event and Anselm again orders everyone into the chapel.

Gareth gazes shrewdly at the scene, pursing his lips in contemplation. "It appears, indeed, that brother Randos chose not his death. My friend, do you think that you will be rested well enough in the morning to speak again with one of the deceased brothers? Randos perhaps?" Noticing that many of the party have disappeared, and Vincas in the process of shutting the door, the paladin requests, "Everyone, please return to the chapel; I am going to accompany our friends heading to the gravesite; open not unless we identify ourselves. Whistling as he heads through the doorway, Gareth rides to rejoin his errant comrades.

Arilyn looks at the deceased person and her lips move silently...saying a prayer to Quiom. She almost jumps out of her skin when the body sits up and speaks.
She pauses for a moment. "Gareth, written on the pot was 'Penance is Done'." She moves her hand to her hip. "Penance is a means of repairing a sin committed, and obtaining pardon for it, consisting partly in the performance of expiatory rites, partly in voluntary submission to a punishment corresponding to the transgression...In this case, an overcooked and choked Brother Edmund."
She continues. "It seems to me that Randos has risen from the dead shall I say even a score or right a wrong." She looks over to Wulfgar. "Do you think that you could communicate with Randos? It would be nice to know if penance for 'everyone' is done...or if we may expect a few more dead bodies and why he is seeking penance."
Looking back to Gareth. "I think the only people that should fear Randos are those that have committed a transgression. I will not return to the chapel...and, I am curious as to why you want everyone to go to the chapel and not open the door unless the people identify themselves. I, nor any in our party should have any fear of Randos...but until we find out why he (Randos) is doing this, we are obliged to protect all."
Arilyn leaves the kitchen, muttering something about being treated as a child.

Cole jumps at the sight and grasps his heart. He then steps into the hall and tries to clear his mind of that horrible sight.

Wulfgar stands a little shakily at first but quickly regains his composure. "It seems that I was clearly correct in my assumption that foul play has been done here and that Brother Randos!" He pauses and calms himself "Brother Randos was murdered! I will attempt to speak to him, however I feel that no-one in our group will have anything to fear from him as long as they do nothing to harm him the only ones to fear anything are the ones who have done something. However if they fear him they should also fear me for I will not stand for anyone who has harmed him or insulted Callus in her home being allowed to live. Maybe we should all go and see if we can find him at his grave, I fear a rash move by either Gareth or Jahl could end up in trouble." He walks quickly to the door and outside to make his way to the grave of Brother Randos.

Kay keeps her eyes on the body while the others break into speeches. Once they begin to clear out of the room, she slowly follows them, turning once more to the corpse and muttering, "Geez, and I thought soup was supposed to be good for you."

Turn 116