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Turn 114

The party reunites in the kitchen after the screams, and see an immense brick fireplace in which rests a large cauldron. A pair of sandled feet stick out of the cauldron, and on the side of the pot are the words penance is done written in holy oil. Some priests are about to empty the pot. The soggy corpse of Brother Edmund flops onto the floor with a sickening squish. Like Gugliemo, Edmunds neck bears bruises in the shape of strangling fingers. Outside the room, several priests are consoling Brothers' Francois and Raphael, who had the misfortune of finding the body. After they regain their composure, they tell their story.
Unable to sleep, Francois was staring out his window when he spotted Edmund sneaking into the kitchen. Curious, Francois decided to follow him, taking Raphael with him for safety. When the 2 opened the kitchen door, they saw a robed figure leaning over the cauldron. The figure turned and it was the face of brother Randos.
The 2 priests screamed and fled, colliding with each other and nearly knocking each other unconscious. That's when you arrived.

Keldar, eyes unusually wide, walks over to the corpse. He doesn't say anything, but starts shaking it, as though to awaken it.

Kay taps Keldar on the back, "Yech! Don't touch it! Who knows, it just might jump up and try to strangle you!"

The silent gnome moves a little away from the body, and stares at it. He seems to be waiting for it to wake up...

"Another one?!" Jahl says in shock. Staying out of the way, Jahl watches from the back of the room as the others heave the body out of the couldren.
"I'm certainly glad I'm not a priest," Jahl mutters quietly.
Watching just a moment longer, Jahl suddenly gets an idea. "The gravesite! Barbaxle and Cao come on!" Jahl quickly dissappears from the room.

As Jahl runs from the scene to try to catch Randos, Vincas says
"Hey, good idea....wait for me!"

Keldar wordlessly follows Vincas

Jahl, Keldar and Vincas run out the door while the rest of you examine and discuss the latest murder. As you are discussing your next move, Vincas rushes back inside and informs you the grave of Randos is empty just as Anselm orders all priests into the chapel. He intends to lock the door to keep Randos out.

Kneeling down beside the body Wulfgar prays quietly at his side. After a few minutes he speaks. "Tell me what happened?"

Turn 115