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Turn 109 Morning comes

Jahl, Gareth, Wulfgar, and Barbaxle join the others at Wulfgars house, Arylin and Caohimin sleep at the temple, but everyone gets a deep deep sleep.
As you sleep, you dream. This night is no exception. You fall asleep pondering the footsteps and disturbed grave Jahl spoke of, and the others went to investigate. In your dreams, Things are as always, you live your life, you dream, you die. But this dream is different. A beautiful elvin woman appears to you in your dream this night. She speaks to you of wars, and evil magics. She talks of destiny, of Gods and Goddesses. She tells you she is Quiom, Goddess of peace and harmony. She warns you of a great evil walking the land, and evil that will enslave all the races it does not destroy. An evil that has hidden the Gods from the people, and made it impossible to visit their children except in dreams. "Destiny calls you child" she says as she fades from view. You spend the rest of your evening in a deep, restful dreamless sleep. When you awaken, you feel refreshed, rested, and you remember your dream.

Arilyn feels her body transition from the world of sleep to the world of wakefulness. The image of Quiom so strong and alive...and her body gently shivers in pleasure at the thought of her beauty and her charm. Seeing a Goddess in her dream fills her with such warmth and love...a feeling that she is protected and cared for. She tries to fall back to see her Goddess once again. "Quiom, I want to be your serve you, forever."

Early in the morning, Vincas is awaken to a hand grasping his mouth. As the bard's eyes open, he sees Keldar standing infront of him.
The gnome puts a finger to his mouth, symbolising that Vincas should be quite. THe gnome then removes his hand from Vincas's mouth and whispers, "'s me Nick. Last I remember is the fight with goblins. Now I'm awake, have a killer headache, I look down and near wet meself as I se Keldar's body. Where's Keldar, Bock and Kailin? Reggie's asleep over there, and a buncha strangers are here too. Are we prisoners?"

Reggie crawls from out under his blanket.
"After a night filled with zombies, murder, werid dreams .." He glances over towards Keldar's greenish face. "and beer. What we all need now is a good old fashion gnomic breakfast"

Vincas's jaw drops and he stammers to find some words 'Umm...uhhh, Nick well, you see,,,,,ahhh dammit."
He sits up and rubs the sleep from his eyes. "I won't lie to you old friend. You're under some kind of see, in a way you're possessing Keldar's body. I can't believe this is happening again. Same thing happened with Bock." he grumbles, rubbing his temples.
"I wish I knew more about what's going on, but things have been, well, lousy since we fought the goblins." He nervously picks at a spot on his shirt and says "It seems Keldar's body has become something of a beacon for.....uh....for other people. Don't worry, you'll be back to yourself soon."

The young bard sighs low and long, a look of anguish on his face. "It's good to talk to you Nick."

Gareth sits deeply in contemplation as the party members at Wulfgar's home arise. "Quiom has always been close to the faith of Pikahl, if somewhat ironicly. Servants of Pikahl wage the righteous combat to preserve peace and order, or harmony as she would phrase it. Her words are both grave and encouraging; while the evil cloaking the gods must be potent indeed if they cannot contact their mortal children, the fact that they can somewhat reach through the barrier supports that the barrier is not completely effective.. and can be brought down. This also bodes well for the trancing effect of the ceremony; I wonder where the source of the evil resides?" After finishing the remainder of his breakfast, the paladin gathers his equipment and mounts Emperor. "I agree with having those not watching research the brothers' deaths, but cautiously and only superficially. I am off to pick up supplies, then I will be at the gates to the temple of Callus, preparing for and performing the ceremony; hopefully, it will complete itself at high noon."

"I'm a little confused," Jahl begins, his brow furrowed. "I understand that Wulfgar has not had contact with Callus recently, but nobody has had contact with their God at all? I don't proclaim to be very religious. My wanderings have lead me to implore help from Kannon many times in the past, but I have never had a close enough relationship with him as others do with their Gods. I am simple in that respect, and Kannon understands the life of a wanderer. But if there is no contact at all, except through dreams, will prayers be answered? How will we know if the ritual to destroy the book will complete correctly if the Gods are unable to act. To bestow their blessing?"
"Perhaps this is why all spells have not been working lately..." Jahl crosses back to his pack and sits, pondering his thoughts.

Cole rises and agrees to the idea of breakfast but he remains quiet about dreams and such he follows the others blindly as usual and will be glad to exit this town.

"Gareth? Did you have a dream about Quiom too? This is very weird, it must be important if she made all of us dream the same dream. This creature that she spoke of must be found. We have found our destiny, after we get done with all that we have to do in this town we must kill this beast and make Meyr the place that it once was. Also, Gareth I would like to be with you when you attempt to destroy the book." Barbaxle walks over to Reggie and looks at what he is making. "Hmm...Looks pretty good there Reggie. I'm very hungry and I think that we have a big day ahead of us. We all will need a full belly to get us through the day."

"Yes to the dream and its importance - hope and understanding are more valuable tools to a man than an army of warriors, and the gods know such. You may certainly attend the ceremony, but for safety, do not interfere in it, regardless of what occurs.

Reggie looks up from his cooking.
"I may just be paranoid, but would the process of destroying the book involve magic?? It just with all the spells and weird stuff going on, I have a VERY bad feeling in my stomach."

Kay crawls out from wherever she was sleeping, suits up, and finds the rest of the guys in stately Wulfgar Manor. She sniffs the air and finds a seat, "Breakfast sounds nice about now. ", she overhears Barbaxle mention Quiom, "So we all had the same dream eh?"

When you glance at the gnome, you don't see a green face, but a confused and pained one. Keldar looks over at you then speaks.
"Reggie.... good to see that you are OK. I know that this may make no sense, but it's me Nick. For the rest of you, my name is Nicholas Marshall. I appear to be somehow trapped inside my friend Keldar's body. Vincas tells me that Bock was in here as well. With your knowledge of magic, could you tell me what's going on?"
Nick then notices the women around. "Well hello ladies. A great pleasure to make your aquaintances. I may be unsightly in this gnome's body, and assure you I am a greater pleasure to look upon.... er.... once I get MY body back"

Kay quickly glances around the room to see who "Nick" is referring to, "Must be pretty crowded there in Keldar's head with all of you fellows mucking about. I'm curious who else is gonna pop up, but not that much.", The warrior notices Gareth, Wulfgar, and Vincas head off to a super-secret meeting outside, and out of curiosity, she gets up, "You'll have to excuse me good Sir Marshall, I need to get a bit of fresh air, good luck with finding your body!" and heads out the door.

A look of sadness crosses Nick/Keldar's face. "Yes this entire thing has been quite unusual for me to deal with. Last I recall is fighting goblins to save a Unicorn, then waking up in Keldar head. Perhaps those foul beasts had unleashed some form of magic that scattered us away from Durant."

"Reggie, what of Keldar, Bock and Kailin? I'd hate to think of that gnome mucking about in my body. I'm sure that Bock and Kailin are most uncomfortable having switched as well.... at least logic would say they have switched, seeing KEldar and I did. And Reggie, what did that person mean by `all those people in my head'?"

Jahl looks up towards Reggie. Pausing the packing of his things an odd look crosses his face; part surprise, part distress.
"My. Forgive me. I was certainly wrong in thinking that things couldn't get any stranger." Jahl lets out a long sigh and returns to his belongings.

Vincas looks pained as the gnome makes his introduction. Then his eyes grow wide and he jumps up and snaps his fingers.
"By all the Gods I've got it. Gareth, Wulfgar...may I have a word with you, outside please. I think I may have an idea...."
Vincas will then pace anxiously by the door waiting for them to follow.

Nodding in mild curiousity, the knight picks up his remaining hotcake and walks to the door to join Vincas.

Once outside Vincas gets an excited grin on his face. "I think I know what's going on with Keldar. When it was said that this force is stopping the gods from communicating with their followers I had an idea. It would appear to me that the souls of the dead aren't able to reach their destiny in the afterlife either, they're not making across the boundaries of this world to be with their dieties. They seem to be stuck here...and Keldar acts as a channeler for them somehow. He's Nick now, he was a friend of ours who also passed on recently, the same time as Bock in fact. Remember at Reynold's keep when he saw the body of the boy and he acted like a timid child? I'll bet he was possessed by the boys trapped spirit. And the dead body of Brother Randos also seems to indicate to me that his soul is not at peace. What say you? Am I mad or am I on to something?"

The knight nods in agreement as Vincas' idea unfolds, but shakes his head at the final question. "Nay... I have been turning the idea around within mine head- my head and was wondering something similar. At first I thought it was a spell backlash, but it lasted too long. Then I believed it had driven the poor gnome insane, but he recovered lucidity. You have laid out nicely the next conclusion, in light of the dream we shared. I expect the gnome weakened himself in casting the spell, and the spirits have been able to enter and speak. If not, and the spirits can possess at will or manifest and attack physically, people are in great danger within these lands. After we attempt to exorcise this tome, I suggest we have good Wulfgar here speak with the departed Randos. Thoughts?"

Reggie mentinos breakfast, and everyone concurs. Looking through his belongings, Reggie discovers with horror that he doesnt have enough food for himself, let alone the rest. Quick discussion agrees that the tavern would be the best place to go.

On discovery that the party doesn't have much food, and at the mention of the tavern serving breakfast, Reggie explodes into action. His bedroll is quickly packed, and the rest of his items are stuffed into his backpack.
"Last one there pays for the pancakes"

"I didn't think that Reggie ever ran out of food." barbaxle half-heartedly jokes "This is something to write down in your journals. I'm very hungry, I could use a good hearty breakfast. We can discuss the dreams and what everyone is going to do today at the tavern."

Wulfgar sits up looking the worse for wear "I think perhaps I should get cleaned up but I also would love a good hearty meal!" He stands and stretches, trying to rid himself of some stiffness. Walking quickly and quietly outside he looks for somewhere to get cleaned up. A confused look upon his face as he tries to sort out the events of the night in his mind.

Nick/Keldar looks at the others. "Yeah... food .... maybe there we can fill me in on what's happening."

Turn 110