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Turn 110 Morning comes

The group, minus only Arilyn and Caoihmin (still in the temple to your knowledge) head for the town's only tavern once again. Contemplating food, you all realize just how very hungry you are. Present are yourselves, the bartender from last night, and a pretty smiling serving girl who after introducing herself as Jasmine and asking for food orders, is unashamedly flirting with Cole, who doesnt seem to notice.

"A bowl of soup and some beef should keep me for awhile and an ale to wash it down." Cole produces his gold and offers to pay for anyone who may be lacking in funds. You notice that he is staying quiet but otherwise seems in a very good mood.

Kay still has her face in the menu when Jasmine makes it to her side of the table, "Er, I'll just have two hard boiled eggs, and for Coffee, do you have anything in the lines of the Black Dragon Blend, Sumatra, or Guatemala Antigua? Or do you just have that Dragonmeyr House-blend that every other tavern tries to pass off as coffee? It's just colored water..But anything is fine for now, just as long as it has plenty of sugar and milk."

Keldar/Nick gets excited at the sight of the barmaid. He appears to be working over a line in his mind, then seeing her eye's turn towards the other men, his shoulders slump. "Eggs, cheese, bread and some coffee please."
After the barmaid has taken the orders and leaves, He begins fishing around for Keldar's coins. All the while he mumbles about being cursed inside this gnomes body, and how he'll never be able to meet anyone while loking like KEldar.

Wulfgar looks up as the barmaid approaches the table, he thinks for a moment "A slice of bread and cheese please with a glass of milk to wash it down" He never even looks up when he speaks to her.

"I will have 2 eggs, bread, and some milk please." After the barmaid walks away Barbaxle will say "If we all had the same dream than I think that we should take some action on this great miracle. Once we are done with destroying the book, we must find this evil creature and put it to rest. So, that everything gets back to normal. As for this 2 people in one body thing, I wonder if Azimuth did something special for all you when you came for Durant. It sounds like maybe all of your companions that you thought were died might still be alive in you guys. I'm curious to know if Nick and Bock (sp?) still have the skills that they learned in there other bodies. Nick, what skills and abilities did/do you have?"

Nick/Keldar's face turns to one of shock and panic, "Dead!!? What do you mean?!!! I'm sitting right here. Just 'cause I look like a gnome doesn't mean it isn't me!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY I"M DEAD!!!" A pleading face looks to Vincas and Reggie for answers.

"Ah great!" Vincas says, throwing down his napkin. "That's all we needed...way to go Barbaxle."
Vincas sighs and looks at Keldar for a moment before speaking. "What he says is true. The last fight that you remember was our last time together. You fell in battle, Bock too."
Tears fill his eyes and he heads for the door. "Sorry, I'm not handling this very well. Excuse me."

Keldar/Nick stands paniced for a moment, then follows Vincas out the door. His face is showing a mixture of panic, disbelief, sadness and terror

Cole mouth is occupied with his breakfast, but a look of pity is noticible and he starts to get up but decides to leave the two to discuss matters.

"Vincas, wait up!!!" Keldar/Nick heads out the door as fast as the gnomish legs will cayy him. "Vincas, I need to talk about this. Don't run off! is heard before the door slams shut behind him.

Gareth finishes her simple meal of soup and bread before heading out to do his shopping. It isnt too long before he returns however.

Whistling for Emperor, the paladin crosses back to the inn, opens the door, sticks his head inside, and informs the party, "I have been summoned to the temple by Brother Bernadine regarding the book; any of you whom are coming, please make your way there." The powerful warrior leaps into Emperor's mount and rushes to the candlemaker's shop to p/u the supplies, then gallops the full way to the temple to see the brother.

Cole finishes his food slowly and pulls his black stone from his pocket and runs his fingers across it's familliar surface he gives it a toss in the air and catches it then returns it to his pocket. He catches up with Keldar and Vincas to see if the gnome is feeling any better and to inform them that the ceremony is going to begin shortly.

Reggie looks up, quickly shuffling the remaining food into his mouth. "Wait for me, I want to make sure I get a good seat for this. It should be an interesting show"

Jahl quietly finishes breaking his fast and pays for the hearty meal. Without saying much at all, Jahl silently follows behind the group that is walking over to the temple.

"Well, I dunno, 'better check my agenda.", Kay mimes opening a book and looks at 'it', "Hmmm, Says right here 'Destroy Evil Book', I even have it underlined and circled! Guess I better come along and have a lookie!", she quickly finishes her breakfast feast, pays for the bill, and heads off to the stable (Just how far was the stable from the temple?). There she'll make sure Angel (THE HORSE!) has been taken care of, and after a few brief moments of baby-talk, she'll saddle up and head over to the temple.

"Well this should be interesting! I just hope that everything goes ok. Remember when the ceremony starts don't interrupt them unless its and EMERGENCY!!" Barbaxle reminds the group.

As the group heads towards the temple, they pass by Vincas and Keldar speaking quietly.

"Nick and I need some more time to talk. We'll follow you to the ceremony, but we'll wait in a side chamber or outside."
Vincas then grasps his friends shoulder and slowly heads toward the temple.

Turn 111