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Turn 103 Keldars Tome of Evil

Keldar brings out a tome asking you to review it as he feels it is evil, and the holy people present definatly concur. Barbaxle suggests checking it out, as it may hold some ideas about dealing with current problems, and Gareth suggests destroying it completely. Others offer comments, but no opinions. The book is on the ground surrounded by Wulfgar, Keldar, Barbaxle, Vincas, and Gareth, currently, the book is closed.

Wulfgar stands from his seated position and walks to his horse "Okay people time to move out, we have still got a few hours of daylight left" He swings himself into the saddle and adjusts his sword. "Come on get yourselves in those saddles!" He nudges his horse forward and heads towards Heron.

"I don't think that we should destroy it yet. This could be a big help to us. Gareth, I do want the natural order of things to stay as they are, but if I can learn how to preserve that by not letting these things happen. I think it would be of great benefit to our mission and my faith. Once we get to Heron, we should make a decision on what we want to do with this tome. For now, I think it is wise what Gareth has suggested. (Wrap up book and store it till we get to Heron)"

Gareth and Barbaxle discuss a quick list of herbs and plants for the exorcism ritual Gareth wants to perform.

Arilyn looks over to Barbaxle and the others. "I agree. This tome is much too important to destroy and if we try to destroy may have traps or spells that will bring forth the very things we do not want. Heron is only a short time away...but now that I think of it...should we bring this tome to Heron? We may be putting innocent people at risk by bringing this tome there?"

Wulfgar turns his steed round "Yeah sure let's just ride around the countryside for the rest of our lives with this Tome until it kills us all!" He shakes his head turning his horse back in the direction of Heron and gallops off through the trees.

"Or you all could wait until somebody comes along and does it for ya.", Kay climbs back onto her horse and goes after Wulfgar.

Keldar speaks up, "Well then... no agreement. For now I'm taking back my book." He scoops it and jams it back into the backpack.
"And no complainin'. I don't think that this has anythin' ta do with my ... problem .... 'cause I don't remember castin' a spell before everything, and none of my spell components are missing. Nothing weird happened to me before, and I've lugged this book about fer a week or so now. Now lets get to that town."

"Well, it is your book. Do with it as you see best Keldar. Let's get to that town." Vincas adds, turning and heading for his mount

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