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Turn 104 On to Heron

Wulfgar takes off towards his home, leaving you behind. Keldar scoops up his book, stowing it back in his pack before following the group in pursuit of Wulfgar. You ride until nightfall, and Wulfgar informs you that Heron will be reached around lunchtime the next day.

"Praise be! We'll be moving again!" Jahl grins as he bounds back onto his horse. "A night in a town will be very welcome indeed. A warm tavern, good ale, and a warm woman. Much to look forward to!" Jahl quickly guides his mount into a slow walk on down the path. "Just destroy the damned book already," Jahl mutters softly as he rides on.

Stooping his horse next to a tree Wulfgar stretches his arms then slips easily from the saddle. He quickly removes his saddle and brushes down his horse before feeding it. He unrolls his bedroll next to the tree and drops his bow and backpack on top of it. He walks to Gareth and speaks quietly to him for a minute before heading out of the camp.

Cole watching from atop his horse laughs at the others engrossed in their conversation on the fate of this book. " I've heard tale of others who have destroyed such books and been destroyed themselves.Books like these are almost always created by great wizards and they believe in protecting what they have create. By destroying it, it is likely that we would do more harm than good." brushing his horse and unpacking again Cole prepares for another long night.

Turn 105