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The DragonTail Inn
Everyone leaves the hall lead by Wulfgar. Then Kendra & Malissin take the lead headed for the Dragon Tail Inn. You arrive to find the place crowded with folks from all walks of life, drinking & having a grand ole time. A menu on the wall is as follows.

Private room-1 gp-bath included
2 man room-1 ep-bath included
common room- 1 sp-bath included
stabling of horse free with room

wine (elvin)-1gp
Honey Mead(house special)-1gp
bark tea-1sp
bread-1cp per slice
pudding-1ep per bowl
stew-1ep (with meat)
Roast Fowl-1gp
Hot Fruit Pie-1ep in season
cheese-1sp wedge
fruit-1sp in season
Hot Meat Pie-1gp (house special)

Fowl & Venison include all trimmings for 1ep

Once everyone has settled at the table. Wulfgar will go to the bar and order a pint of Ale and a bowl of stew with four slices of bread. Having paid upon receipt of these he will proceed back to his seat and eat the stew along with the bread. When finished he will sit back and slowly down his pint of Ale in one. Upon finishing it "Now that's better! So has anyone heard anything about this job other than the obvious?"

Athos strides into the bar, marveling at all the different people teaming the place. He goes up to the bartender and request a cup of bark tea, a piece of bread and whatever is the freshest fruit they have. He will dig up some coins from his bag once he gets his requests and finds a seat near Kendra and the gang and takes up conversation with them.
"Well, i hope it is not too late to see the gardens, i suppose it will not be anything like my home town." Athos again reaches towards his chest as to look for something on his person, "I would like to have a chance to play my pipes against the stars to celebrate my successful journey and my new friends!!" He then proceeds to sip his cup of hot tea and takes a wholesome bite out of his piece of bread..."Gods, that feels good...i was so hungry"

When the party reaches the Inn, Jayar immediately orders a bowl of stew, a slice of bread, whatever fruit is available, and a glass of wine (it's been a while, ok). After finishing his meal, he continues sipping his wine and joins in the coversation going on. "Pipes? I thought that you smoked them. But I agree with you on wanting to see the Gardens, Athos. It feels so strange being out of the forest." Turning to address Malissin, he continues, "Did I hear the receptionist say that you are a bounty hunter? How fascinating. Must be very exciting work. Perhaps you could help me with something. Part of the reason that I came here was to look for my friend and one of my mentors, a halfling by the name of Blodgett Flatfoot. You may have run across him in your line of work since he is a, shall we say, thief. Now all of you can stop checking your pockets. I devoted most of my studying," he suddenly lets out a belch that shakes the rafters. Turning toward the kitchen he yells, "My compliments to the chef!" With a grin, he turns back, "Where was I? Oh yes, I was saying that I had devoted most of my studying with to those abilities that would best serve a group of people. My mentor wanted me to also learn the finer arts of thievery but I did not. What do the rest of you do? Some I can tell are masters of the blade, and others weavers of spells, as I am, but some I'm not so sure of."

When the rest of the group orders, Malissin asks for some honey mead, bread, cheese and a bowl of the fruit currently in season. During the course of the evening, after his cup of mead is slowly emptied, you notice he sticks exclusively to water.
When asked again about the receptionist, he says, "That is what humans and most other races call people that do what I do. I prefer to think of myself as just a hunter. Whether the hunted is an animal or otherwise makes no difference. It is the thrill of the hunt that drew me to this profession, not the money. However, most people cannot see past that fact, and look upon us as peddlers of flesh, out to sell their fellows for some gold. As with any other profession, there are those who are a little, shall we say, overzealous in their methods. They make it more difficult for the rest of us."
"We also do people a service. We make the town safer. There is not enough law enforcement to adequately protect people and also spend the time tracking down those that escaped or that they cannot find. They recognized this fact and started offering rewards to people who would help bring these wanted people to justice."
Catching himself before he beings to bore the others, he turns the subject to Jayar's question about his mentor. "The name does not sound familiar. He may not have broken the local laws severely enough, or caused the local guardsmen grief enough to place a bounty on him. But there are plenty of people they are looking for, so perhaps I have just not heard about him yet."

Upon entering the inn, Kendra will order a bowl of stew, a slice of bread and some wine. She will find a table large enough for the entire group. She takes a few bites of food and then wipes her mouth. When she hears someone mention bounty hunter and searching for someone she sits alert and listens closely to the conversation. "I have come to DragonMeyr in search of my mother and an evil man named Voss Derk. I have been hear for 2 weeks with very few leads, money is getting tight, so I thought I would aid the King in his quest. I am not exactly sure what the King's quest is, but my home town was cut off from the trade routes by monster, maybe the same thing is happening to DragonMeyr." Kendra then shrugs her shoulders and takes a sip of wine.

"You hunt men but I hunt a bigger game.... Giants! Nothing stirs the blood then bringing a 12 foot bruin to his knees. Come with me on my next hunt Malissin and I will show you." says Jarryd with a predatory smile.

"Ah, my large friend, you are missing the most essential part of the hunt," says Malissin. "Approaching an animal, or otherwise, without it knowing you are there... then following it no matter where it goes, all the time without it having the slightest idea you are nearby. To watch it, its activities, how it behaves, to think like it does... that is the truest experience there is. Only to kill it later somehow seems to cheapen the whole process."
"Except when it is necessary to hunt them for food. Hopefully that is not what you intend," he adds with a wink. "But I will be honored to accompany you. It has been a long while since I have hunted anything that large."

"Giant hunting? Never even seen one. Tell me, are they truly as big as I have heard? Perhaps I could join you when you go hunting for them? Sounds like fun. But for now, why don't we let friend Malissin lead us down to the Gardens before it gets too dark. He is right, I am suffering from a bit of homesickness." Jayar says.

"As big as you have heard? Well, how big is that? Sure, most get to 12 or 15 feet tall but when I took ole Zolcx, the Scourge of Silak, down he proved to be 18 feet tall!....." With that, Jarryd continues his boasting, telling in rich detail the battle and all. But I won't bore you like your players would be. :)

Wulfgar looks at the group as they decide if they are going to the gardens "I think I will stay here and have another ale, then see about a room for the night" With that he looks around for a serving wench, to order another ale.

After Athos finishes his bread, fruit and tea he excuses himself from the group and proceeds to walk towards the gardens. Once there he will play an old elven tune he learned from his mother..."Celebration of the Earth"...loosely translated of course... He will then find a comfortable place amongst the green and fall asleep below the stars thinking and dreaming of home.

"I think a nice soft bed is in order for me. Looks like we will be spending plenty of time under the stars and sleeping on the hard ground. Nope, I'm going to take the bed." grins Jarryd. And away he goes with the serving wench who gave you dinner.

turn 3-Utopia Gardens