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Reinforcements 7

As the party reunites, silent plans are made to save the gypsies from the giant calling himself Grishnak. Whisper heads down the hill, hiding amongst the trees hoping to get a clear shot of the creatures eye bringing it down. Crystal sheathes her daggers, and pulls out her darts, getting closer in preparation for combat, but keeping Laban and Edo between her and the ugly giant by the cave. Laban slides down the hill out of site (barely) of the cave mouth and stands nearby, hands on scimitars scanning for movement, while Edo approaches from the opposite direction hoping to be able to attack from behind.

Grishnak, comes out of the cave again and heads for the wagon before his eyes lock upon crystal and he gets a sneering grin on his face before heading towards her snarling "Grishnak find more food people, now where is Grishnak club? Stoopid Grishnak lost club when took rolly box" Shrugging his shoulders he heads towards Crystal arms outstretched as though ready to hug her it seems. Crystal, realizing the error of getting so close begins to back up, but trips over a loose rock and falls, landing with a small thump on her backside. Stella moves forward directly behind Whisper and waits for the right moment to throw a spell, a moment that never comes as Whisper lets fly an arrow aimed for the giants eye. It misses the eye, but it embeds itself into the fleshy part of his shoulder distracting him from Crystal for a moment allowing her to scramble backwards to regain her footing. Grishnak scans the hill above his head searching for where the arrow originated from but fails to see Whisper who is nocking another arrow. Edo leaps from behind and latches himself onto Grishnaks neck in a stranglehold that doesnt seem to do much good as the giant shakes himself with a roar back and forth trying to get free and Edo dangles behind him. Laban gets a clear scimitar hit to just above the knee blocking Whispers shot before Crystal, fed up gets off 2 darts, 1 pricking the giant in the nostril, the other going into his mouth as he roars and surprising him so much so that he falls to his knees. Strange gasping noises issue forth from his lungs and with a start you realize that the shock of the dart in the mouth caused him to swallow it and he seems to be choking on it as you watch.

Crystal-10 feet directly ahead of giant
Whisper and Stella-15 yards behind and above on hill overlooking area
Laban- 3 feet ahead of giant to the right
Edo-Directly behind giant

Seeing his opportunity Laban draws his scimitars and rushes forward to attack the Giant. Slicing for key spots first like the eyes, throat and rear of the knees. To either blind, kill or just plain old hamstring him, watching not to hit Edo in the progress.

crystal takes a few steps back and pulls out some more darts ready to attack if the gaint doesn't die soon. if the gaint recovers she will run if it comes after her but if it is engaged with the fighters she will continue her dart attack.

From afar, Whisper sees the giant die. He stands for a second, watching, then moves over to Stella, patting her on the back and pointing to the humans. Then he moves down to flank Laban, nocking another arrow and peering into the mouth of the cave.

Laban watches as Crystal tries to retrieve her dart. "May I offer assistance?" He steps up to stand beside her then kneels down beside her wiping his scimitars on the dead giants clothes.

"Be my guest!" crystal smiles and stands up and walks over to free the people on the cart.

Laban looks at Crystal as she stands up and walks away, he shakes his head and tolls the giants head to see if he can see the dart if he cannot see it in either the top part or bottom part of the giants throat he will leave it and walk to the cave entrance.

Edo cautiously nears the giant's lair, alert for signs of another such beast or any guardians it employed.

Laban steps right up to and into the entrance of the cave he looks around to see what lies within.

Crystal kneels to retrieve her dart and attempt to retrieve the dart in the giants throat, as Whisper, Stella and the messenger close the short distance and rejoins the group. Laban offers to try for the lodged dart and Crystal happily agrees. Edo moves to the cave entrance, followed shortly by the rest and peers inside. There appears to be 3 more human skulls within, and signs of an indoor campsite with a musty smelling blanket, crawling with the Gods only know which bugs and diseases, a small pouch, a large broken club, and several small piles of rocks.
Crystal in the meantime heads to the wagon where the gypsies are housed and finds them alive but only barely, multiple bruises on all, and many with large cuts and gashes oozing with blood, just begging for infection to set in. All appear to be dazed and in some sort of shock.

And so ends our extraordinary story of how the reinforcements came about, and caught up to the party. Please feel free to return to the regular story.

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