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Jahl and Whisper

Jahl turns to his walking companion and speaks softly. "Tell me, Whisper, if you please. Describe yourself and how you have come to be with us, I am curious to know my new friends." Jahl smiles pleasantly.

Whisper nods and replies quietly, "I have nothing really to add. I told the group, I was wandering the lands, to learn about humans and their ways. I came accross this city and went inside and was attracted by a sign asking for members to join an expedition. As I told your relgious friend, I have no concerns over human dieties nor do I over your realm. However, the prospect of seeing a full human adventuring party intrigued me." He chuckles softly and adds, "I must say, I'm sure to be disappointed, for some of our number are elves." He pauses and adds, "Perhaps I can start a sub-study on half elves..." He shakes his head as he realizes he is off track and continues, "While camped we ran across Endo and Laban, they were hurt and my party helped them a bit so we decided to travel together for a while. We reached the destroyed wagon and decided to check it out. We then killed the giant and then you arrived." Whisper shrugs, "I admit I was suspicious at first, but it is my nature not to trust. If you are the group I am hired on to join, then I suppose my study has already begun." He casts a short glance at Arilyn. "Tell me, what can you tell me of the man Wulfgar and the girl Arilyn. Is he so skilled that he could humble her in that fight, or is she a poor fighter? Perhaps bad luck?" Whisper blinks looking a bit confounded but then ends with, "I'm sorry if you don't like speaking of fighting and such but I suppose it's a main part of my study." and ends with a small smile.

Jahl looks at his companion and sighs. "Wulfgar and Arilyn - the last little sparring was most likely a touch of good and bad luck I think. I agree that Wulfgar is skilled, but Arilyn has also shown prowess in the past. Or perhaps she allowed it to happen as it did, those two seem to flirt with each other a little too much if you understand my meaning." Jahl grins and looses a quiet chuckle. "But then Arilyn flirts with almost everyone." Jahl pauses to ponder his thoughts for a moment before continuing.

Whisper frowns. "Well, I suppose I will have to watch her. Doesn't sound very sofisticated for an elf."

"As for the discussion before, you have no need to apologize for my dislikes." Jahl sighs heavily before continuing, "I agree, fighting is a necessity here in the wilderness, but being able to kill is not a skill that I am entirely proud of. The discussion is something that I have heard before but for some odd reason it seemed to bother me today. Perchance it reminded me of some others I knew long ago who were far too eager to learn how to fight." Jahl frowns and struggles to keep the topic light, "besides, I have no intention of allowing some of the others to realize how feable a warrior I am." Jahl grins impishly.

Whisper nods. "To me, training is the way to learn something. Also if I have a weak link in the group in any way, I want to know. Trusting someone in the wrong situation can be death. I often travel alone, just so I do not accustom to having someone at my back and become soft."

"You do have an interesting study ahead of you. I do wish you luck and knowledge, but I'm afraid that your study will be a long one. Humans continue to confuse me quite often, and I am one of them," Jahl chuckles.

Whisper nods. "Yes, I hear you. I must admit I don't understand all elves either." Glance wanders to the horseriders but refocuses. "However, this is a study my people of my faith do. A kind of mission before we fully become one with our faith. A learning experience in another realm."

"I do have to admit though, I know very little of elves. And, to tell the truth, I am surprised at myself for finding myself surrounded by them and not being completely taken aback! Perhaps we can teach each other something about ourselves. Should you have any questions in the future, please feel free to ask me and I would be happy to answer as best as I can."

Whisper nods. "I'm sure they're not totally unlike humans, tho raised differently and with different beliefs." Whisper half-smiles and adds, "I'm sure that you can find a human who is more elven than me and an elf who is more human than you." He shrugs and keeps walking, now adding a whistle.

True. Trusting someone in the wrong situation can be death, but also not trusting someone in the right situation can be just as deadly. Tis a difficult choice to make.

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