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On the Road (FINALLY)

"Since we have so many choices to make and no time to make them in, I propose a solution. Whoever rides point decides which direction we go, afterall, we're going to cover the intire country anyway." Jason lifts his hands into the air and gives everyone a 'what do ya think' look. He grabs the reins again and says. "If we are going to ride in a defensive formation, then the warriors should be on the outside magic-users in the middle. But if the country side is as tame as it seems, then, it really dosen't matter where we ride." He gives the group another look and then returns his eyes to the road ahead.

Jayar says, "I agree, and we should ride as long as the light holds out. And when we do make camp, I suggest that we set out watches. Two people per shift, two hour shifts. That should include everyone, except spellcasters when they need to replenish their spells. Otherwise we take a turn like everyone else."

Kendra puts two fingers in her mouth and whistles loudly in order to get everyone's attention "My fellow comrades, it is time now to go into the countryside and aid the innocent people of this country. It does not matter where we go first or where we go last. In time we will get to them all. We need to unite and work together to accomplish this mission that the king has given us." She then walks over to Malissin and Wulfgar placing a hand on their shoulders "I think you two would serve this group best as flankers. And you, Athos, would do a fine job heading up the rear. Jarryd, I believe, has already volunteered to lead the pack with the rest of us to follow. Now let us press onward to the north and prove our worthiness to King Arion who has choosen us to spread the good news. Three cheers for King Arion, hip, hip horray."

You all feel incredibly inspired by Kendras' heartfelt speech. The sincerity in her voice you now totally relate to.

After cheering Athos agrees to ride rear guard...

While trying to contain a snicker, "My dear friend, I think that would be inappropriate in public...."

"That's fine by me," says Malissin. Turning to Wulfgar he says, "I'll take the left."

Wulfgar nods and heads 25 yards to the right.

Malissin trots his horse to the left flank of the party, around 20 to 30 yards away.

As the cheers calm down and Kendra takes command of the disorganized party, Jarryd nods to the beautiful archer and spurs his horse forward, putting about 20 yards between himself and the party. Occasionally, he halts and lets the party catch up, keeping tabs on them as well as letting them know all is clear ahead.

Taking the lead rope of one of the pack animals, Jayar follows Jarryd down the road. "Ah, road life. I hope you all ate well at lunch, because from now on it'll be road food. Cold for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the good thing will be being out of the city. How anyone can live in such confinement is beyond me!"

Cole rides up untill he is just behind Kendra, as they ride he is silent while he occasionally updates the map with colored chalk.

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