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Who am I

It's all so confusing, this me inside me.
I'm me, I'm her, I'm it, I'm she.
Where am I going? Where have I been?
I'm happy, excited. I'm angry, I'm sad.
I'm sexy, I'm wanted. I'm useless, I'm bad.
I never imagined, what it would be like.
To just be myself, in a world gone haywire.
One minute I'm laughing, The next one I cry.
One second I feel empty, then I'm whole inside.
Where am I headed? Where have I been?
Why am I carefree? Why am I so boxed in?
Why do I love? And why do I hate?
Why am I lonely? How come I feel great?
Who am I really? Who's the real me?
Why am I fearful? Why am I free?
What am I afraid of? Do I feel secure?
Do I know who my friends are? Do I know who loves me?
It's all so confusing, This me I've become.
Who am I really? What have I done?