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Wulfgar's vision

As you kneel in prayer, a leather bound book appears in your hands. Written in a flowery script you recognize as that of Randos you read the following. "Today I was priveleged beyond all hope to view a vision of incomparable splendor. Callus appeared to me while I was walking outside the temple walls. I tremebled in awe, but her words soothed me. She said she was well pleased with me and that she held me in great favor. Then she told me to build a well on the spot where she stood. "The water drawn from the well will heal the sick of all ailments and will be a symbol of my everlasting might. People will comer from far and wide to drink from it, and prosperity shall return to Heron. Go now, and tell the others." Words cannot possibly describe the elation I felt at the sight of this vision. I ran straight to the library and told Bernadino what I had seen. Alas, bernadino did not believe me. He claimed I was lying. Despite my pleas he remained unconvinced and warned me that to say such things constitutes heresy and could warrent expulsion from the priesthood. He told me not to speak of my vision again, lest he inform the heirarchy of my heresy. I confess I do not know what to do. Tonight I shall pray for guidance on this matter. Perhaps another vision will appear and offer me advice. Alas! The dinner bell has wrung a second time. I dare not let Bernadino wait any longer, lest I further try his patience. I could not end the day, however; without first commiting the events of this blessed day to the page. A crude map reveals the locatin of the vision. A few hundred feet SW of the temple. This is the last entry and as you study the map, the book vanishes from your hands, leaving no sign behind it ever existed.

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