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Turn 96 Fire in the Keep

Everyone bathes, eats their fill, ands sits in the commen room discussing thier lives. Suddenly as you sit there talking and wating, the door is flung open by a guard. "There is a fire in the keep! We must leave now!" he stands aside urging you to quickly move out of the third story rooms. You smell the thick smoke and know there is no way out save the way you came in.

"Well, there was the time we ran into the human avatar of Lent and we all ended up with his mark.", She points down to her navel which is surrounded by the god's symbol."He appeared after.". Her story is interrupted by the fire shouting guard, "Oh cripes on toast! I just knew this was to good to be true!"

Kay quickly rushes into her bedroom, and tosses on her tabard,boots and cloak. "This is so typical.", she mutters to herself while snapping on her belt and scabbard. Whatever can't be worn is stuffed into her backpack which she quickly straps on. Her chainmail armor is the last to be removed and is carried along with her.

Take the rest of the sheets and wrap them around your bodies, put on your gear, and wrap the waterlogged blankets o'ertop. When we move out, I want everyone to crawl along the floor and stay beneath your blankets. Follow the person in front of you - Wulfgar, you take point; guard, you will lead everyone back out, yes? I will go last to make sure the everyone else is out and that no one is left behind on our exit. Fill your waterskins and wineskins with water. If we can move the tubs well enough, I also want a couple of them brought with us; half-full should not be too heavy, and they could provide enough water to damp down fire-covered passages. If the floor gets too hot or you see fire ahead, call it down the line, understood? If anyone has any alcohal or oil on them, I want it left here."

Catherine, who was quite enjoying her stay, leaps to her feet. "Must be something that wasn't made of stone nor affected by the rain, where is it?" Then quickly grabs her stuff, jumbles it all into a blanket then heads for the door.

Keldar gives a frustrated look when the guard warns of the fire. "Nice place, food, an' it's gotta burn down before a good sleep." He looks up at the sky, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!! WHY CAN'T YA LET ME REST!!!! TAKE AWAY ME MAGIC, ME FRIENDS AN' NOW THE ONLY COMFORT IN A MONTH!!!! WHAT"S NEXT!!!!" HE throws a chicken-bone that he'd been gnawing on at the ceiling.
Suddenly embarrassed by the looks the others are giving him, Keldar quickly picks up his gear, takes off his cloak and sweeps the left over food into is, and rolls it up like a sack, then grudgingly jogs out the door behind the others.

"Fantastic!" Vincas yells, kicking a table leg. "This trip just keeps getting better and better. What's next, a storm that rains fire on us?"
He pouts for a moment and then follows Gareth's plan. Staring at the ceiling he says "All I'm asking for is a little rest, drink and song. Is that too much?" He shakes his head and gathers his gear.

Keldar follows Garth's advice, but refuses to give up the bundle of food in his cloak.

Arilyn feels a rush of fear race through her as she smells the acrid smoke. She tries to control her urge to run out the door but stops...knowing that Gareth's words are wise. She twists her head searching for Kay, feeling a light shiver flow through her as she sees the sell-sword.

Jahl listens eagerly and intently as everyone shares their histories and experiences yeat at the same time he seems to get increasingly nervous and quiet. As the door bursts open Jahl almost seems relieved by the distraction. It takes but a moment for the full force of the guard's words to sink in. Just as everyone else in the room skurries to grab their equipment, Jahl jumps up and rushes to gather his own gear. When Jahl returns from the room where he had stored his equipment, he quickly sets himself to the tasks that Gareth had barked out. As soon as he is finished Jahl does what he can to help anyone else out. Throughout the madness, Jahl demands of the guard, "where did the fire start and is anyone else in danger? How is the Lord or his child?"
After Gareth returns, Jahl nods his agreement to his order. "Aye! I'll be the last one out!" As everyone else crawls out the door, Jahl takes a few moments running from one room to the next making certain that all has left. Then he quickly crawls out after.

"Are there any children in the keep?" Catherine demands of Reynold's men who may be near by. "Grareth, once we're outside we should see about forming a bucket brigade from the central well. With Reynold's men and ourselves we should have plenty of people to do, once we find out just where the fire is."

"They should all be out by now." the guard moves quickly down the stairs. "Hurry now try not to breathe the smoke!" The flames make the walls feel very hot to the touch and as you pass the second floor doors, you can see flames shooting out underneath them. as you pass the second floor doors, from behind you, you hear the timbers falling throwing major sparks down the hall in your direction.

"Www-hat, (as Barbaxle head turns left and right a pale look comes over his face) I knew I shouldn't have stayed in the stupid building!!!" After that he goes and gets this leather armor and puts it in has backpack with the other stuff stored in there. Grabing only his scimitar, he raps his cloak around his head and clothed body. Jumps in the tub and gets soaking wet. When he comes out of the room, he heads straight for the door. He will not let anyone block his way your can see a crazed look on his face. Nothing is going to stop him from getting out of this place.

Wulfgar rolls to his feet picking his gear up (Not hard as he never leaves it far from his person anyway.) Moving to the door he kneels down next to it placing the back of his hand close to it. Looking around he gestures for the others to hurry "Come on, move your sorry backsides a bit faster. Gareth I would suggest you put a wet cloth on your hands if you intend to carry your armour!"

As you step into the courtyard, you see several people milling about. Children and elderly seem to be huddled several yards away in relative safety as men are beginning to form a chain to pass buckets towards the burning walls. Fire can be seen shooting out the windows of the tower wing where you were housed on all 3 floors now although the second floor seems to be the worse. Reggie steps back as you decide if you want to join the line or not and shouts some words. The fire seems to momentarily recede as Reggie vanishes instantly from sight. In his place stands a fat purple duck with a gold colored bill.

Wulfgar looks around at the people then at the funny duck which has appeared. "Okay people we are obviously not wanted here it seems that the only fire is in the wing where we were given rooms!". Drawing his sword "I think perhaps a few final words with the Lord before we leave" He turns and looks around to see if Lord Reynold is in sight his eyes burn with anger "And someone pick up the duck before he gets eaten!"

Catherine steps in front of Wulfgar and closes her hand around the blade of his sword - tightly. Ignoring cuts now in her hand she gazes up at the man. "And just what are you planning to say to him that requires this? Look, running him through won't solve our problems and only add to them. I agree, perhaps we have over stayed our welcome, granted, but it won't solve matters any by you plunging your sword through his matter how good that might feel, I can't say I have never met the man. Besides, we're out numbered. Please, put your sword away."

Arilyn quickly joins the chain of people..nodding her head to those on either side of her..letting them know that she is here to help them. As she passes buckets she says, "Look at that duck, it is a sign from the gods for you to tell me whatever you know about Lord Reynolds and this fire. It is a gift from the speak."

"I think another spell backfired again.", Kay corrects Arilyn, "So, please stop talking to the duck, or someone will have you committed.", her last comment is said with a wicked smile.
She spends a few moments to place her armor on properly and once everything is in order, Kay grabs a bucket and joins the others. "Come on heroes!", she directs this to Gareth and Catherine, "Stop gabbing and help us with this fire!"

Wulfgar looks at Catherine as she grabs his sword, "Remove your hands from my sword! You may have been sent by my goddess but do not try my patience. Perhaps you would be better to help the others put out the fire." His eyes seem to dance with a life of their own, "Running him through was not what I had in mind but there are a few things that need to be sorted out, someone tried to kill us and there is always a need to be prepared to defend ourselves." He lifts his free hands and placing it on Catherine's shoulder and with a quick push nudges her away. "You have not been with the group and no me not to keep interfering so step aside or help the others.!"

Gareth's iron grip encloses Wulfgar's wrist like a manacle as the knight approaches the exchange. "Since the smoke coming from the fire is heavy, you must not have seen Catherine when you so recently bumped her, but knowing you, you will properly apologize for an action that seemed to strike a lady, yes?" Gareth's voice drops to level hearable only by Wulfgar and Catherine (though the latter is obviously not intended to hear). "Jayar was the last person in our group to overreact and search for blood; 'his' actions killed another, remember?" The paladin straightens and booms a call to the assembled peoples. "The duck is no sign, but everyone's presence her is... there is time for talking afterwards... for now, let us put our that fire; watch for falling timbers!"

Wulfgar looks at Gareth as he grasps Wulfgars hand "Release your grip Sir Knight I did not hit anyone I dislike anyone grabbing my weapon. You yourself suspect Lord Reynold and that is my view also, I think someone tried to kill us with this fire as it is only in our section of the keep. I intend to defend us if someone should attack and I never said I was going to run anyone through I said Lord Reynold had to answer for some of his actions and answer he will. I am offended Sir Knight that after all this time you side so quickly against me in what can only be judged as a miss-understanding of my words and no more." Wulfgar turns his head away from the Knight a look of doubt crossing his face. He turns back to Catherine, "If my words lead you to believe that I intended to run through the Lord then my lady you do not know me well yet unlike some others in our company I can forgive you your actions. A servant of Callus will very seldom strike the first blow in a fight. . You have hurt your hand severely please allow me to heal the wound." He reaches out and runs his own hand over the wounded area, healing it at a touch.

Wulfgar looks at Gareth as he grasps Wulfgars hand "Release your grip Sir Knight I did not hit anyone I dislike anyone grabbing my weapon. You yourself suspect Lord Reynold and that is my view also, I think someone tried to kill us with this fire as it is only in our section of the keep. I am offended Sir Knight that after all this time you side so quickly against me in what can only be judged as a miss-understanding of my words and no more." > Gareth looks deeply at Wulfgar. "You know well that I champion defending, not attacking, and that I consider protecting this party a very important issue to me, Wulfgar, just as I treasure you as a friend and companion in arms. Your words," the paladin suggestingly taps the bared blade dripping with Catherine's blood, "were not in the wisdom I have come to expect of you and rely upon. In front of an assemblage of Reynold's people you mention that he must be made to account for something and draw a blade with fury in thy eye. How appears things to the many watchers around us? Their favoured lord's men rescue the strangers, who promptly suggest threatening him with Reynold's armed guardsmen around? Not the most pleasant manner in which to secure their aid." Gareth releases his grip and pats Wulfgar on the shoulder. "I agree with you that we must speak with Reynold, for I do also wonder at him and his actions. Lady Catherine and I both believed your actions ripe to be miscontrued by others... and pushing a woman is also unlike a certain half-elf I know. We all can react a little more than is prudent, myself most definitely. I think lord Reynold does have an appointment with us, however." Gareth steps aside for Wulfgar to heal Catherine and strides swiftly towards the group putting out the fire.

Wulfgar looks back at Catherine and Gareth, shaking his head he drops his backpack to the ground and opens it and checks the contents for damage. Muttering to himself as he does this and shaking his head again before he re-fastens the flap. He then checks his bow and quiver for fire damage. ." Standing up straight Wulfgar looks to the sky and raises his arms his sword glistening in the moonlight. "CALLUS!!!" He yells out.

After Barbaxle gets out of the house, he tries to find the most wide open space available and kneels down. While he tries to calm himself, he will watch the fire brigade try to extinguish the fire. He does see a little commotion between Gareth, Wulfgar, and Catherine, but can't hear what they are saying over the screams of the people. As the fire is put out, he will re-join the group.

Keldar looks down at the duck, with a confused face. "Duck don't seem right. I'd taken him for a sow or boar, not a duck." Shaking his head, "Seems that magic's really goin' wacky now. Cummon Think that yer in line fer a reward after that one. Lets go find the ownera this thing and get yer reward."
Keldar seems completely oblivious of the argument a sword drawing happening around him. A dreamy smile has crossed his face, and looks like a child observing the wonders of the world.

Catherine squeezes her now healed left hand tightly around Gareth's for comfort as she waits patiently for Wulfgar to finish. When he does she looks at him imploringly. "We have a task to perform and the sooner we forget this and move on. I am not going to patronize you, but I had to prove to you that I was just as serious as you were."

Wulfgar looks at Catherine and smiles a warmth in his eyes and it sparkles leaving you feeling uncertain. "You did what you felt you had to do and I respect that in another, I know that we will survive this and hopefully bring peace to this area once again. However you must remember that I felt the party was in danger and I acted as I would expect others to and that was in a defensive manner by being ready o defend us should we have come under attack. I am not the type of person to fly of the handle and go running people through even if their actions had warranted it. I feel disappointed that Gareth after all the time we have spent together obviously did not trust me enough or know me well enough to realise this. I hold no ill feelings towards anyone, but please do not ever grab the bared blade of a person you do not know, for what would I have done if my blade was poisoned and I did not have and cure?" A smile crosses his face and he steps closer and looks deep into Catherine's eyes, he raises a hand and places it on her shoulder "Welcome to our little group Catherine!" Without another thought he turns and looks around now that the fire has been extinguished he looks to make sure everyone is present and safe.

While helping to fight the fire, Arilyn looked over to Wulfgar and Catherine..trying to figure out what was happening. She was unable to hear what was said but was very much aware of the tension in the air between the two. She wishes she had acted faster and as she walks over to them with a pail of water she hears what they are saying. Without stopping, she throws the pail of water over them both. "Do you think you can find a better time to prove how the brave and honourable you both are? Wulfgar..I had thought you had better control of your obvious temper..and Catherine, grabbing a blade with your bare hand shows a definite lack of judgement. Are you both under a spell that has made you act like spoiled children?" In a huff Arilyn runs back to the folks that need her aid.

Vincas looks from the now extinguished fire, to Reggie the duck, and finally to Keldar. "Umm, Keldar...did you do all this." He says, waving his hand at the too quickly extinguished flames. "I mean, great feats of magic from you I expect, but Reggie? Gods, he's full of surprises." Vincas crouches down and peers intently at the duck. "Yep, that's Reggie, no two ways about it. His stomach's rumbling." He watches the exchange between Wulfgar, Catherine and Gareth with interest, but doesn't say anything. When tempers have finally cooled he smiles and nods. "It's good to see that you all have our safety in mind. Travelling with a group of this size makes me feel quite safe indeed. Wulfgar, your actions have reminded me of a dear friend recently lost, and for a moment I could almost hear him bellowing out commands." He smiles, enjoying his far away memories for a moment longer before returning to the smoldering reality around him. He sighs and brushes ashes and soot from his yellow shirt. "Ughh, this will never come out. And I just put this on." The black bag at his feet opens, and he begins digging around inside. From all apearances the large bag that he travels with hold little except spare clothing. He produces a conserative (for him) blue shirt and promptly puts it on.

Keldar beams up at Vincas, with a child-like smile. "Magic is really good. Magic always saves the day." He then goes back to petting the duck.

As the bucket of water covers him and Catherine Wulfgar looks at Arilyn and laughs "Well, there you go, out of the frying pan into a bucket of water, ha! ha! ha!" He turns to Catherine and extends his hand "Let us put this behind us and start afresh my friend? Now that the fire has been put out let us see who can give us some answers?" He slides his sword into it's sheath and waits a moment to see if Catherine will shake his hand if she does fine if not then he turns and walks away to where Arilyn and the others who helped fight the fire are standing.

Catherine looks at Arilyn then looks at Wulfgar then whispers to Wulfgar as Arilyn runs off. "First lake we come across she goes in, 'kay?"

Wulfgar looks at Catherine and smiles "She has a lot to learn about the ways of Callus" Then walks away.

Once the fire is all taken care of, Kay finds her way to Arilyn, "I believe I overheard the three wise kings over there saying that this was some kind of attempt on out lives..If so, we're not talking about really bright assassins..I mean, if they actually knew what they were doing, they would of at least waited till we were asleep, did something that guard, and blocked up that door somehow. Then we'd be in trouble..And there was always the food, it was there before us, and somebody with half-a-brain could of poisoned it without anyone knowing it." She dusts off her hands and properly adjusts her armor and glances at the non-soot-covered three,"Guess it was below them to help. Figures."

After giving a dirty look to the argueing members of the party, Keldar picks up the purple duck, starts singing a childhood song, and walks towards the closest guard standing around. He stands infront of the guard, holing the dick up to the guards face (well... as close as he can manage). "'scuse me sir, but this duck made the fire go out through magic. I think you should get your boss to give him a big reward..." Keldar holds the duck against his head "... and something to eat too. Magic makes him hungry."

The guard looks down at the childlike face of the gnome and is obviously struggling very hard not to smile. "I don't know about a reward my lad, but I'm sure you can find him something to eat in the kitchen." He points towards a door several yards to the left of the burned wing and apparently unharmed.

Tears start to well in the gnomes eyes. "But the duck saved the castle and maybe the town. IT'S NOT FAIR. HE DOES MAGIC, AND GET TURNED TO A DUCK TO HELP YOU, AND YOU DON'T HAVE A REWARD FOR HIM. WHAT KIND OF A PLACE IS THIS?!?!?"

With his yells, then gnome bends his knees quickly with each syllable, giving the impression of jumping, without leaving the ground.

Jahl comes back to where he had deposited his equipment drenched in sweat and covered in soot. As he gathers his stuff, he speaks non-chalantly. "So much for the bath I had taken," he says with a lopsided grin. "We're lucky nobody was hurt in that blaze. It grew much too fast to be an accident," Jahl says soberly. "I think somebody doesn't like us. I don't think it would be the Lord though. What Lord would sacrifice his home to try to kill us? It must be someone else."

Turn 97