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Turn 94 Hurricane

The wind storm grows increasingly violent, and people begin taking cover. As suddenly as it began, the storm is ended. Standing before you is a female of obvious breeding, carrying an unsheathed long sword glowing with a somewhat familiar bluish light.

"Hey! Who the hell is that? I wonder if she made the storm stop. That bluish light looks familiar, I bet she was sent to use by the gods. Just like that others, Where did you come from?"

Taking a few steps, the knight approaches the lady. "Greetings m'lady of the storm. Sir Gareth Arr, servant of Pikahl, and knight of King Arion of Dragonmeyr. Might I assume by the fading aura around thee that tho-you are here by Pikahl's or one of the other gods' decrees to aid us in out travels?"

He briefly smiles towards the new arrival, then turns back to the others "I still think there could be valuable clues in the kitchens, that require my personal attention" he says.

"It's about bloody time!". Kay spends a few seconds squeezing out her cloak. "I think it's time we use the rooms Good Reynolds offered us to dry off abit."

Standing transfixed by the crowd, sword raised before her, Catherine is like a statue save that her brilliant jade eyes track across the onlookers. Slowly she sheaths her sword then straightens up, but keeps her gloved hand on the blade. "Um...hello? I am Catherine Simone Belle Winter, and I, sent to find you." she curtsies and smiles.
Approaching, Catherine removes the calfskin glove of her right hand and extends it towards Gareth with obvious pleasure. "Yes, my lord, it was Callus who brought me here...though I must confess that I am not sure where 'here' is. She said that thee need my help and beseached me to take up thy cause. . For the moment it can wait, though, but I promise thee and the gods that I will do my utmost to aid thee in thy quest. I come from a fair land called Heatherington Downs, my father is Baraon Rickard. Forgive me, I forget myself sometimes and my manners, please introduce me to your friends."

Arilyn stands next to the human female, whispering in her ear. She looks over to the new arrival and the glowing sword. she then steps away and disappears down a hallway.

Standing at the group, trying to herd everyone away from the buildings is a gnome. The look on his face portays confusion, embarassment and concern. "I'm Keldar. Look luv ta talk, but I'm the one who caused the storm, all accident of course, but I gotta lead it from the town before thinks start blowing down." He then heads in a direction away from buildings, occasionally waving the otehrs to follow him, and watching what happens to the storm.

"M'lady, thou art within the demesne of Lord Reynold, the local ruler. We stand some two, three weeks travel from Dragonmeyr city, though our mapper would givest thee a response of greater accuracy." The knight clapses Catherine's hand as he would a fellow warriors, but nods in acknoledgement of her social rank. "As a follower of Callus" the slightest hint of a sigh?" m'lady, thou shalt not beist alone, for, verily, two other members of this august assemblage follow her teachings to differing degrees. Azimuth also hath much sway within these ranks, with four or five of mine companions in his stead. Mine heart, as might be expected, beats in service to Pikahl. Thy word and pledge carries more in mine mind than thy manner of transport, though it also serves to commend thee. Mine companions shall, at their leisure, introduce themselves and echo mine bid most welcoming." Realizing his speech, Gareth blinks suddenly and takes a deep breath. "My apologies, lady. I have found the tongue of the courts to cause more in the manner of confusion here and do attempt to speak in a more common vernacular; the sound of your speech fair stole it from my lips, however. I had best beg off speaking much longer... several of my companions do think I speak too much as is. Be welcomed; if you have any questions, or word of King Arion, or thy-your travels and discussion with Callus, I would be much interested in hearing it after you have had time to refresh yourself from the journey. I would wager that you missed most of the bath with which nature most recently blessed us."

A tall man with lanky, unkempt brown hair and green eyes all set in a round face steps forward and introduces himself. "Well met, M'lady! I am Jahl Silverlock, at your disposal." Jahl is mostly covered by a large forest green cloak that is held in place by a large, simple silver broachpin. Glimpses underneath the cloak show that Jahl is wearing dark leathers. His gloved hands sweep widely as he bows politely before you. "We should probably get moving, besides the rain, wind and sudden appearance of people," Jahl motions towards Catherine. "We are making a scene and I'm sure that the peoples that live in this fine keep will now have enough to gossip about for a very, very long time." Fidgeting, Jahl wrings out a portion of his cloak. "Perhaps we can continue this conversation in a more private place? To keep the locals from staring..."

"Dragonmeyr City, hmm? I see my journey before coming here was a mere pebble toss by an infant!" says Catherine, suddenly awed at the distance she has traveled. She flicks her cape to loose some errant water droplets, but is otherwise dry. "Can I buy ye an ale, nay, can I buy ye _all_ one? And perhaps ye can tell me more of which Callus spoke."

Kay grins at the others, "Er, I'll be right back." and heads off after Arilyn.

Several people of the keep are watching the party and making the sign of the cross as they back away quite obviously terrified.

"Ahh, good lady Catherine, you're a woman after my own heart. A dry, warm inn with cold ale will cure my ills. Once there, I'll share the tale of how my 2 gnome friend and I made our way to this see, we too were spirited away from our surroundings...but we knew why and by whom."

The brightly-clad young man smiles tries in vain to brush some of the water from his clothes. "Your mother was a storyteller, eh? I'd love to hear some tales of her's. You see, I'm a studier of lore both ancient and mystical. And it's been my experience that most tales, no matter how fantastic or far-fetched, have some basis in fact."

At the same time that you notice Kay and Arilyn are missing, you are approached by 6 guards in full armor (weapons are peaceknotted) The apparent leader speaks "Lord Reynolds has asked that you remain in your rooms until the morn when you can depart. You are disrupting the keep with your devil magics and you are not welcome to do so. Please follow us to your chambers."

Gareth speaks simply but sternly in rebuke. "Gentlemen! Not only are you in the presence of ladies of station, around whom such speech is most uncouth, but you dare to slander my honour and service to Pikahl in saying that I consort with devils? You further compound your dishonour by revoking guest-right, guaranteed to any knight of King Arion's service? Shame - for you should know better than behave so basely. The great storm that occurred was Callus' method of transporting this lady to join our quest, which you would have learned had you but asked us civily. You insult my companions and myself, yet, but that I am told I am too tolerant a man, I will allow thee chance to apologize and with it pretend you were not here and spoke not so insolently to three devotees of three different gods. Else, disrobe thyself of thy metal vestments and receive mine response to thy challenge against mine company, Pikahl, Callus, and Azimuth."

Catherine tries to wave off Gareth's protest in defense of her. "That's really not necessary and I do not wish to cause any more trouble than I already have. However, I must confess that I have no room to return to, so therein lies a quandry. I would happily do so if I had a room, which I do not and, well, here we are."

"Hey, um, no, don't do that..." (Thinks to her self: Is this a guy thing??) Then leaps in front of Gareth and places her palms on his chest to stop him. "I wasn't insulted, really. Don't do this, we have more pressing matters to deal with, let it pass...please?"

"Oh wretch!" Jahl mumbles quietly. "Our rooms are soon going to be the dungeon at this rate." Jahl sighs and props himself against a convienient wall to see what becomes of the guards.

"I'm sorry if you take offense sir" the guard speaks diplomatically "But my liege has ordered me to do my duty, and I am bound by service to Lord and King to do so. Now, if you'll all follow us to your chambers, you can get dry and warm, and get something to eat."

"Dry, warm and food is good. Letsgo!"
Keldar moves forward to follow the guards, and keeps looking suspiciously over his shoulder for the rainclouds.

Turning from Gareth Catherine turns her eyes on the guard. "Forgive me, sir, this incident was my fault. What Gareth says is true, that the rains are because of me and divine providence that brought me here. I mean you and yours no harm, nor any harm to anyone within these walls. As you requested, I will go with you if only to avoid a confrontation. May I ask who is thy lord and master?"

A short, lean (and damp) man watches suspiciously as the storm parts to reveal Catherine. After the others have greeted her, he bows slighly, touching a fingertip to the orange kerchief wrapped around his head, and says, "Well met, m'lady. I am Caoimhin. Perhaps we shall have a chance to talk later; as you see, we have a bit of unanticipated excitement." He scowls at Gareth, then mutters, "Retiring to our quarters sound good to me. It's what *I've* been saying we should do all along." He looks for a wall to inobtrusively back up to as the exchange between Gareth and the guard continues.

At the guard's mention of food, Reggie looks up "Now, you're talking, Lead the way my good man!" and with that follows Keldar to their rooms.

"Mi'Lord is Lord Reynolds M'Lady. Allow me to escort you." The guard offers you his arm.

"Well I could use some good food and an ale or two. We should get more acquainted with our new friends. I'm sure that we have many a story to tell, at least from the little that I've known Keldar and Reggie. (Small smile) I still would like to sleep outside under the stars, but if that can't happen on this day I will have to suffer." As we all walk to our rooms, Barbaxle walks up to Gareth and says "Wow. I've never seen you get all fired up like that before. Are you feeling ok?"

Taking the guards arm Catherine allows herself to be led off, but gives a calming geture to Gareth. "I'll be along in a little while," she says to the others.

The knight nods in affirmation. "Indeed, and apology accepted. I had no ill 'wards thee save the manner and tone in which it was carried out. Remember at all times that you act as an extention of your lord's will to serve the people; insulting travellers, especially ladies and people of station ill behooves one. I am gladened to hear that you appreciate thy error, and especially that you hold strongly thy vow of service. Well indeed. Lead on if you will, but take us by way of the stables. I wish to ensure that Emperor is not causing too great a disturbance for your groomsmen." Gareth gestures is a friendly "It's behind us now" motion and checks to make sure that all the party (including those who went indoors) follow.

Gareth claspes Barbaxle's shoulders. "Certainly, good Barbaxle. The man's speech was insulting and rude, however, and a measured rebuke was in order. He hath apologized to all, and the trangression should be forgiven." The knight's shoulders shrug softly. "Perhaps I was a little strong in my tone - such is often my way from too strong a devotion. Faith can be expressed in manners that neither man nor god would first believe. all honesty, I do feel a little wearied from a night of fasting and prayer after the battle and retreat with the bandits. I thought much and deeply last night... and still am contemplative of such weighty issues."

Kay catches up with the others and notices who's leading the group, "Oh great, we leave you guys alone for a few moments, and already you're managed to get into some trouble..So what did you guys do, and they aren't taking you where I think they're taking you to?"

Turn 95