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Turn 91 Making camp

Following the retreat of the bandits you wisely decide to retreat yourselves.
Scooping up a handful of coins as proof, Gareth orders the retreat. You ride out with Baldwin, and several miles away you leave the path and enter a small forested area to make camp and take stock of your situation.

Wulfgar collects some sticks and returns to the campsite, he proceeds to make a safe fire that cannot spread. Then quickly builds a cooking rack and pulls a few pieces of meat out of his saddlebags he quickly mounts them on the rack and starts them cooking. "Has anyone got a small cooking pot I can borrow?" He looks up at the others "Well don't just stand there secure the campsite or do something!" He rises and walks to Arilyn and taking her hand leads her to a soft patch of grass next to a tree, kneeling down he removes any twigs that may be lying hidden in the grass. He pulls off his cloak and spreads it out on the grass, "Sit here Arilyn and I will bring you some food when it is ready, you need to rest and let your body help my healing." With a smile that radiates warmth he rises to his feet he reaches inside his shirt and pulls off a small holy symbol. Leaning forward and hands it to Arilyn "Please wear this and let Callus send her full healing power to help you." He rises again and turns to walk back to the fire "Now I will continue to prepare the food before anyone thinks of eating it all.!" He looks at the Gnome eyeing the food. "Don't even think about it my friend for it is seasoned with a strong herbal remedy!"

Gareth asks the newcomers to relate their stories as the group gathers comfortably by the fire.
Vincas takes another swig from his flask and clears his throat.
"Ahh, let's see....our story. Where to begin? We originally set out from our hometown of Durant to investigate the disappearance of a friend of ours. Well, not truly a close friend, he was a person entrusted to transport our villages few remaining crops to market, but everyone in a small town is close you know. You see, our fields were becoming barren and this transport was crucial for us. He never made it."

We picked up traces of his wagon and mounts outside of town, with signs of a fight obvious. We found some local...umm...citizenry, who were able to tell us that they saw our friend in the company of some armed...individuals."

You all notice his face redden a bit as he speaks. A quick glance at Wulfgar and he continues.

"Apparently the people who captured him were elves of some sort. Which was surprising to all of us, for we didn't even know they existed, you know, having never seen one before. We thought that they were somehow different since we later found out that we were actually in a fairy world of some sort and through luck and magic we were able to find our way back home. Anyway, we freed him from these folks and returned home with some magic grain that we had won. This grain was enchanted, it was just the boon our village needed to see us through."

"We expected a heroes welcome when we returned, but things didn't turn out well. We decided to leave home again and see more of the wonders that waited for us. We travelled for a short while, meeting new friends" nods to Reggie "and losing some old ones too. We freed an enslaved centaur from an evil mage, and we even rescued a unicorn from a goblin horde."

"This unicorn was the avatar of Azimuth, and he rewarded us for saving it. He told us of your struggles." He looks around smiling "Yes, you are being watched. and apparently you're making a good impression. he asked us to join you in your quests, and we agreed. Next thing we knew we were sitting with you outside the bandit lair."

He sighs long and low. "I'll give a more detailed and dramatic version later friends, but I'm exhausted and I've seen a lot of things since last I slept, including seeing 2 of my closest friends die. I'm afraid my heart isn't into storytelling."
Suddenly, a crazed looking, chainmail clad female bursts into camp.

Turn 92