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Turn 88 Out of the frying pan?

The 3 people are introduced as Vincas, Keldar and Reggie. They were sent to you by Azimuth, and Barbaxle vouches for their honesty.
After it is explained to the bandits that this wasnt planned, a man steps out of the building demanding the 3 new arrivals join the rest of you by the gate.
They comply, and the bandits calm down again.
The blonde man speaks. "I am Thoros, leader of this group. You there" he points to Arilyn "bring the chest to the center of the courtyard alone. The rest of you stay where you are. Friends of mine are watching " he indicates the 1 remaining fully intact tower "they'll be VERY angry if you try anything sneaky"
Gareth immediately speaks up, and says he will not send Arilyn to danger but will instead go himself. Thoros declines angrily,reminding Gareth just who has the upper hand here, and again demands Arilyn present herself with the chest immediately.
In the confusion, Keldar renders himself invisible and follows Arylin to the courtyard in hopes of keeping her safe. Arylin doesnt allow Gareth to stop her as he continues to argue with the bandit, and forcefully grabs the lead of the mule and heads forward.
Thoros raises his hand in a signal, and Baldwin is brought out apparently unhurt to join Thoros as Arylin approaches.

Turn 90