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Hydra lair

After the introductions are complete, and the young man released, wulfgar stands watch to the south from whence you just came. Digging through the various piles and chests what you find is as follows.

(I thought about you not having time to count the money coin by coin but figured for the sake of speed i'll go ahead and give you the amounts and you can divide it up accordingly. Remember that the more you carry the slower you move. money is VERY heavy)

10,000 copper pieces
7500 silver peices
a shattered tiara worth $$.$$ (hmph! get it apprasied)
a broken silver longsword with pearls in the pommel worth $$.$$
a small wooden box containing 1 red vial, 1 lavender vial, and 1 blue vial, and also containing 3 scroll tubes one of which is empty.
a crossbow with silver inlaid designs and a dozen bolts.
a gorgeous cherry wood long bow with a dozen arrows

Caoimhin almost stifles a smirk, but fails. "Wulfgar, while it's entirely possible that our friend will be showing up in the next few minutes, perhaps we should set up a rotation, just in case he takes his time? Jahl, have you noticed roughly how often he appears?"

Wulfgar looks at Caoimhin and shakes his head. "How long do you think we are going to stay here Caoimhin this water is not a very nice bed!! I want to press on and get this idol as soon as everyone has a rest. You are welcome to have a shot at the watch I never said I would do it all I only said I would do if for now while you all search the lair"

Caoimhin nods at Wulfgar. "As you say, good sir. But I know not which way to go next. I see no trail we could follow -- perhaps one with keener eyes than I should search for one. If we know that our villian comes here from time to time, then it makes sense to wait for him: with luck we can capture him alive to question him, but even if we must kill him, at least we have a fresh trail to follow to his lair."
Caoimhin isn't too interested in the process of dividing the treasure, but he'll collect a half-dozen or so hydra teeth if that's possible -- pulling out a trophy is a fine way to start a story.

Jahl shrugs. "Sorry, I don't recall how often he has been appearing. Randomly as far as I have kept track. But then again, time does play tricks on you when you are tied up and have little to do. Watching a hydra. Just waiting for death. As swamp water slowly rises threatening to... Well, I think you understand."

Cole ignores the division of the treasure and any other activity of the group until such time as the cloud ceases to rain color upon his head.

Caoihmin breaks into a wry grin, then puts his hand alongside his mouth, as if to keep Gareth from hearing. In a loud whisper, he adds, "Watch is the secret codeword for ambush, when one travels with a paladin." Removing his hand from his mouth, he turns and bows to Gareth, "I know of your code, good sir, but I'm all for cutting down one who's amply demonstrated evil intent, even without giving him a fair fighting chance. *Especially* without giving him a fair fighting chance."

"Instigating evil on evil perpetuates evil Cao, not eliminate. But finding an optimal battle site would be useful" Gareth states.

The knight lovingly caresses the longbow and seems to lose himself in memory for (what seems like a week plus) a moment. "The only other item that interests me is the longsword, and that is a touch too ostentatious for the taste of this simple vessel. If it would be okay, I would choose this bow... my father was reputed to be an excellent shot, but died before he had a chance to teach me. Perhaps it will provide me a path along which to grow..."

Gareth barely looks at the monies, stowing a dozen handfuls of silver coins into a sack and thence into his backpack, to be used to cover costs and death gifts if possible.

Jahl steps forward since Cole seems to be preoccupied.
Jahl's hand hovers above the crossbow for an extremely short amount of time before his eyes widen and he snatches up the broken tiara. Jahl turns his back on you as he hurries off a short distance to study his prize.

Jahl ignores everything as he thoroughly studies the tiara.

Wulfgar strides into the centre of the group of people looking at the treasure and picks up the wooden box "I'll have these and you can all decide what you want to do with the rest, I'll be standing guard over there if you want me" He turns round and walks away.

Barbaxle speaks "I can't use any of those weapons, so if anyone wants what is left (I think the only thing left is the crossbow and arrows) they can have it. I will just take some of the silver. Since no one wants to share their find (*Wulfgar* under his breath), that is ok. It must be Azimuth teaching me that I don't need worldly possessions."

Take 20 silver, "oh hay what did I find here."
"It looks we must've missed this stuff, I found 2 small blue gems. If anyone doesn't mind I think I will take them."

Wulfgar looks up in the direction of the whispering of his name "Cole I think this may interest you" he says holding up a scroll case. "Would you care to check it as well Barbaxle maybe it would be of use for you."

Barbaxle will take it and inspect the casing and any writing that might be on it.
"One will do fine, Thank You kind Sir. If you want one of these blue gems I found you are more than welcome to have one."

"I would gladly take one of those blue gems from you if you are willing to part with it." Jahl says.

"I was offering the gem to Wulfgar!!" Barbaxle almost shouts " I don't know you well enough to give you a precious item like this. I have fought along side my friends here for quite a while and I trust them with my life, and give to them anything that is mine. We have lost many fellow journeyman on this adventure, and I have seen the fear in some of these peoples eyes. As they may have seen it in mine at certain times, but we have never backed down when someone has needed us. You may at some point prove yourself to me and everyone else, but at this point I don't believe I should give anything to you. So, until I see that look of compassion for us, hold your wants to yourself."

Caoimhin looks over the treasure, then shrugs and takes a handful of silver pieces. "For a rainy day," he says to nobody in particular.

Jahl takes a half-step back and holds up his hands, palms out, to calm Barbaxle. "Apologies Barbaxle, I did not mean to anger you. I heard an offer and made my wishes known, nothing more. I too understand the meaning of friendship and what it is like to live and fight unspeakable horrors alongside others. I did not mean to question your intentions or your good nature."
"I beg your forgiveness for intruding on you, and your friends. Should you need anything of me, I shall be over there keeping watch for the lizardman or anything else that may come upon us. Sorry." Jahl turns and quietly moves away from the others a short distance to a spot a safe distance from everyone where he can keep an eye out for anything that may stumble upon them.

"Thank you Barbaxle it is a nice gem at that," Wulfgar states " I have replaced the scroll in this case and this other one hear is empty if you wish them both you may take them both" Then laughs at Jahl as he retreats quickly "Ah Jahl you have much to learn and many a speech from Gareth to sit through I will also take a handful of silver coins if any remain."

Cole somewhat dispondent over his current situation, sitting in the mud with his tunic draped above his head in a effort to block the effects of the color raining cloud. He seems to fall asleep letting the tunic fall away. Awaking, having been humbled by a cloud he sits and places his hand on his symbol of Balin and meditates in prayer asksing Balin to deliver him from this cloud so he can be a part of this adventure again.

Turn 53