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tracking the Hydra

The ball of darkness finally fades away, the only magic remaining being the cloud raining flowers above Cole's head. You see that Gareth's breastplate, and gaunlets are smashed beyong repair from the hydra stomping him. Barbaxle appears unharmed, and is helping Gareth (who is a noticable shade of blue from lack of air) out of his breastplate. Once Gareth is free and able to breathe, he explains that he wants the area searched where the hydra lair is, and he thinks the hydra should be tracked down and killed making the swamp a (yeah right) safer place.

Gareth sighs at his tortured armour and stoicly packs it away with a barely audible, "Pikahl does not test us with blessings, but with challenges." Scanning the area, the paladin turns back to the group and grins. "Thanks for the help Barbaxle... I was beginning to regret this morning's rations. Our first priority is to check if everyone is okay? We must track down the hydra, but it would not hurt to have some idea of the hydra's travels in this area. A compromise: while Wulfgar looks at me and anyone else injured to make sure we do not bleed to death , the rest of you search the area for signs of the hydra's passage. Since there are only two heads left, if we come in fast from behind on one side, using its body as a shield, we can take one head out without interference from the other head. Cao and Cole parry it, Malissin and I attack, Barbaxle and Wulfgar on burning duty. Use scrap clothing wrapped around your weapon to sere it. If, because of the head arrangement, both heads must be attacked simultaneously, Cole, Barbaxle, and I will take one with each person doing same duties, Cao, Mal, and Wulfgar the other. Sound fair?"

Wulfgar quickly examines everyone and tries to heal those that really need it. "I agree we must finish off the Hydra before we do anything else, then search for it's lair"

Barbaxle follows along with Gareth's plan and says "I hope that we got out of the lizardmens range, I thought that was who we were running from just before we meet that beautiful Hydra. So, let's keep our eyes and ears open."

Turn 51