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Gareth loses himself in a deep trance for several hours as the rest of you rest and regain spells, eat etc. Suddenly a bright blinding blue light shoots forth from Gareths chest around the vicinity of his holy medallion, and illuminates an area several miles to the north. At the same moment as the light springs forth, Gareth returns from his trance state, and horns of alerting begin sounding within the nearby lizard men village.

"Grab your gear and move quickly... follow the path of the light... Pikahl's greatness has shown us the key to this situation and we must achieve it!" The paladin calls excitedly as he slings his pack and shooes everyone into action. "Quickly cover what signs we have left and follow!" Pausing, Gareth clutches his amulet and looks along the path of the blue light. "My thanks... my greatest of thanks" he mummers as he heads along the route.

"Here we go!!! Gareth, are you alright. You were in a trance for several hours and all of a sudden a blue light eminated from your medallion and lite up an area over there! (Point north from where the light came) Did you envision anything when where in the trance?? We must hurry the lizardmen will be on use soon." Barbaxle waits to hear Gareths story.

The knight virtually floats along the trail, bouyed upwards by his faith. "Pikahl blessed the party with divine aid Barbaxle! Do you see what that means? In addition to fulfilling his tenets of behaviour, our quest has received a clue to prevent the bloodshed of this situation over the idol! Further, my dishonour has, at least partially, been cleansed! And most importantly,..." Gareth's eyes shine brilliantly blue "... the barrier to reaching the gods can be overcome! There is hope to restoring the stability of god-granted magic!"

Wulfgar leaps to his feet looking round as the light flares up, as Gareth heads off along the path Wulfgar grabs both his swords and follows ready to receive an attack from any direction.

"Callus be with us !, Gareth why here and now ?, another time surely would have been preferable ? Here we go people, look lively, and expect the unexpected. With the Gods in this kind of mood anything could happen. !"
He lifts his eyes towards the heavens and mutters a prayer to himself and smoothly follows the knight along the path.

"Well, that solves how to deal with a 'peaceful' gathering of lizardmen," says Malissin with a smirk. "Time to run like the proverbial wind, gang," he adds as he draws his longsword and sprints after the group.

Turn 46