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In the swamp temple

With nowhere to run, as the slime surrounds you, you begin the daunting task of trying to defend yourself against the slime. Nothing seems to hurt it or stop it. As you hack away, and send spells at it, and nothing happens but to make it further close in on you, you are at your wits end. You try backing for the door, and actually succeed to a point. For the toll is very high, The panther goes down first, trying to protect it's master from harm it is engulfed by the ooze, and simply ceases to exist, next to fall are both female elves, as Kendra and Dhamia simply disintigrate before your eyes, Jayar is it's next target,a s he lobs spells at it, that do nothing more than fizzle and attract it's attention, he disintigrates in a cloud of dust. All around you your friends and comrades are nothing more than dust and ashes, as the ooze just seems to engulf them reducing them to nothingness. Finally, when all seems lost, the ooze sinks thru a crack in the floor, and is gone. Looking around to gain your bearings, you feel utter and complete devastation befall you. More than half your number has fallen. There arent even any bodies left to bury. Just equipment, and a few teeth, and bits of bone remain. They seem to have simply dissolved into the slime.

Of the 12 party members that entered the temple, your number has been reduced to 6.

the cat


Once the adrenaline wears off, Malissin calmly takes in the situation.
"I guess we can split up what we need, and leave the rest," he sighs heavily. "Then we have to decide on whether we go on with this hunt for the idol, or get back on with our main mission of scouting the countryside... we all still have that as our first duty... which we knew wasn't going to be an easy one."
"But let's first get out of here before something worse happens."

"I think we can divide up this stuff" Wulfgar says.
He bends down and picks up the satchel checks inside to make sure it is empty and nothing has been missed he lifts the grappling hooks, placing them in the satchel. Alongside the grappling hooks he places the holy symbol of Quiom. He picks up the scroll case and opens it and pulls out the scrolls, opens them up and glances through the contents. He rolls them up and replaces them in the scroll case. Which joins the other things in the satchel. He then picks up the remaining daggers and offers them around to the rest of the group.

Gareth goes through the items with Wulfgar, nodding at the "goodpile-badpile" arrangement, disagreeing only to take a dagger and a spare longsword.

"I don't think that we need all the swords and daggers."Barbaxle says" That is a lot for us to carry. I suggest that we bury the equipment some where so it won't fall in the wrong hands. I wasn't given one of those vial of clear liquid, since I didn't depart with the all. I have heard about them, and I was wondering if anyone else doesn't have one. If not I would like to have it. Is there anyone besides myself that can read the scrolls? I also suggest that we look in there pouches, just so we don't miss anything. Don't forget to grab those grappling hooks, they have come in handy already."

Everyone else follows along sort of numbly, each grieving in their own way for their lost friends.

Turn 42