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Turn 142

Sheial walks over to the spot where she had fallen through the hidden door previously, her peg leg and cane/table leg making their distinctive thuds upon the stone floor. She snuffs the light of her taper and sticks it in the waist band of her pants, seeing that there was light enough from another source.
"I was in a stinky little tavern, to whet me thirst and they bopped me on the back of me noodle when me guard was down." Her well calloused fingers feel along the wall, searching for a lever or something to indicate the hidden door.
She continued in her low voice as she searched, "Then next I be knowing, I be waking up with me brain pan aching and throbbing, naked, locked to a table in a black-as-blackest-night room."
For a quick second the tanned woman pauses, as the reality of the light from the candles on the low altar finally penetrate her worried mind. "Oh ... the candles ... I had thrown them away and snuffed their light ..." She goes back to searching at a more feverish pace, her heart starting to pound hard within her chest. Finally finding the secret door, Sheial practically falls into the room with her haste.

Everyone leaves Aerial alone to watch over the body of Gareth, hoping that this stranger they've known for a few hours can be trusted to stay with him and keep him safe. Everyone injured has drunk from the healing waterskins and continues into the secret room Shieal points out. You enter the room and see a room that is all black from the upside down table in the center, to the walls, ceiling and floor. Upon the floor in the corner, you discover a pile of clothing & armor that looks decidedly familiar. With a start, you realize belongs to Kay and Arilyn respectively. Fear grips you for their safety but you find no signs of rips nor tears, or blood stains when you search the pile. Near the opposite wall, there is a yellowish puddle, that smells strongly of a bodily function. You hear from this direction a clinking of metal against stone alerting you to the presence of an invisible someone in the room. It sounds like chain links clinking together but a look at Shieal reassures you that Cole was successful in picking the lock and removing her chain. You see noone in the room who didnt enter with you.

Laban walks slowly to the door and stands still, he motions for everyone to remain still and listens to the room trying to use his hearing to locate the person/persons in the room. Although he holds his scimitars in front of him to protect himself from possible attack as he does this.

Cole picks up the chain. "unless you want to keep these, we'll be rid of them for good". Cole tosses the chain and manacle into the pool if Shieal dosen't object and turns to follow the others into the chambers.

Walking with slow and steady steps Laban walks to the wall where the puddle is, and slowly from the edge of the wall he places the tip of one of his scimitars on the wall and starts walking slowly to the other end dragging the scimitar gently over the surface of the wall with the edge away from any possible encounter. If it encounters any resistance he will stop and get one of the others to feel in the area in front of the scimitar. He will continue this for the whole length of the wall even if he does find someone he will continue after them and see if there is someone else. "I think there may be someone against this wall someone be ready to feel around in front of my sword should it meet resistance." His other scimitar is held across his body in a defensive posture.

Talking to Gareth's body " They must trust me enough to leave me with you" kneeling down next to him" Lets get you cleaned up and ready to be relived." Yet Aerial keeps a sharp eye out and listens for unsual sounds to anounce that she is not alone while in the process of cleaning him and preparing him for his journey that she hopes will not be very long.

When he hears the sounds coming from the apparently empty corner, Vincas lowers his crossbow toward the sound and begins to back out of the room toward the enterence the party came through. He says nothing, but the speed at which he moves indicates that he is not anxoius to have any more violent encounters in this dangerous new locale.

Turn 143