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Turn 141

Gareth lies dead, and Kay and Arilyn are still missing. Aerial and Wulfgar stay with Gareth's body to make sure no harm comes to him. Vincas is finally free of his hold spell, and heads over to Keldar who looks as though he recent grip on sanity is tight at the moment as he rocks back and forth talking to himself.
The far wall of the pool chamber is lined with eleven ornate wooden doors, but the beauty of the wood has been marred by the inept installation of heavy iron locks that look sturdy enough to withstand any blow. Rath points out they are all cells but one, and checking, you find them all empty except for chains and manacles bolted to floors and walls. Opening the middle door, You find a short hallway to another door. You open the second door, and in front of you, a long, wide hallway narrows toward the far end. 2 tall hideous statues of alien looking humanoids stand along each side wall, staring with dull, fishlike eyes.
The hall is dimly lit by a bank of black candles atop a low altar positioned 5' in front of the north wall.

Vincas wipes the tears from his cheeks and tries to stiffle his sobs as he stands, finally freed from the spell.
Seeing his oldest friend Keldar huddled amongst the carnage he immediately heads over to his side. Kneeling beside the gnome Vincas will look into his eyes and place a hand on his shoulder in hopes of getting a reaction.
Before the group leaves the area Vincas kneels a moment beside Gareth in total silence, and a tear streaks down his cheek yet again before rising to follow the others.
VIncas seems quite shaken and quiet, which is a definite change. With shaking hands he readies his crossbow and prepares to follow the others. As he stands his eyes slowly pass over the newcomers, but he says nothing.
Eventually he whispers "Did...did we kill them all? Where's the others?"
When Vincas sees the 2 humanoid statues he says "Come on, let's go back. There's got to be a way back to the inn. Did you guys check everything in there?"

Keldar's eyes focus again as Vincas stands before im. The gnome abruptly shakes his head then looks at Vincas once more. A small grin spreads across his mouth.
"No worries, with the great 'ero Keldar ta guard over everythin'. Vinc, when the stresses return, I hear Bock and Nick in me head again." The gnomes smile turned grim. I think I'm goin' barmy Vinc..."
The little gnome is suddenly to his feet, We still got two missin'. We gotta find 'em, and then come back fer..... We ain't leavin' 'im in this unholy place. We takes 'im with us when we find our way out. Now, ta rescure the ladies...."
The gnome stands, with a steelcold face, one that you have not seen on the gnome before.

Cole doesn't make it very far because of a wound he received so he slowly makes it back to Gareth's side and ask's Wulfgar... " I seem to have been injured in that dark cloud as well, is there anything you can do for me." Sitting down before he falls down he notices for the first time the manacle and chain on this new half naked woman. Cole offers her any clothes that she might still be missing from his backpack. Assuming that the chains are locked, he removes his picks from his pocket and hopefully is able to remove them from her leg.

Picking himself up from the ground where he is sitting and following the others Laban looks at the hall in front of him before slowly and cautiously walking in. His scimitars hang at his sides ready to strike out at anything that should attack him.

Knowing that her prayers were futile for her level Aerial gives up her prayers. Helps Wulfgar Move Gareths body to a better postion of protection close to the wall away from the water and where we can see anyone coming."Wulfgar I sorry for the loss of your friend" Aerial professed" We will try to find someone to relive him." Stepping towards Wulfgar Aerial puts her hand on his shoulder. "Yet don't you think in order to do so we first we have to find a way out."

Wulfgar looks at Aerial a strange look crosses his eyes "You are right in the fact that we must find a way out of here but first Gareth..." He looks at his fallen comrade then walks slowly to where his sword stands and pulls it free of the ground turning slowly to look at the others "We have lost a companion and a great warrior in Sir Gareth Arr, a better Knight in Service and representative the King shall never have again. I have lost a good friend and it is a loss that will not easily be filled. However you talk about leaving here!" He lifts his sword and looks at the blade "Not until Sir Gareth Arr has been avenged my friends, not until he has been avenged!" He turns quickly and walks after the others.

When Cole approaches Sheial, he will see her watching the movements of the group, a large amount of indecision showing in her eyes and face. As she is approached by this nice looking young man with the intense blue eyes, her eyes dart to his ears and the fine features of his face. Obviously, Elves seemed to have no problem interbreeding with others not of their race. She smiled uncertainly to him as he approached, her brown eyes watching him some curiousity as he knelt before her. Her mouth opens in an 'oh' of understanding as she sees the picks and she quickly unwinds the chain from her leg, letting it drop to the stone ground with a thunk. Then she pulled up her pants leg to expose the manacle locked around her ankle.
"Oh aye, it is locked to me leg, them rotters were wanting to sacrifice me, they were. If I get me mitts on the evil landlubbers, I'd keel-haul them for sure." She spoke in a quiet voice, but her tone was certain, if a tad bit grim. Then in a softer tone she sspoke, looking down at this bent head, "Thank ye for yer help."

Having paused long enough for the rest of the group to catch up, Jahl nods quietly to the rest and carefully enters the room.

"Show me where that secret door is, Sheial. They might've put Arilyn and Kay inside it. Can you tell us how you were captured, and what they did to you until now? They might do the same thing to the others. Everyone take a look around this place and see if we can find any clues to where they might've gone." While searching for the secret door, Barbaxle will draw his scimitar to be ready for any attacks that might happen. "I fear that the longer it takes to find out comrades the less chance we have of bringing them back alive."

Turn 142