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Turn 140

Barbaxle and Wulfgar bend down to aid in healing Gareth's bloody side. Gareth's body feels cold....too cold actually, and when Wulfgar lays his head upon Gareths chest, he realizes no heartbeat is felt.
Looking upon Sir Gareth's face, you see that even in death his features look proud and calm. The strength of character and moral convictions he was so noted for still evident below his mask of death. Shock spreads among you at the loss of your leader, and many of you find it difficult to accept he is gone.

Jahl slowly and painfully stands and checks over his smoldering body. "Is it me or is it warm in here," Jahl croaks, trying to smile but quickly gives up.
"Why so glum? We'll all ... what is wrong with Gareth?" His pain suddenly forgotten, Jahl hurries over to the prone leader. Jahl's face pales slightly and he bows his head.
After a moment, Jahl turns from the fallen hero and quietly moves across the room into the darkness.

Cole goes to Gareth's side and refuses to leave him, he says nothing but silently weeps onto the Fallen Knights armor not caring who there to watch. He takes out the meager remains of his heal potion and pours it into Gareth's mouth then shakes the body to try and wake him. Cole ignores all others and his own pain as he tries to revive the Paladin. At last he gives up and continues to weep at the side of his friend.

A soft sighing breath cooly exhales from the fallen paladin's lips. "I have served well my lord Pikahl. Nothing so much enhances a good as to make sacrifices for it. Apparent failure may hold in its rough shell the germs of a success that will blossom in time, and bear fruit throughout eternity." Perhaps it is a trick of the dying muscles, but the knight's mighty iron-clad arms surge upwards and clench tightly into the folds of Wulfgar's, Barbaxles's, and Cole's clothing, pulling them closer. "My friends, never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people. Live well; Pikahl watch over you." Their unnatural strength drains away suddenly with the final words, and Gareth's arms fall - one to the hilt of a longblade, and the other to the middle of his chest, hand splayed tight against the golden symbol of Pikahl.

As Gareth takes his last breath you see Barbaxle bow his head and doesn't say anything for a couple of minutes. "You will be missed my friend, I have seen you like this before. I will do everything in my power to bring you back. With the power of Pikahl and Azimuth, we will see you again. Either in this world or the next." After people have grieve a while, Barbaxle stands up and says "We must continue on, that is what Gareth would have wanted. We must find the others before it is too late. Time is running out if we wish to find them. One or two of you must stay here with Vincas and Gareth. All the others that are hurt drink from the waterskin that we have, we must move before it is too late." Once the group knows what we are doing, Barbaxle will head in the direction that the head priest took the others. He will try and find the tracks of the priest. (Barbaxle will use his tracking skills, hopefully this a dirt floor)

"No!We can't lose someone now! I would like to stay to watch after Vincas and Gareth!" Aerial declared Dropping to her knees next to Gareth She pulls his head close on her knees then starts to pray to her god. "Please help us Quiom we need your love. Gareth one of the group has died wrongfully. I know I don't know the man before me and I know he isn't even a disciple of you but please take him into your heart and bring him back to us I plea to you bring him back to us. I appeal to you on his behalf to Cure him of this death and what ever else killed him."
Several tears seem to start falling down her face on to Gareths. As she keeps repeating the words over and over again.

Wulfgar reels back from the sight of his fallen comrade for only a second before moving quickly to his side again and using his healing spell anyway to try and pull Gareth back from wherever he has gone. Wulfgars hands move quickly and effortlessly as they quickly run through the motions of the spell and then bandage the wound as well If there is no life Wulfgar will try using his own breath to keep Gareth alive he learnt this from his mentor many years ago and has never had to use it before now (CPR) If nothing happens desperation will set in "Come on Gareth you always were a stubborn pig-headed son of a bi***. Don't you dare leave us now. Come on!!!!" He continues to try and revive Gareth until he revives or he is dragged off of him.

Keldar falls flat on his rear, staring at the body of yet another slain companion. His eyes stare unblinking s he shake his head, murmering, "I I had me magic, 'e'd be OK..." over and over.

After Cole sobs at the side of Gareth for a monent or so he retrieves his parchment and chalk and makes a portrait of the fallen knight. Once finished he puts it away and takes the ribbon that has tied back his hair for so long and ties it to the hilt of Gareth's sword " Never forget me friend for I will never forget you." and he start's after Barbaxle to hunt down the one's most likely responsible for the atrocities at hand.

Rathaniel stays quite throughout the whole time, knowing he has no place in saying anything. He waits a while for Gareth's friends to say their goodbyes.
"Whenever you guys are ready," he says quietly from where he leans up against the wall.

Sheial paused as she had the table leg held high, ready for a killing blow and looked on in frustration as the prone man proceeded to squeeze the breath out of the evil cleric. She could have tried to pound the cleric one, but there was a high likelihood that she would clip ...what was the name Aerial called him ... Gareeth?
All thoughts of the cleric were set aside as an intense wave of heat buffeted her body. Eyes wide, she looked towards the hallway where the magic smoke was rapidly dissipating. The stones on the floor, wall and ceiling were cracked from the heat and actually looked burnt. Various smells tickled her nose and caused her eyes to water, from burnt stone, hair, clothing to burned flesh. It was bad enough that she had to convulsively swallow to keep her bile down. As her horrified eyes drank in the scene, they latched onto the still twitching clerical appendages and she hobbled over to the nearest wall, to lean against it for strength as she began to retch.
When she finally got a hold of herself, she was ever so glad that others had more self control and that Wulfgar was taking care of the bleeding Gareeth, who had obviously vanquished his opponent. Sheial moved towards the open pack, the 3 foot length of chain trailing behind her, causing chinking noises as moved along. As she picked up the discarded pants trying to figure out how to get them on manacle and chain included, she listened with half an ear to Barbaxles's questions. She could hear the short man's voice from around the corner demanding the same answers. Before she could do more than open her mouth, Aerial answered.
Seeing that all this gum flapping wasn't getting any pants on her naked lower extremities, Sheial awkwardly pulled on the pair of pants, pushing the length of chain through first. She then wrapped the chain once more around her leg using the black tablecloth she had stolen earlier and rolled up the pant leg on her left side so she wouldn't get her peg leg caught up in the fabric.
Sheial finished tying up the chain to her leg, looking on in curiousity as people started to gather around their fallen comrade. When she realizes that he is dead, she quickly looks down at the knot she had made, a flash of guilt and pain flowing over her features. As people start to cry openly and bewail their loss, the lanky woman flinches and she looks about ready to weep also, though she did not know the stranger.
Pulling herself together, she hobbles over to Wulfgar, where he continued to seemingly beat on the man's dead body even after the others had given up and were now grimly dtermined to wreak vengeance. She knelt, somewhat awkwardly and placed a well calloused hand on his shoulder, "Friend Wulfgar. He be dead now, best ye leave him in peace ... truely, I am so sorry for yer loss, but there be others who be needing ye." Her eyes expressed her sympathy as well as something else, which was quickly hidden as she dropped her eyes from his grief stricken stare.

Wulfgar looks at Sheial and sits back on his heels he quickly looks around the group to assess who is most in need of healing. When he does he will rise and pull his sword forth and drive it point first into the grown next to Gareth. Following that he will move over to whomever needs healing the most and care for them.

Turn 141