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Turn 132

The party talks quietly after Arilyns little outburst. Aerial continues to kneel, praying to her Goddess, but then rises, confusion and a touch of fear on her face.
The group discusses what to do next, when they hear something rustling from the other side of the pool. The rustling becomes rapidly moving footfalls. They see a fast moving humanoid figure completely covered by a dark grey cloak with hood.

"What do we have here?" Jahl turns from the wall he was checking and studies the new arrival. "Who is this little runner? and what could he be running from?"
Jahl steps away from the wall and slides a hand into his cloak. "Greetings friend," Jahl begins cheerfully, eyeing the man. "I go by the name of Jahl Silverlock, can I aid you in some way?"

" She can't have left me alone" tears starting to stream down her face. Then seeing the fast moving humanoid grabs hold of herself .Readies herself for combat by moving around to face him with her staff. "Hello My I ask who you are? I don't mean to be so straight foward but you do look dangerous." Towards the figure. " My name is Aerial Dracon. Those people over there I hardly know but they seem nice enough." Walking slowly and cautiously toward the figure still perpared for combat. "By the way you are walking you seem to be in a hurry."

Upon seeing the people gathered in the chamber, Rathaniel takes an offensive stance, but after they greet him, he relaxes.
In response to Aerial, he quickly says, "I'm am Rathaniel, and yes I usually am quite dangerous, however I am currently without weapon or component to cast spell with," he opens his cloak up wide to show he has only the clothes on his back.
Turning towards Jahl, "Yes, as a matter of fact you can help me. I was doing rather nicely until someone in here made some noise and alerted the fellows in there," and he gestures behind him.
"You'll find that they have daggers and a generally unpleasant disposition. Could you be a friend and please aid me in not being killed by them?"

"Really? And just why did you rush up those stairs? You could of done just fine sitting back there at the tavern getting all googled at by the guys, or is that what you mean by an 'added bonus'?", she grins and looks to Jahl, "It's not the water I'm worried about, it's what's inside. I just recommend that everyone stay away from that pool, and don't throw.", she hears a 'thump' in the water, "Anything in it, er, nice going Vincas, go ahead and wake up the pool-demons!"
She just notices the incoming figure, draws her blade and prepares to defend herself, "Oh, Looks like we got a live one!"

"Hmm," Jahl ponders dramatically, "watching an unarmed man fight- how many did you saw there were? Well, nevermind. As entertaining as that would be, it just wouldn't be very sporting. If they are as eager upon you as you say they are, I doubt we would be able to convince them to drop their weapons."
Jahl removes a dirk from his cloak and takes a step towards Rathaniel. "Do you know how to use one of these?" Jahl offers a dirk.

"I can use it well enough. My thanks. There is eight of them with a leader of sorts. All carrying daggers. They may be priests, so watch yourselves," Rathaniel says, agitated.
"By the way, does any of you know one by the name of Malissin?"

Kay tries to stop Jahl from handing over the dagger, "Wait one bloody second! How do we know this guy isn't running from the law? We go around and help him, and it turns out that he's some wanted man, we'll end up being tossed in the cooler as well. I suggest we find out who's going after him, before we start handing over the silverware!"
She looks over at the new fellow, "No offense Rathaniel, I had to spend a day behind bars before, and I don't ever wish to do it again."

"True," Jahl says considering the possibilities, then he shrugs. "Oh-well. I've gotten out of a jail cell before."
Jahl beams a grin towards Kay and gives a wink. "If they ask, I'll just say that he wrestled it away from the woman who smells stronger than a winery."

" Danger Lurks about" She turns toward Rathaniel "are they coming from the same place you came from?" Watching Jahl give him the dagger. Watching Rathaniel you see a clever smile then she come back to reality" Did you see any other way out?"
Blushing all of a sudden. And Turning away towards the danger.

Arilyn moves quickly beside Aerial and gently moves her hand over Aerial's hand...moving the staff down into a non-threatening position. She nudges Aerial...and holds out her hand to Rathaniel. "Well met, good Sir. My name is Arilyn Starglow." She looks at Rathaniel's cloak and then tries to look at his eyes. "It was just per chance that we entered some type of portal. I believe the portal was related to the picture that was in your room. Would you be so kind as to show us the way back to your room...and the inn?"

"Last I checked, the law doesn't wear ceremonial robes and carry ebony daggers. You can go ask them. Just walk the way you saw me enter," Rath says indifferently.
"Actually, Miss Starglow, I have no idea where or even how I got here. One minute I was messing with a rather bad painting in my room, the next I stand in front of this pool with whatever it is lurking within. I hear chanting, go into that room there, and find some guys who don't look very friendly. Then someone here yells out Quiom's name and they start pulling blades. Caught them in the middle of some sort of ceremony. Was beginning to look like a sacrifice or something, but I didn't see any victims. I'm sure they were up to no good," Rathaniel explains.
"Good Sir," Rath says to Jahl, "if you would feel better with your dirk back, then take it. I still have some spells, although I try not to cast them unless I really need to these days. I am far from being defenseless."

"You're not listening! If he is a wanted man, and we so much as hand him a hanky to blow his nose, we'll be sent up the river as well!", she listens for any approaching men and frowns at Jahl, "You keep it up, and you'll soon be smelling like a certain pool-monster that's bound to be lurking under those waters!"
Somewhat miffed, the warrior makes her way to a hopefully dagger-less Rathaniel, "So, just who are you really running from, and why? You didn't swipe the gem or jeweled covered idol from some temple and these "Cleric's" that you speak of are trying to get it back, are you? Come clean!", she studies the stranger from top to bottom.

"Well" putting her staff back in a non fighting stance After Arilyn reminded her how she was still threatning and her being a peace lover"Was there another way out and wasn't there more of you" Pointing toward Kay and the others" Or am I just being hopeful."" Anyway we still have a problem like how are we going to get out of here and assuming Rathaniel is right what are we going to do with the priests."Hiding her symbol of Quiom under her robes" We want to be careful and if these guys don't like Quiom who know what might happen."

"Well then!", Kay snaps her fingers, "That was one of our missions, along with the ever exciting task of cartography, we get to stop evil before it spreads all over the place and makes a mess. And what could be more evil than a bunch of crazy cultists trying to raise a demon, eh?", She looks to the others, "Well?"

Arilyn looks to those in the room. "I do not think confronting the priests is a wise idea at this time. I suggest we find a way back to the inn and tell the others what we have found. Do you think our efforts should be directed to finding our way out...or does anybody have any other ideas?"

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