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Turn 131

With Arilyn having disappeared according to the child maid, everyone but Barbaxle runs out of common room and up the stairs. First up is the maiden Aerial who turns out to be the ever rare pure elvin maiden, when she uses her hooded cloak to wrap about the child downstairs. Barbaxle runs out of the inn in search of Wulfgar. Aerial is the first in the room, with the others close behind. Keldar and Cole remain outside, but Cole then follows Gareth mumbling about taking supplies. Unfortunately, save what you carry on your bodies, all your supplies are outside on your horses.
You enter the room and note it is well furnished with solid furniture that has been bolted to the wooden floor. A large bed dominates the room with it's massive headboard and ornately carved posts. It's thick blankets have been turned back to reveal green silken sheets, Beside the bed, a small table holds an unlit taper in a small bronze candleholder.
At the foot of the bed sits a massive trunk of teakwood bound in iron, with an iron lock worked in the likeness of a screaming face. This trunk stands open, the lock dangling in it's hasp. A wardrobe of dark, almost black wood stands against the north wall.
Beside the door and against the west wall, a ceramic washbowl filled with cool water sits on a small table. Against the south wall, a large desk with with many cabinets and drawers awaits exploration. Against the desk, a painting is on the floor, facing upwards.
In the southeast corner of the room, a large copper tub filled with steaming water invites a relaxing bath. An assortment of fragrant soaps and oils is displayed on a low table beside the tub. A shaving mirror hangs on the south wall, and beside it a straight razor with an ivory handle dangles by it's cord from a nail. A robe is on the floor by the tub, as tho someone was preparing for a bath, and a duffel bag is laid on the bed unopen.
Aerial rushes to the window, before anyone can stop her, and pulls down a drape. Heading to the picture, she kneels down and as she is in the act of laying the drape across it, vanishes from sight, leaving the picture partially covered. Kay and Gareth rush forward followed closely by Cole. Everyone else but Keldar file into the room, astonished by the priestess disappearing before their eyes. As the group approaches the painting, Barbaxle comes into the room at a dead run, followed closely by Laban. Someone else can be heard slowly ascending the stairs and you guess it to be Wulfgar. Gareth gives his usual motivational speech, and proffers his prayers to Pikahl, beseeching aid and blessing, before reminding the group a friend is in peril, and then lays a hand on the paintingvanishing from sight. Everyone in turn lays a hand upon the picture, after drawing weapons, and readying them. Barbaxle, Laban, Wulgar, and Keldar remain in the doorway, everyone else has vanished from sight. Keldar comments excitedly that it looks as if the painting is a portal of some sort.

Suddenly the light in the room is extinguished, and as your eyes adjust to the dim light, you realize you're standing before a large pool in the middle of a large, low ceiling chamber. The waters are dark and murky; it appears something is alive in there by the swirls that occasionally appear on the waters surface. That something--whatever it is--must be very dangerous. Dangling above the pool from a chain, an iron cage holds a humanoid skeleton whose flesh has recently been stripped to the bone. Ragged bits of skin and hair still cling to the remains of the unfortunate victim. Your eyes follow the chain until it is lost in shadows above, but you spot it again as it descends to a large crank attatched to the east wall. This wall, like the others-you now notice-is painted with fantastic murals of frolicking nymphs dancing with flute in hand around ugly leering centuars. The depictions are brazenly lifelike and painstakingly detailed. On the far side of the pool, low steps lead down into the water. Once bathers might have relaxed here, but now you wonder to what doom those steps lead. Arilyn is over by the crank, brandishing a flame shaped greenish glow in the dark object.

Overcome with a sense of deja-vu and teleportation lag, Kay silently studies the room, and keeps a good distance from the creepy pool. Upon catching sight of Arilyn, she rolls up her eyes, "That's it, as soon as we find our way out of this place, I'm either getting you one of those kid leashes, or we're going to tie a bell and string around your neck. I mean, come on! Not only did you miss a pretty decent meal, but now you've gone and led us to this place, whatever this is.", she gazes back at the pool, "This place reminds me of that temple I was in..They had a pool just like this one, and a cage..The pool was filled with piranha-fish, and those awful Offler cultists would lower their victims down slowly and the fish would eat them from bottom to top.", she grimaces and walks over to where the elf is, to see what she's doing.

"Ah !" A little bit of fright caught hold then disapated as she saw some of the others from the inn appear before her eyes. " Where are we?" Moving away from the pool because of the dangers it may posses. "I have never seen a place like this it looks as if it were made to torcher someone slowly." Kneeling she starts to pray.

Arilyn, in surprise, backs up a step. She rubs her eyes, not quite believing that her friends have appeared. Arilyn sees a new person, wearing the symbol of Quiom. Her heart races as she believes that she has been saved by the goddess Quiom herself. She runs to the goddess, heedless to the words that the goddess is speaking and lowers her head as she kneels before the goddess. Almost numb with excitement, Arilyn was too close to the goddess as they both kneeled...and when she lowered her head, she bumped heads with the goddess.

"opps I am sorry My name is Aerial Dracon I was about to pray for guidance to my goddess Quiom are you going to pray with me." Suprized by her haste to kneel with her " I am truely sorry." rubbing her head. Then as if she was remembering something. "I have bumped heads before with my friend oh nevermind I will never find her now that I am in here I have to be out looking for her she is my best friend" starting to cry " what will I do with out her?" "Why am I putting myself though this she is probley fine." Drying the tears she kneels again to pray to her goddess.

After Aerial has kneelt the second time she mumbles something under her breath that you can't hear.Then as if the love for her goddess is very great she raises her arms to her breast and bows her head as if waiting for an answer.

Kay watches Arilyn for a moment and sighs, "Wonderful! Arilyn's gone "Bye Bye" everyone!", she places her hand on the elf's shoulder, "Come on A', she's just some priest or whatever that was at the tavern, she sort of followed us here to wherever this is. She isn't a goddess, and if she were, I would of had her smite you for wandering off for the umpteenth time, I mean, it's getting a tad-bit old and you've managed to get us in a heap of trouble, as this place doesn't look too inviting being all dark, dank and there's probably piranha-fish in that pool!". Once Arilyn is back to "normal", Kay looks at the others, "There should be some sort of return portal where the other one dropped us off at, that's how it normally works."

Arilyn rubs her forehead, wondering what size goose-egg she will be wearing for the next week or so. "Aerial...are you testing me in some manner? Surely you are the goddess Quiom come to rescue me." Arilyn stands in front of Aerial, confusion changing to realization that Aerial is not a goddess. She takes another step back as Aerial bows her head and Arilyn almost falls into the pool of water. She catches her balance and looks over at Kay. She smiles as she sees her friend. With the knock her head received, she sees two of Kay {OOC: if one weren't bad enough, hehe}. She tries to join the two images together, thinking that Aerial's head is harder than a turtle's shell. As the image focuses into one, she says. "I feel so much better knowing that you have come to rescue me." She cannot hide the smile that creeps over her lips. She walks over to Kay and touches her cheek, her nose, her lips and pulls on her hair to see if she is real or an illusion. She looks over at the group, happy to see her friends again...wondering if they are as happy to see her. "I am so happy to see you, except you are now trapped as I." She frowns. "How did you get here? Do you know how to get back to the Inn?" She waits for a response. She pulls gently on her hair, twirling it around her fingers. "I really don't know what happened. I thought that the tavern girl needed my assistance but learned that she was obeying her father. He was a gruff man, don't you think? Well, the girl said there was a new guest and that his name was Rathanieal. She said that he had come up not 15 minutes ago and that he was not answering his door. She hoped that he was alright...and then I wondered the same myself." Arilyn gently touches her forehead..."ouch" and continues. "I thought it only right to investigate...he may have been a victim of an attack or something. So I knocked on his door...but there was no answer." She shifts her foot back and forth. "And his door...well, it kinda openned." Looking her most innocent. "I entered the room and there was a large bed, a small table, a massive trunk of teakwood bound in iron, with an iron lock worked in the likeness of a screaming face and a wardrobe of dark, black wood." She looks over at the others, looking at their eyes. "And there was a copper tub, it looked so inviting I almost stripped right then and there. A warm bath...perfume. I thought I was in heaven." Arilyn gulps. "And there was a duffel bag on the bed. I must admit that the trunk caught my interest and I was fascinated at the iron lock." Trying to be angelic and feeling a soft halo glow over her head, she continues. "I had to peek inside. I know i shouldn't have, but I pulled down on the lock. And when it openned, there was this strange looking dagger." She holds it up for everybody to see. It is flame shaped, and glows green in the dark. It's handle of ivory is carved in the likeness of a whale. The tail of the whale serves as the cross piece, while the whales mouth holds the pommel...a large pearl. "It is beautiful, isn't it? And, I think it is our key to out of this place." She pauses, trying to remember exactly what she did next. "Oh, there was also a large desk with with many cabinets and drawers. But there was nothing inside." She leans on Kay for support, overdramatizing her injury. "I sure would like a wee sip of wine, right now." Then it dawns on her. "The painting...there was a painting. When I turned the painting...that is when it became dark and I found myself in this place." With her palms outstretched to the group. "Who would ever believe that trying to assist a young girl would lead to this?"

After rising from her prayer "No no I am just a priest of Quiom like She says I was tring to cover up the painting and all of a sudden I came here" Pointing to Kay." But in no way did I follow them I was just try to make it so no one else would dissappier until we figured out what was going on."" of course to late as always I find out that if you just touch it you go though the portal" Make a gesture like she was touching something. Looking around like she was searching. " Did you find anything that indicated where we might be or how we might get out of here."Looking at the walls and the floor she looks for any hidden places.

Kay flinches after getting her hair yanked, "Hey! Most people would of stopped at my cheek, or shaked hands.", she quickly brushes back her hair, which currently smells of bad wine."As for how we got here, I'm sure it was the same way you did, by that bloody painting. And contrary to what Aerial said, she did follow us here, kind of like a lost puppy.", the warrior impatiently listens to Arilyn's story and keeps her eyes on that pool, "I don't know of any return portal, but I'm sure there's one nearby, maybe we're just under the tavern? I do wish Wulfgar and the rest of them will get over here, then again, maybe it would be better if he stayed over there, considering what he did to me, I would probably drop-kick the jerk into that pool over there.", she grins and turns to check out the room a little better,"Er, A', Do you have anything to protect yourself, just incase something pops out? If not, I do have some stilettos. They're made for throwing, but you can use them up and close-like."

Aerial replies " A lost puppy" Kind of suprized by how she thinks she got there" What do you think happened to me before it happened to you I didn't follow you here but if you want to believe that I did it is fine with me I am not going to arugue over it and start a fight." Looking at her with friendlyness."I don't know why my goddess sent you a vision of things to come but I wasn't included in the bargain just an added bonus now are we going to start looking around for a way out or what. "Looking around some more. " I bet you thought I was sent by her but all I wanted to know was if you saw my friend Kendra D'Shane and then I would have left the inn and you would have never seen me again."Sounding Hopeless"Oh well I guess I won't she her for a while longer and hope she hasn't gotten hurt by anything out there"

"Well," Jahl says, "isn't this place pleasant? Kind of romantic in a creepy sort of way. No, perhaps not." Jahl grins. "Arilyn, are you alright?" Jahl asks. "Good. Remind me to counsel you on proper etiquette when we get out of here. Rushing into rooms can be - umm - problematic. As well as," Jahl stares at the murky water with a look of pure disgust, "unhealthy." "Lets start looking for a way out of here before whatever is in the water decides to crawl out after us."

Vincas walks over and joins the group.
"Nice place...reminds me of home. I'll start looking around for, well, for anything that looks useful."
To Arilyn "You said that may be our key out...any idea what we need to do with it?"
He'll then take a small bit of food from his pack and toss it out toward the center of the pool

Turn 132
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