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Turn 128

You finish your supper, stow the rest of the meat, and against your better judgement, leave Whisper behind to fend for himself. A day of riding finds you at the outskirts of Landry. A smallish frontier type town. You stable your horses with the usual care and tipping of the stableboy, and remove yourselves to the inn. Here, you find tantalizing scents and smells. it suddenly seems like forever since you've had a decent meal and your mouth starts to salivate like crazy. The inn is like any other inn, except for a large aquarium set against one entire wall. It contains but one colorful tropical fish, and the sign above the tank reads "Esmarelda". The barkeep is nowhere to be seen, but you hear some yelling from the kitchen and you can make out a few sentences. "Well where'd he go then?" and "Whatever. Just clean the damn room girl!" is all you can make out before a teenage girl dressed like a maid heads for the stairs almost in tears. She goes upstairs, and a man exits the kitchen and returns to the bar. Spying new customers he turns towards you and gives a gruff smile. "What can I do for ye this day?"

Looking at the girl running up the stairs Wulfgar shakes his head "Perhaps be a bit more civil towards others? Before someone parts your head from your shoulders" He growls loud enough for the man to hear. He looks around and sits down at an empty table willing to let the others do the ordering of rooms and food and drink.

Looking and feeling much like Keith Richards at his worst, Kay lazily eyes the barkeep, "I don't know about the rest of the guys, but just a standard, typical glass of tavern ale, light on the water and heavy on the alcohol please. As for food, do you have anything that's hot and isn't infested with boiled carrots?"
Once her meal is ordered, she will find a seat at Wulfgar's table and slide onto it. "Now Wulf, you should know by now that it's generally unwise to annoy a barkeep before they serve you your meal.", she whispers before resting her head on the table.

Arilyn stares at the barkeep and pauses. She looks at him from head to toe, trying to mask the disgust that she feels for this man. She looks quickly over to Wulfgar and then to the others. Quickly and quietly, like a tigress, she runs up the stairs.

Wulfgar looks at Kay anger flashes through his eyes at her shortening of his name {Again!!} He watches as she rests her head on the table before picking up a glass of wine and emptying it over her head. He then promptly stands and walks out of the Inn without saying another word or looking at the group.

Kay's nap is over before it ever started once she gets a hardy sample of Wulfgar's wine.In a fraction of a second, the drenched archer bolts up from the table, knocking her chair over in the process, and with a voice that would give the gods a headache, she screams, "WULFGAR! YOU JERK! COME BACK HERE AND TAKE WHAT'S COMING TO YOU!". Realizing that everyone in the tavern is probably staring at her by now, she gives a pathetic grin and chuckle, "Funny,it's usually the other way around.", and quickly heads over to the barkeep for a towel.

Jahl doesn't try to surpress his laughter at all as a light chuckle rolls from his smiling face. "You know," Jahl says to nobody in particular. "Many people would pay for a show this good!" Jahl stops a moment and a grin creases his face.
"Barkeep!" Jahl points to Kay, "I'll have what she's having. Preferably in a mug," Jahl chokes out as he continues to laugh. Jahl finds a chair and sits still chuckling.

Keldar looks to the drunken man in the corner upon entering. He smiles deeply and mumbles aloud "Like this place already!"
After the little scuffle, and seeing Arilyn run upstairs after woman, Keldar decides to ignore the whole affair for the moment.
The gnome then burst out laughing at the exchange between "Wulfie" and Kay, and waits until the frustrated man leaves the inn. "Now, friends. That's what we be needin'. More fun'n' games. Too much seriousness will turn ya inta a... well.... a Wulfie."
He then turns to the barkeep. "Sorry, sir. bout the mess. We'll mop it up fer ya, and I do promise that we tends ta be more well behaved then that. (Glances at the stairs) Well... almost all 'uv us. Some like gettin' their noses dirty. (exagerated sigh) I on the other hand, just want somethin' ta drink. Mead or gnomish ale if ya kin get it (a wink at the barkeep, then he fumbles in his pocket and groans) VINCAS! when we was dividin' up coin at the last town, ya fergot ta remind me ta take me share!! Please ol' friend, spare a poor li'll man a few coin fer sum drink and sum food."
The gnome attempts to hold an angelic face, suppressing his laugh all the while.

Vincas joins his friend at the bar and digs out a couple of coins.
"I suppose I can spot you a don't hold that much. Say barkeep, can we get a hot meal too? Buy one for our new friend as well." he says, pointing to Laban. "What'll you have Laban?"
"Now tonight would be a good chance to give you that music you've been asking for. Just let me have a couple to limber up my voice....."

Kay glares back at the others, "Ha Ha! Laugh it up you guys..Little jerks.", she turns and gracelessly takes the towel from the barkeep, 'You'll have to excuse them, especially the one who just left, I'm part of a caravan, and we're relocating village-idiots."
She scrambles back to her table, and while waiting for her food, tries her best to soak up all that cheap table wine with her towel.

Barbaxle walks into the inn and takes a look around. As he sees the horse play between Kay and Wulfgar, he says "Hmmm...I think that they like each other. They have been messing with each other for a while now." He then walks over to the table where Keldar is sitting and pulls up a chair next to him. "Well little friend, if you have no money I can buy yours this time. So, what will it be? I think that I will have some fruits and a glass of wine." Once the barkeep has taken his order he asks him a question. "Can you please tell me what the story behind that big fish is?" You can hear and see that Barbaxle doesn't like the way that they have caged up this beautiful fish.

Turn 129