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Turn 123b

Traveling for only a short while you follow the tracks. "Proceeding through the forest you gradually come to an area where the ground raises into rocky hills and cliffs. You stop suddenly as the smell of burned hair and bone assaults your nose, followed by the pitiful sounds of sobbing humans. You crest the small hill, and looking down to it's base you see to one side is a fire, not far from the cave entrance and next to it you see the battered remains of a wagon, containing 16 limp (but alive) humans in bright colorful clothing.. Next to the wagon is a small pile of human heads. The people seem to be in a state of shock, moaning and crying but not attempting to escape. Next to the wagon, stands a short female with with long dark hair, and a guitar strapped to her back. She appears to be speaking to the people in the wagon. You see no sign of a weapon.

Arilyn tries to keep herself covered as much as possible and turns her head, trying to hear what the short female is saying. Her hearing should be better than the humans in the party and she hopes she can 'catch' the words. Her concentration is total as she blocks out all other things.

The horrible smell causes him to wince once more then once near the wagons Cole dismounts, "What has happened here" not waiting for an answer he goes to the injured but soon becomes frustrated by his inability to help the dying. Cole finally dig's in his pack and divides the healing potion he has between a few of the survivors. "Help me get them away from the fire." He pulls who he can into the clearing and continues to comfort the injured.

Kay looks back at the others, "You recognize any of these gypsies from the camp we stayed at? I don't like the look of this, I mean, why the heck are they still hanging around that cave? I think this may be some sort of tra.". She goes silent when Cole rushes off to help the gypsies. "I guess we'll see.", she mutters while notching an arrow.

Jahl moves ahead to help out Cole keeping a watchful eye for any form of danger.

Wulfgar seeing some of the other riding down to the clearing spurs his horse forward to be edge of the clearing. He will look around and see if he can spot anything else out of the ordinary.

A shaky Vincas loads his crossbow and points it toward the cave mouth. He makes no move to get closer to the people or dismount...all of his attention is on the cave.

Gareth watches Wulfgar, Jahl, and Barbaxle moving into the campsite. "Cao, let us move ahead and speak with the people below. Everyone else hold back a moment; we do not wish to scare the people by galloping in as a mighty host. Give us a minute while we introduce our presence, if you would."
So saying, the knight, his eyes panning the area for danger, clicks Emperor into an easy trot towards the group.

Keldar runs down towards the woman at the wagon, hand on the pommel of his sword, trying to look casual about it all. "Er, excuse me lady... you'd not mind a tellin' me what's goin' on here, would ya." Keldar says this with too-much friendlyness in his voice. His left hand absently scratches at his chest, but is actually just finding a way to reach for his spell components without attracting attention to it.

From out of the cave mouth, approach several more humanoids. A full elvin male, 2 human males, an elvin female, and a cloaked figure whos race you cannot identify.

Whisper moves over and lays his hands on the worst looking wounded attempting to cast some healing. He will use his spell compliment, feeling sorry for these humans.

Turn 124