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Turn 121

Everyone exits the temple and tries to clear the memories (as well as nostrils) of the sight and scent of death. Wulfgar kneels at the statue of his beloved Callus and prays. Anselm and several other priests exit the temple, as Anselm orders Randos' remains to be buried on holy ground as is fitting a priest of Callus. The group is sickened by the carnage they have witnessed and wish nothing more than to be away from this place.

Wulfgar rises shakily to his feet, his eyes sparkle and he grins. He turns and looks at the others then raises his head to look at the statue "It shall be done my brother! Many will remember you more so for this great deed which even in death you endeavour to complete!" He turns and looks for Gareth.

Would you like to see Wulfgar's vision, received whilst praying? Click Here

Kay spends a moment taking in some clean air and rubbing her somewhat soar hand, "Oh how I'm sickened by the carnage we just witnessed and wish nothing more to be away from this place." She pauses for a second wondering why she just said what she said. Finally realizing that she probably inhaled more than enough of that ghastly air inside the temple's rooms, the warrior shakes her hand and looks to Gareth, "So, what's next on the agenda?"

Barbaxle goes over to Wulfgar and says "There were not worthy of the title Priest of Callus. They will pay for their actions, Callus will make sure that their souls do not rest in a beautiful place. If you need anything from me my friend don't hesitate to ask." After his talk Barbaxle turns to the group and says "I think that out mission has been completed here. After the funeral of Priest Randos, I think we should be on our way. We should try to get as much sleep as we can, I have a feeling that we might not get too many more opportunities to rest."

Wulfgar looks at the others who are gathered outside the Temple, he smiles "I have just been granted a vision my friends, Randos spoke to me through it. He was told by Callus to dig a well which will heal the ill and that is why he was killed. He told the others about it and they told him to keep silent about it then killed him out of jealousy. He has shown me a map of where has to be dug. Who will help me bring this wonder to the people of DragonMeyr?" He looks around to see who will offer their help.

Wulfgar turns to look at Barbaxle "I know that Callus will avenge herself on them for eternity. However all I asked is for help to dig the well which will supply the poor and the rich with waters to heal the ill and afflicted. If you do not wish to help me then feel free to return to Heron I will do it myself." He turns at this and walks back to the temple.

Gareth nods at the aid coming to the people. "A fine and noble task, Wulfgar. I will gladly aid in the labours to bring such boon to this area of the land. I would suggest, however, that it is a task for a new day. Let our companions slough off the filth of what has been experienced today and greet a new project on a new morn, and with renewed hope and determination. It would be best for us to arrange sleeping arrangements and to relax and recoup from the rather odeous day that has passed. As for myself, I find a great need for prayer and a warm bath," the paladin smiles in a friendly fashion, as he begins encouraging the people away from the chapel of disappointment. "I have duties I must perform this eve, and would prefer to approach them clear-headed. Besides, I do believe our stalwart companions have earned a night of rest and frivolity. Come, friends, and I shall see how many coppers remain within my belt pouch to purchase an ale for those at my side." Emperor gallops up the church doors in response to a high-pitched whistle from the knight. "Shall we?"

Keldar kind of nods when asked about the well, and follows along to help dig. He appears quite shaken, but has overcome his terror from earlier.

"I would be more than happy to assist in your endeavor in digging a well that would be blessed by Callus. You can count me in." Barbaxle says.

Arilyn steps forward. "Wulfgar, my dear friend. I would be honoured if you would allow me to assist you and the wishes of Callus. Your goddess truly is kind and just."

Cole steps forward and silently follows Wulfgar to the site that this miraculous well shall be dug. Before it is dug Cole will ask the group " We have gone to the southern most point on this map,our mission was to fill in this map and there are still a couple of towns on this map to the east of here that we have yet to visit, but the road carries on to the south. My question is where to now."

"I'll help dig the well....I'm ready to see some good magic for a change. Perhaps this enchanted water can help cure Keldar as well."
Vincas will help Gareth care for the gnome-of-many-personalities

"Dig? Well, I see no problem in that, but could we wait till morning? I was in the middle of a good dream before all this mess started.", She starts to head back to Wulfgar's home and pauses, "We do have shovels, don't we?"

Jahl follows along pondering his own thoughts. At Wulfgar's suggestion, Jahl nods his head and volunteers to help dig the well.

Turn 122