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Turn 112

The group is reunited, and Arylin and Caomhin quickly brought up to speed about the tracks found leading to the grave of Wulfgar's mentor, and the body being excavated apparently untouched. Anselm (the acting head priest) comes outside where you are discussing your dreams, and begins to speak to you. "We want to thank you for agreeing to help us catch this murderer. With no constable hereabouts, and never having to deal with this form of crime before we are rather at a loss as to how to deal with this problem. We dont want the murderer killed, but rather captured and made to answer for his crimes fairly. Enough blood has been shed already. Plutarch here" he indicates a young priest who looks still wet behind the ears "can answer any questions you may have about our order," looking at Wulfgar he amends "of course Wulfgar can answer them as well, between the 2 of them you can have access to anything that will aid you in your investigation. I would ask that no spell casting be down within the perimieters of Heron, as magic is causing quite a havoc these days. I would recommend that you begin your investigation in the cell of brother Gugliemo" (the murdered priest)"Plutarch can show you the way"

When Anselm finishes his explanation, Vincas will step forward to speak with him.
"Pardon me brother Anselm. I err....we" he points to Keldar "would like a moment of your time if we may. There's a matter I'd like to discuss with you, somewhere quiet where we can all sit if possible."
Vincas will await his answer, hopeful of an audience with Anselm

Wulfgar looks around the group, "I think we should split our forces and cover more ground! Gareth and a couple of volunteers could search the cell of the deceased. Vincas perhaps should return to the town with another couple to see what they can turn up in the way of information from the barkeep and various shop owners. I will watch this place from the bell tower if anyone wants to accompany me they may." He looks at the others for a few seconds before stepping forward he stops beside Arilyn "Do not fret about the gods Arilyn! They act in strange ways. You will know when your true god or goddess speaks to you, I promise!" He smiles briefly but it does not last and his face straightens "Now I know we have been through a lot together and this may be one of the hardest things we face, but know this my sword and heart belong to Callus and someone or something has dishonoured her and her followers. I will stay here until this mystery is solved and the villain brought to justice or I die trying!" He looks to the sky before walking towards the temple.

Gareth nods to Wulfgar as the knight frowns slightly at Arilyn's "devoted-to-yawhatever" switch over Quiom. "I will definitely do so. I suggest, however, that Barbaxle leads the town group, since Vincas is making plans to speak with Ansem," the warrior carefully responds with a calculating look at the claustrophobic druid. "I assume Vincas and the gnomish fellows will be busy for a goodly bit of the day dealing with the souls of the departed. Cole, Kay, our aide, and I can tackle the two brothers' cells. Perhaps, Arilyn, you could continue your religious discussion with Wulfgar? Your time in the tower should provide much meditative and discussional merit, not to mention the benefit of two pairs of eyes over one. Jahl and Cao, up for joining Barbaxle?" (OOC: anyone else I missed, my apologies... your name would be included on the intown list :)). The paladin slings his napsack over one shoulder and brushes a few strays hairs from his forehead, then follows with a crisp snap of his tabard. "Shall we?"

Hmmm...Is that evil DM creative thought coming on I feel? ...Hmmm oh I see... The party would like to split up their numbers again.... hehehehehehehahahahahahohohoho
Vincas, Keldar, and Reggie -Talking to Brother Anselm
Cole, Kay, Gareth, and Plutarch the guide examining the cell of the dead priest
Arilyn, and Wulfgar in the bell tower
Jahl, Caohmin, and Barbaxle searching the town

Anyone disagree with this division?

Cole stands and follows the others mindlessly as always seemingly cheerful in his own world of daydreams .

"I agree, we should be able to investigate these deaths quicker if we split up. Let's meet at the Inn at dinner time so we can hear what everyone has found out." Barbaxle then looks over to Wulfgar. "Don't worry my friend, WE will not leave until we figure out who or what is behind all of this. After that dream last night I can only think about putting all the evil that we come across to rest."

Caoimhin turns to Jahl and Barbaxle. "Sounds good to me. Shall we, gents?"

After hearing something she just suggested a few seconds ago but was ever-so-ignored, Kay bobs her head up and down, "Brilliant Ideal me-lord! I'll go with Gareth and check out the brother's rooms and whatever that's in-between.", She bows and heads after Gareth and the others.

Arilyn walks over to Wulfgar. "I really shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean what I said." She looks up to you. "Sometimes I think I get a little too excited too fast. And then when something happens it feels like all the wind has been taken away from my sails. Do you ever feel like that?"
She pauses for a moment. "The dream made me feel so very special and it felt so very real. I don't know very much about the gods...I suppose my education was lacking a bit there. And sometimes I don't have very much patience...when I see something I want...I can't wait to get it. Then sometimes once I have, I don't really know why I wanted it so bad in the first place." She flips a curl of her hair over her ear, "I really am rambling on...i should be concentrating more on the task at hand." "Do you think She will visit me again?"

Wulfgar stands tall and straight a calmness radiates from him, "Your words show that you have more wisdom than you say, come let us walk to the bell tower." He starts walking to the tower. "You ask if Quiom will visit you again." He says as he walks towards the tower "This I cannot answer but if she took a liking for you as the gods can do she will return and let you know. It may be that another of the gods has spoken for you and cannot make the contact they desire at the moment so patience is something you may have to learn! I am sure that one of the gods will have spoken for someone with your charm and beauty, so I would wait for them to contact you or perhaps we can get together after we have finished here and see what we can find out." He continues to walk towards the tower and when he reaches it he starts up the stairs quickly.

Turn 113