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Turn 107

You return to the temple, leaving Keldar, Reggie, and Vincas at the tavern. As you enter, you find Cole seated in the parlor thumbing through several books. An accolyte stands nearby and heads in your direction. Cole looks up when you walk in, and puts the books away in his backpack. The accolyte leads you into the head priests office. It's a 15' by 15' room dominated by a large desk. Shelves filled with books and scrolls line the walls and statues of Callus stare down at you. Behind the desk are 2 elderly menm one standing and one seated. The sitting man is on the heavy side, with thinning white hair and a polite smile. The other is taller and thin, with a leathery complexion that reminds you of the cover of an old book.

Kay is quite during her stay at the temple. She's just curious about this whole evil book thing..

Stepping forward Wulfgar smiles at the men at the desk. "Good day to you good sirs I am Wulfgar of Heron and servant of Callus! I am here to ask your advice regarding an evil book which has come into the possession of our group. We wish to know how best to deal with the book and if we could leave it with you here in a safe place?"

Gareth speaks up. "I am Sir Gareth Arr, a servant of Pikahl. I know of a ritual to dispel this evil work, but am lacking in both materials [the paladin quickly lists the missing components] and possibly ineffective ... but hopefully not. Have you any aid that can further this noble goal?"

"Hello, good Sirs. I am Arilyn." She steps beside Wulfgar and Gareth.

"May Callus' blessing be upon you" the heavier priest says. "Welcome to the temple of Callus. I am temporarily head priest Brother Anselm and this is the chief scribe Brother Bernadino." Bernadino nods. "We are simple folk and have little but all we have is yours. Brother Bernadino will show you to the research lab to locate your herbs. It sounds as though the rite you have outlined will work. You are also invited to spend the night here as well as join us for dinner."

Arilyn whispers to Wulfgar. "Do you think that invitation for dinner applies to me as well?"

Cole steps forward and announces himself to the brothers " Gentlemen I am Cole Lennox thank you for your offer but I have already eaten more than enough for the day" patting his stomach for emphasis. Turning to Gareth " I would like to watch this excorcising ritual if it is alright it sounds very interesting".

Kay finally steps forward, "I am Kay Wanderwit Of Fawn, formally of the Menagerie. I'll have to pass on the dinner, since I've already had a large meal, and I'm quite stuffed, but I really do appreciate the offer. I just came along to watch, I can't stand the idea of such a book existing and I hope we are able to get rid of it right away. Evil objects like that tend to attract evil persons, and I'd hate to see it fall into those hands.".

Gareth nods in thanks at the offer. "Your generousity is appreciated, but I would dine better knowing this evil to be banished, and I have arranged for accommodations elsewhere. If you would be so kind as to guide us to the research room you mentioned, I would like to gather the components and return to the chandler's shop to have the proper tools formed." The knight also nods Cole's direction. "Indeed you may do so, good Cole, but under certain restrictions. The first is a promise to cast no magic or use any item without my permission; the second is to speak no word or make no action from the time I commence the ritual until I complete it. I have had little experience performing this section of holy work, and it is a dangerous task in itself. I have the further handiscap of my recent troubles and am uncertain if it will work even in perfect measures; a distraction could be mortal. If such you can abide by, then so do I invite thee to observe; tests against evil are not to be pretended as not existing, but bravely and openly challenged."

Arilyn nods graciously to Brother Anselm. "Your offer is so very kind. I would like to spend the night here and you offer for dinner is most gracious. Would you please direct me to my room...and at what time is dinner served?"

You are taken to the room where you find a quantity of herbs and scrolls, beakers, and other alchemists equipment. The room also is apparently reinforced with solid steel mayhaps to prevent experimental accidents from affecting the rest of the temple. You tell the priest what you need, and he gets the herbs for you.

Cole looks about the room with a great fascination, but somewhat reluctantly he secludes himself to a corner and quietly observes the ritual and suprisingly without a sound.

The paladin quickly sorts and compiles the list of ingredients, placing each of them into small bags, then stowing the lot of them in his backpack. "I will take these to be merged into candles for best effect. While they are being done so, I will need to meditate, so messages will not be quick in returning. Further, friend Wulfgar, it might be prudent for you, or one of the brethren here, to speak with your diety and inquire if my performing such a ceremony on her grounds would be allowable. Temples to Pikahl are few... we consider the world our temple and our works to be our services, and as such, I will perform the ceremony just outside the gates unless Pikahl and Callus dictate otherwise." Gareth departs with an "Until then brothers, ladies, and fellows," his swift strides quickly eating up the distance betwixt him and Emperor.

When Cole realzes that the ritual will not be taking place in the room he quickly follows Gareth and acts like he knew all along.

Wulfgar looks at Gareth "I cannot contact Callus at the moment however as I am with you I do not think that she will mind at all." He smiles and follows Gareths lead.

"Geez, I hope they know what they're doing.", Kay semi-whispers to Cole, "Although I wonder why ripping the pages to bits, burning the bits and spreading 'em about wouldn't work just as well as all this mumbo-jumbo?", She sighs and quickly follows the others.

Still following Gareth Cole shrugs his shoulders and tries not to laugh at the idea.

Wulfgar looks at Gareth as the knight selects his equipment. "Do you require my services Gareth I would like to leave you to it and go outside I have a small task I would like to perform?"

The knight effortlessly vaults into the saddle of his mare. "It will take a stretch of time before candles are prepared and the ritual is set to begin. I would be much appreciative if you could ask for a tub of water to be ready upon my arrival back; I expect I will need to cleanse myself afterwards. Other than that, please attend to your tasks; I will send word before I begin the attempt." Gareth steers Wulfgar and Barbaxle a few steps away from the rest of the group, speaks to them for a moment, then rides off into town.

Gareth steers Wulfgar and Barbaxle a few steps away from the rest of the group, and speaks to them for a moment. "The ritual I am about to perform is not without significant risk. Most who attempt this have both experience and divine aid behind them, but I lack both. It may be that through the course of the ceremony I will lose my life, or circumstances will arise that will necessitate that I lose my life; I trust the two of you to remain at my back to end my thread if such circumstance arises. If my life is lost, I ask that you please place my journal in Emperor's saddlebags and free her to return it. Pikahl watch over you and shelter you." The paladin then rides off into town.

As Gareth rides away Wulfgar walks to the statue and draws his sword placing the tip into the ground in front of the statue and kneels placing his forehead against the handle. He remains there for almost an hour in motionless prayer to Callus. After the hour he will rise and replace his sword in it's sheath before heading back to clean up the house.

Everyone else returns to join their comrades at the tavern for a late meal, leaving Caohimin and Arylin at the temple, and Gareth shopping.

Cole starts to follow Gareth then sighs and reluctantly retreats to the tavern to find Keldar and Vincas and bring them up to speed on things. As Cole begins to walk away he turns to the others and invites them to join him at the tavern.(he's buying). Cole enters the tavern and orders an ale he then goes over to Keldar "Sir Keldar, Gareth is prepareing for his ritual to remove the evil from your book are you going to watch it?". He sits down to wait for his reply and offers to help him up if he is still too intoxicated to stand on his own.

Arriving at the tavern once again, Jahl orders an ale for himself and begins idly tossing darts at the dartboard.

"So, 'es gunna burn it after all. No checkin' ta see if there be sump'in usefull in it... hot heads... I gues I'd better go. Knowin them, they'll just goin' call sum greater demon ta eat 'em all. Gotta be there ta laugh as it eats 'em."
Keldar sways his way towards the door to watch the sacreligious burning of information.

Since the Ritual is being postponed, Cole decides to have another ale and then head off to Wulfgars house. He chooses to sleep outside of the house though if this is acceptable with the others.

Arilyn remains at the temple, as Wulfgar returns to his house and cleans it up for guests. Gareth is told he may pick up his purchases the next day. Everyone returns to the tavern to regroup and finds Wulfgar, Caohmin, and Arilyn not present. Jahl informs the group that Wulfgar went to the temple in search of Arilyn, and Cole reminds everyone the Cao is still being healed.
It's getting late, everyone has eaten except Gareth, Keldar is noticably drunk, and plans need to be made for sleeping arrangements.

Cole offers to help Keldar back to Wulfgars home. Cole will then head to the temple and either stay there or outside it, waiting for any word on Cao.

Getting bored of constantly hitting the bullseye on the dart board, Jahl yawns and declares, "I think it is time for me to get some rest. Wulfgar has invited us to stay in, or near, his home if we wish. I'll be walking over there shortly in case anyone would like to know where to go." Jahl returns to his ale that he has been nursing most of the evening. He takes his time as he finishes it off and then leaves for Wulfgar's home.

Keldar accepts the arm, and follows with a really wide smile on his face.

"Wow! Jahl," barbaxle says "I didn't know that you were that good at this game. I've only seen it played a couple of times, but you are the best that I've seen so far....I think that it is time to turn in also, I will follow you guys to Wulfgar's place...Cole, I don't think that you should go to the temple I think it would be better if you come with us so that we don't lose you. We already have a couple of members of the Kadray out, we don't need to be looking for everyone when its time to do the Ceremony"

Cole quietly if not reluctantly takes the advice and stays at Wulfgars for the night.

Vincas will follow wherever Keldar is being led. He says nothing, but he looks a little queasy.

Everyone arrives at Wulfgars house and begins looking for places to sleep.

Jahl subtly supervises as those here find places to sleep. Rolling out his bedroll in the space available, Jahl sits and idly plays with one of his dirks as he begins first watch. "I'll take the first watch, does anyone wish to volunteer for the second or third watch?" Jahl asks quickly before everyone falls asleep.

When Keldar is lead to a clear spot on the floor, he passes out. He is in no condition to consider taking a watch.

Wulfgar returns to his house and retires for the evening to sip a pint of wine then retire to his bed.

Barbaxle, Reggie, Wulfgar, Cole, Kay, Vincas, and Keldar sleep while Jahl keeps first watch. Not too much time passes before everyone awakens to the sound of a bell ringing.

Wulfgar curses and jumps up grabbing his gear he runs out of the door of the house "Come on something has happened he shouts!" As he goes.

Kay grabs what she can and heads after Wulfgar, "Don't tell me there's another fire? "

Keldar mumbles something incoherant, and appears as though he will not be moving anywhere without the aid of someone else.

Cole jumps up and heads for the door, but decides not to leave Keldar, he helps him up(carries him if he has to )to the temple fearfull that something has happened to Cao.

Turn 108