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Turn 100 The Funeral

The funeral procession marches by, headed for the mausoleum. The obviously unattended stone room offers up a rush of stale cold air as the heavy door opens. Inside the mausoleum a fog like cloud of dust rises as a result of feet disturbing the stillness. Large heavy coffins occupy a large amount of the space inside, adorned with cob web covered trinkets and utensils, as though the dead would somehow awake and have use of these things. The light from torches gives an erie glow, mixed with the unsettled dust, barely illuminating the dark receses of the room. The pallbearers enter, escorted by guards as befitting the rank of a Lords son, followed by the party members.

Wulfgar follows the prossession into the tomb and waits quietly at the door. He looks around the tomb and tries to take in everything. He listens to Gareth and the others as they chatter hopefully outside! He pays his last respects and mutters a prayer to Callus to accept this boy and to send us guidance as to where and what we should do and go.

Softly intoning (for him anyway) a funeral dirge learned from his past years, the paladin offers comfort and support to the many fallen within the tomb, requesting Pikahl's sheltering hand to embrace those who need him, and to watch over and aid those who have not yet realized they do. "Watch and protect, defend and inspire; duty eternal, by thy name, Lord Pikahl." Gareth bows his head once, symbolically, upon completing his blessing, then stands stiffly at attention as he watches over the funeral proceedings and his companions.

Wulfgar stands and watches as the funeral proceeds letting the words from Arilyn drift across his mind the treatment of Callus by her inexperienced hand was like a burning hot poker stuck deep into his back. Wulfgar looks up to the ceiling and wonders if Callus was paying attention it would not be like her to ignore treatment like that and more often than not she would react in the harshest of ways. He let a smile cross his face and vowed to pay a tithe the next time he visited her temple.

Reggie watches the events of the funeral, keeping a close eye on his sick friend Keldar.

At the funeral, Keldar stands at the ready, watching over the proceedings.

Vincas stands and watches the funeral in silence. His frequent glances at Keldar make it obvious that his concern is more with his friend than with this solemn event.

Keldar just stands and stares at the procession. At the end, he makes a symbolic motion and murmers "You shall be avenged... Mansal shall see to it."

Caoimhin walks with the procession, saying nothing, his head bowed slightly.

After the funeral, you note that Orman is obviously struggling to maintain composure and not appear upset. His fists are clenched, and his eyes are glistening. The boy is interred, and the service is over. Reynolds never attended.

The knight gently nudges Wulfgar to follow, carefully makes way over to the grieving guard, and lays a comforting hand on his far shoulder. "It is difficult to lose those close to us, much less the children. Fear not; Pikahl will watch over him in the next life." Gareth pauses for a moment as he evaluates the guard's state, then shakes his head and watches Orman carefully as the consolation continues. "A string of misfortune has centred around this keep; what a tragic mistake, that Baldwin should lose his life while coming to tell us of the identity of his true father. I suppose it explains lord Reynold's absence; the guards did locate him, yes? Still, there is such a thing as form and honour." A slow headshake. "Perhaps Wulfgar's contact with his god will allow him to speak with the boy one last time to confirm the name... or does a warrior as high in this keep already possess the answer?"

Wulfgar follows Gareth and listens to his little speech to Orman, he looks at Gareth and nods his head when it seems appropriate. "Orman I feel sorry for you, and I wish I could find out more information however I am not sure the boy actually knows who his real father is or I am sure he would have said when I spoke to him" Wulfgar pats Orman on the shoulder. "I would have hoped Reynolds would have attended but I guess he will take a bit of catching now. I think it would be best if you took control of the keep now and arrest Reynolds on his return and get someone from the Kings House to come and clear all this mess up."

Wulfgar walks out of the tomb after the service and his and Gareth's small talk with Orman. He looks at the others "Okay I think maybe we should prepare to leave. Has anyone checked our supplies? If someone would check that we have enough then we can ready all the horses and leave as soon as Gareth is ready.!" Turning he starts walking towards the stables.

Wulfgar stops at the door of the stable and looks at the group he walks to Keldar.

Reggie scrambles onto his mount. "I don't know about the rest of you, but lets get out of this place quick before something else happens" Reggie then urges his horse into the courtyard, waiting for the others to saddle up.

"Pah... the cowards in this town are not WORTH Mansals blessings. Let us go warriors, and find more worthy folk to aid!"
The gnome heads to the stables.

Wulfgar nods and heads for the stables. His head hangs low, from the lack of sleep and the use of much of his powers throughout the night. With a sigh he enters the stables and walks to his horse. He gives it a rub down quickly before saddling it up.

After everyone departs the tomb, Gareth pulls Olman aside. "I am curious, friend Olman, what you plan to do about the situation. My company must depart by order of Reynold, and so the problem is traded onto thy shoulders. Somehow Antar spoke to the boy and told him who his true father was. Antar is found guilty... who found it out, by the way? It was incredibly quick; the day, or the day after we left. By most rights, you would need to know OF the problem before solving it. Something still seems wrong to me, but I wish to know what you will do about the situation with Reynold, Baldwin and his brothers, and the townsfolk. My conscience demands of me the question." Gareth awaits the response, chats a bit w/ Olman, leaves a brief, but sealed, updated dispatch to be sent to Dragonmeyr, then heads out to the stables to rejoin the party, readies and thanks Emperor, asks for Pikahl's wisdom over the keep and the party, and heads everyone out and south.

Orman replies after listening to your questions "At this point, I will care for the boys, and continue to aid in grooming them to be Lords themselves one day. As for Lord Reynolds, I can but continue to search for him. Upon his return, I don't have authority to defy his orders. He was appointed by King Arion himself who apparently wanted his cousin Reynolds in this region. I do intend however to dispatch a carefully neutral missive to his majesty informing him of current events. As for Antar, M'Lord did not see fit to make me privy to those events other than afterward. I'm afraid I cant help you there."

The knight rubs the breastplate of his armour with a thumb. "Indeed not, for we must abide by the rules of our society. I think your actions are well thought out... I also have a missive for King Arion, which should lend weight to your report." Producing the sealed document, Gareth passes it to Olman. "I would suggest that both are sent immediately to ensure that there are not any... complications in having them leave the keep. I must go now; be strong of faith and spirit, friend Olman. Pikahl watch over thee and protect thee."

Turn 101