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Alone in the Dark

Alone In the Dark

I sit alone, alone in the dark,

The music almost deafening,

As well it should be,

Amidst all the confusion,

Amidst all the pain, I sit and think,

This is my place of refuge,

My escape from all that plagues me,

A safe haven for my mind to rest,

A place where my soul is at ease,

Where no one bothers me,

Where I can be invisible,

Where no one can hurt me,

All alone in the dark,

I drift away,

Ushering all thoughts of anguish,

All thoughts of solitude from my tortured brain,

Peace and solace are welcomed,

Embraced in my weary state,

Till I am calm and oblivious,

All alone in the dark,

I am a wanderer journeyed far,

Distant from my court,

Long gone from my Queen,

Yet still so close to my lands,

So close to my black past,

All alone in the dark,

Am I prince or pauper?

Sovereign or servant?

It is not important here,

Here known know my station,

None care of my place,

All alone in the dark,

Outside a tempest brews,

Lightning forking across pitch black,

Illuminating the sky intermittently,

Making the air crackle with electricity,

In here I am sheltered from its ferocity,

All alone in the dark,

I know I cannot remain forever,

All too soon I must venture out,

Continue on my journey,

Wandering through the nether regions,

Far from the sanctuary I have found,

For now I sit quietly and rested,

All alone in the dark.


Copyright October 1999