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The Temple of Draco

You ride towards the cloud & the spire. As you approach within sight distance of the structure you see a large one story building in the shape of an n. You see no defenses, walls, or guards. You sense peace & tranquility emanating from within. In the open space to the south of the structure there is a path close to the building folling alongside it all the way around the upside U part. There are many small trees & seedlings in this open area as well as what looks to be a large well. The 4 points of this building have large spires. The four spires all fly flags containing this symbol.

Draco Symbol

Athos looks into the woods around him, "Seems this is a temple of sorts, probably abandoned...they were probably killed by all the much good their god did them, ha!" Well, i suppose it might just be safe. With that Athos dismounts and ties his horse to one of the trees. "Who is behind me?" he says as he proceeds to the entrance at the center door.

Jason jumps off his horse and runs to catch up with Athos. "This building is not abandoned Athos so do not walk into it as if it is. I have felt two life form contained therein and I don't think you should disrespect them by strolling in as if you own the place. We will knock first."

"Very well, Jason " Athos says as he stops in his tracks, "Lead the way."

Jarryd loops the reins of his horse around a nearby sappling, pulling the long spear from it's sheath. "C'mon, let's go see if anyone is home." He knocks at the door with the butt of his spear.

A short little human male answers the door. He appears about 5'0 middle aged brown hair brown eyes, wearing spectacles which keep sliding down his nose. He looks shocked/surprised to see you and says, "C..Ca..Can I h.. you?"

Caoimhin gently elbows Athos in the ribs. "Indeed, Athos, it seems only force of arms has protected this temple from the terror outside. How fortunate that they held such worldly might."

Kendra ties her horse to a tree and runs to catch up with the group. Just as she approaches the door a man appears. She pushes her way through the small crowd and says "Good day sir, sorry if we disturbed you in any way. My name is Kendra and our group has been choosen by the king to travel the country and check on the fine citizens of this land." She pauses for a moment and then continues "We have experienced some strange weather this morning and couldn't help but notice this dark cloud over head. Do you need any assistance or is all well within?"

Gareth gestures for everyone to relax. "Greetings good sir. I am Sir Gareth Arr, a paladin serving Pikahl." He bows his head in greeting. " As> my companion Kendra has noted, we are indeed a party under duty to King Arion. We have been charged with investigating these lands to determine the extent of their safety or danger. Although we have left Dragonmeyr just a few days ago, we have already noticed several environmental situations that merit further investigation. When we came across your dwelling, we decided that you might have a better understanding of the situation regarding these incidents, of the general state of wandering creatures, and perhaps word of how others fare in the surrounding lands. If I may inquire... how fare the state of things here?" As Gareth speaks, he takes time to really examine (hinthint) the gentleman before him. Those behind him notice that although both of his longswords are sheathed, peaceknots have obviously been removed.

You notice that Malissin has not come up to the door with the rest of the party. He is hanging back far enough to still look at the entire front of the building and down as much of each side as possible. His, empty, arms are at his sides.

The sort little man replies slowly trying to take in all your details. "I..I..will get my Please wait a..a..minute." He gently closes the door behind him.

"Well, it seems that we have someone more powerful here than it seems..." Athos then turns to the rest of the party, "So, what do you 'sensitive' folk have to say about a presence of great power residing elsewhere in the castle or whatnot?"

As you stand waiting, discussing things amonst yourselves, the door opens again. Before you stands a human male. He appears to be early to mid 50's with graying brown hair, and twinkling blue eyes. An embarresed pink tint colors his cheeks. He is dressed in simple white cotton robes trimmed in red. The symbol around his neck matches that which you noted upon the flags above. You looks you all over and speaks.
"Welcome travelers. I am Dalamar Flint and this shy little man"He gestures at the man who you met earlier "is Royce my cook & friend. We are servants of His Lord Draco. You are a sight for tired eyes. It's been many a long year since we've had any guests here. Come in..Come in!!" He steps aside & gestures you inside. You see a long wide hallway with several doors.

"Hello, my name is Athos. And I thank you for inviting us inside." with that Athos steps into the estate.

Gareth bows again after examining the new representative. "Greetings sir... I am Sir Gareth Arr, a servant of Pikahl. If it would not offend you, I would like to stable our mounts, then return to discuss the abnormal situations the lady D'Shane mentioned." He pauses and furrows his brow for a moment. "It strikes me oddly that such imbalances in nature would occur so close to a site holy to the diety of order... perhaps you can help to explain this and provide information of the surrounding area."
Gareth will lead the mounts into the stable/sheltered area, examine it, then quickly return to participate in the discourse.

Jarryd lowers the tip of his spear so to pass beneath the doorjam and steps inside. "Then this is a temple of Draco? What is the black cloud above the castle?"

"Good day Dalamar and Royce. I am Kendra D'Shane also a servant of Draco. My father, Gelden, is a priest in Landry. He has traveled this region, do you know of him?" Kendra waits for a response and then continues. "We have come across several weather anamolies this morning. We couldn't help but notice the dark cloud overhead. Can you tell us anything about it?"

After entering the room, Jayar turns to Dalamar and asks, "Were you able to determine anything about that strange occurence this morning? We were camped south of here when it happened. We searched for a while, but the only thing that we could find was a lot of fissuring in the ground."

You all join Dalamar in the small but comfortable parlor. You chat about what you've found, find he knows very little about the storm, though you do discover that he felt the same feeling that most of you felt this morning during the storm. Royce serves you all drinks, & later supper is served. Dalamar offers you a bed for the night, & answers any questions that you ask. But doesn't apparently know any more than you do. He seems to be a sweet (but embaressed about the cloud) old man.

Malissin asks several questions over the course of the evening which Dalamar answers to the best of his ability. So does Gareth, recording all the answers in his little journal. Unfortunately, Dalamar doesn't know much more than you do.

You are served a good meal & you retire for the night. Morning comes, bringing with it a simple but ample meal.

" I thank you for your kindness good sir" turning to the rest of the group Cole looks anxiously. "If no one else objects I'd like to be on our way, I am anxious to get to Port Ikishpo, I've never seen the ocean and I've been in a hurry to get there since we left the castle." Looking a bit embarrassed now he turns away and plays with his black stone.

After breakfast Kendra shakes hands with Dalmar and Royce "Thank you for the fine food and warm beds. If you do not need any assistance then we will be on our way to Port Ikishpo. May Lord Draco be with you." Kendra will tend to her horse before leaving. She will check the weather and see if the cloud is still present.

"Yes, thanks," adds Malissin. "It's always nice to break up sleeping on the ground and eating preserved rations with a nice bed and some decent food."

Jason thanks Dalamar for his hospitality then goes to the stable and tends to his horse.

The journey continues....