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A Player Summary

"One morning, just a short while ago my friends and I started a journey that took us far away," Bock gestures with his arm, "where strange people and beasts unlike any you could imagine walked the land. It was like a dream, perhaps you've been there yourselves in your sleep.... I was there for real!"
* "We started on the road out of town, a merry band. Until we found signs of Old Man Werthern, the grain he bought was being ravaged by GIANT RAVENS, their wingspan as wide as me arms can reach." Bock stretches his arms apart horizontally and a ghostly image of a giant raven seems to raise from his body. The dwarf gives a start but quickly recovers, gives Keldar a wink and says, "That's just part of the show kids, its not real don't worry."
"The bird's croaks were like a warning... 'bee-gawwwwnnn'. Those unreal giants aattacked us and we had no choice but to defend ourselves. It was a fierce battle, but I held me ground." Swinging his battleaxe, Bock demonstrates some of his moves with the of the image of the raven that Keldar is controlling.
* "After surviving that, we continued to follow Werthern's trail. And it lead directly to the biggest, baddest spider you ever did see, and it talked!" Bock's eyes take on the shape of round saucers as he makes big circular motions with his arms to indicate the size of the monster. Pointing up into the oak tree he continues, "And there was a large cocoon it was protecting. We feared that Werthen was trapped inside it!"
An image of the monster spider and egg-sack appear in the oak tree as Keldar works his illusion.
* "Luckly we kept our wits about us and left the egg-sack alone. Pushing on, the search for Werthern continued until we became so tired we have to stop and rest in a nice forest glade... Or so we thought! Instead of a giant beast like the raven or spider, this time we were tied up by 2" minature people, Pixies or the like with butterfly wings."
Blushing Bock admits to the children, "That was most embarrassing, to be conquered by something no larger than me thumb! But somehow we managed to talk our way out of that and moved on to the next leg of our adventure."
* "Further in the forest there was a tall tower in ruins, but still standing and surrounded by a moat of vile water. After much work we found our way in and in the belly of the tower was a crystal coffin, with someone inside! Who this was we did not know, but after giving the place a complete search I found a switch on the coffin that opened it, and its occupant awoke!"
Keldar creates a slow creaky sound followed by the image of an Elf head floating in the air. "He said he was Galahorn of the Elves of Fairy and much confusion followed for Elves are said to be myth, legend, the stuff of old- wives tales."
* "After we settled down, Galahorn gave us much information, the most important was were Werthern may have gone... Into the world of Fairies! What could we do, but follow this lead. At first I doubted the story, for the gate to the world of Fairies was a simple ring of mushrooms. 'Pah, how could that be the way to another world.' But as we entered the ring of mushrooms each of us disappeared!"
Beside the oak tree a ring of mushrooms pop up, Bock walks into the ring and then jumps behind the tree to pretend he's disappeared.

* After pretending to disappear out of the mushroom ring Bock walks around the tree and back to the children. "Entering the ring of mushrooms was a surprise to us, first the other world appear to be exactly the same as this one, And second we arrived at different times... Hours apart. A very confusing thought but that's what happened."
* "To make matters worse, we couldn't get back to our world so there was no choice but to explore the land of Fairy. It seemed somehow ordinary we actually encountered 2 Elves on horseback. It was a fantastic sight, pointy ears and all, hunting a great stag."
Bock pauses to see how the children are taking this story, but continues when he sees them giving him their full attention.
* "These Elves brought us to a grand marble tower", with motion of the dwarf's arm an image of the grand structure appears courtesy of Keldar. "Where a spectacular feast was laid out, and Werthern in the middle of it all! Eating and drinking himself silly. We actually have trouble convincing him to come home for the land of Elves is most aluring. Our own Nicholas managed to get a gift of magic grain from the Queen as a replacement for what Werthern had lost."
"But then the Queen of Elves and her warriors actually stopped us from taking him back. That a very tense moment and I thought we'd all seen the last of our days." An image of a mad queen and a large number her Elven fighters appear, obviously outnumbering the small band of adventurers.
* Plunking himself down on the grass, Bock wipes his forehead. "After much political wrangling, we finally managed to talk the Wethern into coming back. Which was thankfully uneventful until we arrived back in our world, when 2 Wertherns were in our group, each claiming to be the real one. A very tense situation but after seeing one of them shout commands to kill some the Elves that followed us, I knew who was the faker and attacked him. After a great effort of many we defeated the imposter who turned out to be 'Galahorn'. The that was freed from the Tower, an evil sole trying to corrupt the world."
Giving Keldar a salute Bock finishes up by saying, "And that kids is how we rescued Werthern and saved the grain our town needs!"

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