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I will stay with you

Into the dark foggy night he walks. No destination in mind, he just likes the darkness. The quiet and the solitude beckons to him, washing away the traces of his harried day, relaxing him fully. He strolls down the empty streets, devoid of the daytime hustle and bustle, just savoring the moonless night. Inhaling deeply, reveling in the crisp cool foggy air, he meanders along, nowhere in particular to go.

The night air grows colder, but he doesn't mind, he just pulls his cloak about him alittle tighter and wanders onto one of the piers. He can just barely make out the waves crashing to the shore through the thick fog. Through the darkness, he can make out a figure ahead, apparently enjoying the night air as well. Not wishing to intrude, he turns back towards the city to continue his stroll there.

From out of nowhere, a voice calls out to him, begging him to stay awhile. In no real hurry, he decides to heed the pitiful call, and turns to face the speaker. A woman stands before him, her long flowing hair as dark as the night, dark brown eyes with black fluttering eyelashes beg him to stay, as her full red lips again speak his name. Her arms reach out towards him, and he holds her in a tight embrace, whispering the words she so longs to hear. "I'll stay with you". Her frail body trembles endearingly, & he holds her closer, comforting her quietly as her teardrops mingle with the moist night air & her dark adoring eyes glisten wetly.

He cups her beautiful chin in his hand, caressing her cheek lovingly with his thumb, then drawing her face towards him, he kisses her gently. Savoring the taste of her sweet lips, and running his fingers through her dark mane of curls. She clings to him, seemingly never to let go, as he traces a circular pattern across her soft yielding throat. She leans her head back, lips parted slightly, fully trusting in his kind and loving attentions. He leans down towards her again, softly speaking into her ear he says again, "I'll stay with you always".

She throws her arms around his neck, her body trembling with emotion, as he leads her to a bench and sits down with her at his side. The night grows colder still, the fog obscuring everything from sight, but the two young lovers are oblivious as they gaze adoringly into each others eyes. The wind picks up alittle ruffling her long hair, causing small wispy curls to frame her beautiful heart shaped face, and making him want to hold her close again.

He engulfs her in the folds of his cloak, holding her closely against his chest, murmering his love for her over and over as she cuddles against him. Kissing her again, his eyes plead for forgiveness as he feels the not so gentle longing for her growing inside of him. His fingers still tangled in her hair he pulls her head back slightly and lowers his mouth to her neck, biting it gently at first, then harder as the urge to be one with her overwhelms him completely. With a hand to her breast, he urges her closer to him wrapping her completely within his cloak, his other hand roaming freely down her spine.

She whimpers slightly as he nibbles her throat, a bit to hard perhaps, but seeing the love apparent in his eyes, she allows him to pull her to him. As he nudges her with his lips she raises up to meet him landing a soft kiss to his throat, passion taking it's toll. They love each other for hours it seems, exploring each other gradually and fully. Her naked body feels not the cold as he keeps her wrapped warmly in the folds of his cloak, and in the folds of his passion.

The horizen begins lightening, to a dark shade of violet, signifying dawn fast approaching, knowing their time is short now, she raises her lips to his once again, kissing him deeply, then buries her fangs deep into his throat, taking the life force from him, and making them one with each other. Eyes again glistening wetly she whispers his name once more, awaiting his answer. "I will stay with you " he says once again bending his neck yet again, his blood dripping freely from her dark full red lips. "I will stay with you always".