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Versinnajatorax MacFiongolla (Sin)

Versinnajatorix MacFiongolla or "Sin" as you all know him is a strong and agile young man, who was trained from birth to live independently of "normal" society. However, when he first saw a city, that wore off. Truly he doesn't fit in.
Standing 5'10" at roughly 160 pounds, his long brown hair slicked back with animal fat and colored bright orange with natural pigments, his pale skin covered in blue woads. His pierceing blue eyes seem to strike to the heart of any who look in to them, and all his emotions are displayed openly upon his countenance. He wears a long kilt in his family tartan and deerskin boots. He carries all he owns in his slingbag, all but the claymore and longbow that hang on his back. He owns a simple shirt, but only wears it when the weather is cold enough that he has too.
He is the last of his line, as his family was slaughtered by Trolls. Despite the fact that he sticks out, he loves the city. But after a long day within it, there is nothing he loves more than to be back in the wilderness among his animal brethren.

He is a wild and overly energetic young man, and very ignorant in the ways of the "Civilized Man". But what he lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn and courage. He enjoys the company of other people, but his loud and rambunctious demeanor often frighten them away.