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What are RPG?

RPG are tabletop games without a board. All action occurs in the players imagination. First of all, RPG are games. They are, commonly, tabletop games where dice decide whether or not an action succeeds or something happens. But unlike usual tabletop games, RPG don't have a board. All the action occurs in the players imagination.
Instead of the board, players have descriptions of situations, and instead of moving pieces or miniatures they state what they will do to solve the situation.
They are also roleplay as each player impersonates a character On the other hand, RPG are also roleplay. Each player impersonates a character, the player character(PC), which has his own history, personality and game characteristics, which are all registered in the character sheet. Players impersonate their hero and help him evolve in his world.
The GM is both a referee and a storyteller that gives life to the gaming world All the places and situations are described by the Game Master(GM), who is simultaneously a referee and a storyteller. The imaginary world makes its existence from the words of the GM and the imagination of the players. this world is ruled by a set of rules that correspond to the game system. Some game systems try to be realistic while others are more heroic, encouraging heroic actions.

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