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Out There

I know he's out there, says the voice in my head. The night is too quiet, as I get out of bed. The dark is too calming, the moon is too full. The wind isn't howling, the trees are too still. Although I'm alone on this dark wind less night, deep down inside me I know something's not right. I feel his eyes watching, when my back is turned. I hear the low growling not meant to be heard. I sense all his anger, at being outside. But each time I look out, he runs off to hide. I feel my frustration at being awake, but as long as he's out there, I know I can't sleep. I look out the window, I peek out the door. I'm just so damn sleepy, my emotions at war. Should I just ignore him? Just go back to bed? Could I be mistaken? NO!, I KNOW that he's there. As I look out the doorway, I can't tell where he's at. OH LOOK! Now I see him!! There's Fluffy my cat.