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Mind Trip

The man focuses on his thoughts,
Pushing the surronding din of voices into the background,
He clears himself some space to think,
And wanders around the dark corridors of his mind,
The silence envelops him and he is lost in it;

The man walks down one of the corridors,
He walks into the room and opens up old memories,
Old memories and dark secrets of a forgotten past,
A past that follows him wherever he runs,
The darkness is all around him;

He sifts through the memories drifting lazily,
Floating and spinning through the room,
The man pushes the thoughts away searching,
Searching for a hope or a light amidst the darkness,
The light shimmers like a beacon to the man;

The man reaches for the bright orb of light,
It is beyond his reach like the Heaven,
The Heaven he so desperatley wants to enter,
The man knows the futility of his endeavors,
Satan laughs, for he knows the man's fate;

The man struggles to find something, anything,
Something that he can show to the gatekeeper of Heaven,
Proof of more in his life than darkness and deception,
He knows he will not succeed, yet he strives on,
The heat of the Pit of the Damned burning in his eyes;

The man runs from the room as fast as he can,
There is nothing for him to find here,
He runs through the corridors of his mind looking,
Looking for a way out of this place, his own mind,
The fear begins to creep upon his body like a spider;

The man realizes that he is trapped,
Trapped within the walls of his own mind,
There is no escape from the terror, and the fear grows,
It grows with every step that he takes,
Sanity and reason begin to slip away;

Desperatley the man plunges through an opening,
An opening that leads him back out,
Out to the world of consciousness and life,
The man has escaped what he tought the unescapable,
Hope flashes like lightning back into the man;

The man opens his eyes, looks around, and sighs in relief,
It is now dark and the night has fallen as a black mist,
He stands up and walks across the damp grass of the park,
The gate looms ominous before the man in the haze,
A shot rings out, the world flashes crimson and spins away from him;

The man looks up and sees the Reaper,
Bony hand protruding from his robes, the Reaper points,
Beckoning the man to enter the boat along the river that now appears,
Unwilling, the man is dragged into the boat and his sceams are drowned,
Down in the Pit, Lucifer smiles to himself in amusement.

November 1995

Copyright October 1999