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My thoughts begin to wander, the direction unclear, I feel lost and lonely, I feel trapped by my fears.

Afraid to move onward, Afraid to go back, Afraid of existence, But it's not as simple as that.

Inside me dwells a stranger. SomeOne with no past. An uncertain future, A misfit outcast.

I've lived through the heartache, I've lived through the pain, I've basked in the sunshine, I've weathered the rain.

Good times and bad times, The love and the guilt.
The false sense of hoping, This wall that I've built.

Inside me is darkness, An unexplored soul.
An unknown persona, A vast empty hole.
A part of me wonders, What I should do next.
Should I tear down my wall, or cement it in.

Should I care about others ? should I just be myself ? Should I care for WHICH others? Should I act like WHICH self ?

Who I've been's not important, Who I am I don't know. Where I'm headed's a mystery, Finding Me is my goal.

I'm looking for insight, on who I will be. There's only one thing I'm sure of.

I've got to be me...