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Lunch at the Keep

You all go through the armory Deciding what you do or don't want. After you're finished the knight leads you back to the parlor where Arion awaits you.

"All ready sir" Gareth says

King Arion replies "When do you think you'll be ready to go? I think the sooner the better unless you can't prepare right away. The supply horses are ready to go now. Would you care for some lunch today & maybe you can go after that?"

Caoimhin smiles. "Indeed, let us get started soon. I have some last errands to which I must attend, but I will return in time for lunch."

"I will be ready by lunch." Kendra then returns to the inn and prepares her things.

"I'm ready to go anytime. A quick stop to gather my things and I am ready." says Jarryd.

Jayar says to the King, "All I really have to do is retrieve my horse and I'm ready to go."

"The sooner the better for me. Everything I own is on mine or my horses back, and I have an urge to get on the move," Jason exclaims. "I sure could use a bite to eat before we leave though."

"The same goes for me," says Malissin. "And perhaps some rations for the trip. Who knows if any game is to be easily found."

You all spend the morning taking care of your private business. You return to the keep at noon for lunch. You are treated to Roast Turkey, Venison, an entire roast pig, braised apples, potatoes, veggies, cheese, puddings. All the trimmings of a five course meal. During lunch, you discuss the future. If they are really gone for good, we can...type of talk. Everyone is in good spirits. After lunch you are wished well & head for the town gate. As you exit you are heralded with cheers & good wishes by the townsfolk. You exit the city gate. You are on the road facing NORTH.

The roughly drawn pieces of the survey map which were handed to Cole who pieced them together:

The Map

The Arguement