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A Knight and his Angel

A life full of heartache,
of pain and of rage.
A soul all but empty,
heart lock in a cage.

Hopeless and Haunted
Nowhere to turn
Drifting and Lonely
Self hate simmers and burns.

From nowhere a Savior
A silvery Knight
Wondrous and Loving
To take up the fight.

He comforts the heartache
He Battles the rage
He heals pain and sorrow
He unlocks the cage.

He kills all my demons
He looks at me with pride
He loves me completely
He makes me his bride

He calls me his angel
Explains love is the key
He fills me with passion
He sets my heart free

Never another
He's all I ever need
My trust daily growing
I'll go wherever he leads.

Upon me a symbol
of a love pure and true
Know forever and always
My Knight of Silver is YOU!