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Jahl and Kay

You step cautiously into the magical darkness as Jahl feels his way along the wall and Kay follows closely behind. Even with your skill at performing in darkness, this total blackness is disconcerting to say the least. You are unable to make out a single detail, no shadows or flickering of light anywhere. Jahl stops suddenly as he feels the air change around him a split second before Kay also notes the change. It feels highly energizing and euphoric, and unable to help yourself, you step forward trying to ascertain the source of the wonderful feeling. The room you are in is suddenly bathed in a soft red glow although the narrow tunnel from which you just exited remains black as a starless night. The red glow, though faint, allows enough light to see the pile of more than a dozen weapons and other gear strewn haphazardly in the middle of the floor, many of which still contain the blood stains of their previous owners. Atop the pile, tossed with an obvious carelessness to thier well being, lies 2 familiar swords as well Kay's special bow and quiver. Unfortunately, whomever tossed the weapons in here threw them with such force, that the bowstring has broken and there is a small crack in the string notch. The swords appear unharmed.

"Guess we weren't the only ones to run into these cultists.", Kay mumbles under her breath, " I know what you're thinking, screams of a trap, eh?", she slowly follows Jahl to the pile, "They could have something around the pile to trigger off a trap if we step near or on it. I don't know how to handle these things, but I've seen quite a few of them, and seeing how you're so good with your hands, I bet you won't have any problems. I just want to get my blades, and my bow.", she finally gets a good look at her prized long-bow, "Damn! Don't those creeps know art when they see it?"

Jahl nods absently as he stares at the large pile of weapons. Slipping a dirk from inside his cloak to his hand almost automatically, Jahl takes a creaping step forward then crouches to examin the floor. A puzzled look crosses Jahl's face as he turns back to Kay for a moment only to see her staring eagerly at her swords.
"Did you hear that," Jahl asks Kay. Jahl shakes his hear, as if clearing stray thoughts, "nevermind."
Looking for holes or seams that could indicate a trigger or trap, Jahl carefully studies the floor ahead of him. Before moving on, Jahl also looks at the walls, and the ceiling as well. Jahl goes slowly, no matter how insistant Kay gets.
Moving carefully forward, Jahl takes his time as he slowly creeps towards the mound of items and weapons. While checking the area for traps and other dangers, Jahl also takes several long looks at the pile itself with a curious, inquizitive eye.

Jahl straightens out and moves up to the pile. "Everything seems alright for now." Jahl grabs the blade on top and offers the mighty weapon to Kay, hilt first. "Your sword M'lady," Jahl says with a pompous and courtly accent.
Careful of his fingers when Kay snatches it away, Jahl quickly hands Kay the rest of her weapons and quiver.
"I'll grab a few weapons on top so Sheial and Rath will have a decent weapon. Was Arilyn missing her weapons also? Check out the back walls and see if there is another exit from here, if not, we'll return these weapons to the group and then venture back into the darkness to see if there are other passage ways there."
Jahl picks at a few weapons and cautiosly digs through the pile.

Jahl stands from the pile of weapons and tucks a sword into his belt. Gathering a few more weapons, Jahl turns to Kay.
"I think I have enough for everyone who needs a weapon, plus a couple extra just in case. Are we ready to return oh fair warrior woman," Jahl asks with a smile.

"Many thanks 'm Lord!", Kay curtseys,returns the bad accent and takes her two swords and places them into their respective scabbards. She slips her stiletto back into the baldric, and her old bow and quiver go on her back. "I'm sure they took A's weapons, and that strange peg-legged woman could do with something. She kind of reminds me of ol' Captain Kate Kapsize back in Fawn, I'm sure there's a rapier or cutlass in that pile." Before heading off to check the rest of the room out, she turns and looks back at Jahl, "Before we go on, just what did you think you heard just a moment ago?

"I thought I had heard someone call to me..." Jahl explains softly. Then he shakes his head and dismisses the thoughts, "ahh- twas nothing. A combination of the darkness, this eerie red glow and my nervousness. Lets get back to the others." Jahl makes sure they both are ready and plunges back into the darkness.

They rejoin the others, moments later...

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